IMPACT On AXS TV Results (9/30/2021)

IMPACT On AXS TV Results From Skyway Studios In Nashville, TN. (9/30/2021)

IMPACT Wrestling returns this evening with their latest weekly show on AXS TV.

On tap for tonight’s edition of IMPACT On AXS TV is Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne in the opening round of the X-Division Championship Tournament.

Also scheduled for the show is The Influence vs. Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace in a Knockouts Tag-Team Title Eliminator bout, Christopher Daniels vs. Madman Fulton, W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards in a Street Fight and more.

Featured below are complete IMPACT On AXS TV results from Thursday, September 30, 2021.


This week’s show kicks off with a highlight package showing Josh Alexander vacating his X-Division Championship, prompting Scott D’Amore to announce a tournament to crown the new champion, as well as the main event and the post-match angle which saw the return of Christopher Daniels.

X-Division Championship Tournament
Laredo Kid vs. Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel

From there, we shoot inside the IMPACT Zone where Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown welcome us to this week’s show. After that, we head right down to the ring for our opening contest.

Laredo Kid’s music hits and the masked man makes his way down to the ring. Out next is Alex Zayne. He settles in the ring and then the final competitor in this triple-threat match makes his way out, as Trey Miguel heads down to the squared circle.

This match will be the first bout in the X-Division Championship Tournament that will culminate at the upcoming IMPACT Bound For Glory 2021 pay-per-view. Striker and D’Lo both pick Miguel as the odds-on favorite to emerge as the new X-Division Champion.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running. Miguel gets some early shine, hitting a nice Treycanrana and getting more praise from the commentators on the broadcast. Laredo Kid hits a double-rana on Miguel and Zayne. All three guys for a dropkick but each miss. The crowd applauds the early action in this one and break out in an “X-Division! X-Division!” chant.

Zayne hits a nice shooting star senton that wows the crowd, and D’Lo Brown on commentary. Laredo Kid and Zayne duke it out while Miguel recovers on the floor at ringside. Kid fires up and dropkicks Zayne out of the ring. Miguel re-enters the ring and now he and Laredo Kid start to go at it. We see a crazy Miguel high spot from the ring to the floor and never one to be out-done, Zayne follows up with one of his own.

As all three guys continue to tear it up in the ring together, we see Matthew Rehwoldt watching on from a monitor backstage inside the IMPACT Zone. Laredo Kid hits a crazy 450 splash onto both Miguel and Zayne. He goes for the cover on both guys but they each kick out. The fans break out in an “IMPACT Wrestling! IMPACT Wrestling!” chant and then an “All these guys! All these guys!” chant.

Kid hits a crazy springboard cutter on Miguel off the ropes, with Miguel landing on Zayne. Kid peels him off and covers him but Zayne breaks up the pin attempt and the action continues until Miguel hits flying double knees off the top-rope for the pin fall victory. With the win, Miguel advances in the tourney.

Winner and ADVANCING in the tournament: Trey Miguel

Matthew Rehwoldt Wants Laredo Kid To Accept Him

Once the match wraps up, we shoot to a vignette from Matthew Rehwoldt. He addresses Laredo Kid and his Lucha Libre art. He says so many people in his position would attack his mask and his legacy. He knows Kid isn’t hiding but instead, that the world doesn’t understand his Lucha Libre art, the same way they don’t understand Matthew Rehwoldt. He says that’s why next week he wants to bring him to his world, to his canvas and to show how to make the world accept their art. He wants Laredo Kid to accept him. After this, we head to a commercial break.

Update On Sami Callihan’s Injury

We return from the break to footage from “earlier today” that shows EMTs dealing with Sami Callihan over his injured ankle as a result of an attack from W. Morrissey and Moose. We see him being carted off into an ambulance. D’Lo Brown announces that as a result of the attack, tonight’s match will be a Street Fight pitting W. Morrissey against Eddie Edwards, and Moose is banned.

Eddie Edwards With A Message For W. Morrissey & Moose

After this, we shoot to Eddie Edwards standing backstage with his kendo stick. He talks about Callihan being in the hospital but that’s okay, because they both knew what they were getting into. He says W. Morrissey doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. He says IMPACT is the land of misfit toys and he claims to be the biggest misfit of them all. He says tonight is it, he will end things between them once and for all. He tells Moose that he’s coming for him next.

Knockouts Tag-Team Championship Eliminator
The Influence vs. Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering

Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne — The Influence — make their way out accompanied by Kaleb With A K. They head down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

The duo settles into the ring and then pose to the fans on the turnbuckles in the corner. Their music dies down and then the theme hits to bring out their opponents.

Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering make their way out and head down to the ring. They settle into the squared circle as well and now we’re about to get back to business.

We hear the bell sound and this match is off-and-running. Remember, this winning team of this match will move on to challenge Rosemary & Havok for the Knockouts Tag-Team Championships.

Rachael Ellering and Tenille Dashwood kick things off for their respective teams. Ellering makes Dashwood wait for her as she poses for a selfie with Grace. Now the two finally lock up and this one is underway.

Ellering dominates the action early on, taking it to Tenille as the commentary duo of Striker and D’Lo sing her praises for being the strongest woman in the ring. She controls Dashwood on the mat and focuses her attack on the arm of her opponent, isolating the limb and focusing her attack on that area early on.

Dashwood slides under the bottom rope behind Ellering and yanks her off the mat. Kaleb With A K heads over and provides a distraction as Madison Rayne sneaks in a cheap shot just as we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see Dashwood getting beat down in the ring. We are then shown footage from during the break where Dashwood was whipped into the steel barricade at ringside. Grace and Ellering utilize quick tags to keep a fresh person on the weakened Dashwood at all times. They are focusing their attack on the lower back of Tenille following the barricade shot during the break.

Finally Tenille manages to make it to her corner to tag in Rayne. Rayne comes in and goes to work on Grace, helping shift the offensive momentum in her teams favor. She drops Grace with a big knee for a near fall.

Ellering finally gets the hot tag from Grace and she hits the ring like a bat out of hell, taking out anything and everything that moves. She turns Rayne inside-out with a big slam and goes for the cover, however Rayne kicks out to keep this one alive.

Now we see Ellering and Grace utilizing some double-team offense on Rayne. Ellering goes for a Vader Bomb out of the corner and connects. She goes for the cover but Kaleb With A K puts Rayne’s foot on the ropes to break the pin up. Rayne buys herself some time with a corkscrew DDT. Some shenaniganns with Kaleb at ringside gives the distraction needed for Rayne and Dashwood to hit their two-kiss finish for the pin fall victory.

Winners: The Influence

Christopher Daniels Talks Forbidden Door

We shoot backstage to Gia Miller, who is standing by with Christopher Daniels. She asks what brought him back to IMPACT Wrestling. He says he was intriuged by the idea of entering the forbidden door and points out that he actually helped build the house. Josh Alexander approaches him and thanks him for the help.

Christian Cage Gives Josh Alexander Some Advice

Christian Cage pops up and makes a remark that prompts Daniels to say to keep it friendly on his first night back. Daniels walks off. Cage tells Alexander he owes Ace Austin a receipt but then gives him advice, telling him to keep his emotions in check. He walks off and we head to another commercial break.

Brian Myers Showing Favortism To VSK

Latest from Brian Myers. They approach him and say he’s showing favortism to VSK. He says that’s because he taught him from the ground up. He claims they need to pay attention because they cost him a match last week.

The Good Brothers Set Up Bound For Glory Title Eliminator

After this, we shoot to a special black-and-white message from The Good Brothers. The IMPACT Tag-Team Champions talk about being on vacation, beating up Jon Moxley and selling a bunch of merchandise. They plug the IMPACT Ultimate Insider channel on YouTube. They propose that FinJuice takes on The Bullet Club in a number one contender match to determine who faces them for the titles at Bound For Glory.

Deonna Purrazzo Attacks Mickie James In Hardcore Country

We then shoot to a segment that sees Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo driving a car. She pulls up to a house on a farm and asks where Mickie James is. She gets out of the car and heads to a barn where Mickie is doing some “Hardcore Country” work. She attacks her but Mickie fights back. She beats her down and tries to shut her in the barn, but as she was shutting the door, Mickie attacks her back.

Mickie starts beating her down with weapons and objects laying around but again Deonna starts getting the better of things and uses some objects as weapons of her own. Mickie regains the edge and shoves Deonna’s face in a stack of straw. She beats her down some more and then asks if she wants to see “Hardcore Country.” She grabs another object and whacks her with it. She asks if she wants to get dirty and brings her outside.

Deonna starts fighting back. Deonna chokes Mickie with some rope over a fence but Mickie grabs a hose and sprays her to free herself. Deonna gets whacked with a barrel that Mickie throws at her. Deonna gains the upper hand again and beats Mickie down. She dunks her head in some water and hears someone ask what’s going on over there. She whispers something in her ear and walks off, leaving her laying. We head to another commercial break after this.

Chris Sabin To Join FinJuice In Battle Against The Bullet Club

We return from the break to see FinJuice backstage. They address their recent issues with Chris Bey and Hikuleo and others. They talk about finding a third man for themselves and in comes Chris Sabin. They extend a challenge to The Bullet Club for next week’s show.

Madman Fulton vs. Christopher Daniels

Now we head back inside the IMPACT Zone where Madman Fulton makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Ace Austin for our next match of the evening.

Fulton settles into the ring and then the theme hits to bring out “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Daniels makes his way out to compete in his first match back since his IMPACT return on last week’s show.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. Daniels starts off fast but is immediately flattened by Fulton. Fulton then hoists Daniels up for a stalled delayed suplex. Daniels takes over with a big flying kick and then hits an Arabian moonsault off the ropes onto Fulton on the floor.

This prompts a loud “Fallen Angel” chant. Daniels brings Fulton back into the ring and hits a springboard elbow drop for a near fall. He goes to work on Fulton in the corner and then climbs up on top of him for the ten punch spot as the fans count along.

Madman Fulton ends up decking Daniels with a big boot to the face and a follow-up splash for a near fall. Fulton drops a couple of headbutts onto a grounded Daniels and then hits the ropes for a big splash for another pin attempt.

We see Fulton enjoy some time in the offensive driver’s seat in this one and then eventually the crowd rallies behind Daniels, who fires up for a big comeback. He hits some nice high-spots and goes for the cover, but Fulton kicks out and takes back over control of the offense.

As Ace Austin makes his presence felt at ringside, Josh Alexander arrives on the scene to even the odds of justice. Daniels hits his Angels Wings move on Fulton but Fulton kicks out. Daniels looks shocked but then hits the BME — Best Moonsault Ever — off the top-rope for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Scott D’Amore Permanently Shuts Down Swinger’s Palace

We shoot to Swinger’s Palace where Scott D’Amore appears. He talks with Swinger back-and-forth about Bound For Glory coming up in Sin City and after being asked if he has a gaming license for Nevada, Swinger admits he doesn’t even have one for Tennessee. D’Amore says he should have kayfabed that because now he has to shut him down. After this wraps up, we head to another commercial break.

Scott D’Amore Makes Big Tag-Team Match For Next Week’s Show

We return from the break to Ace Austin and Madman Fulton confronting Scott D’Amore. They complain about Fulton having Daniels beat until Josh Alexander came down to ringside. D’Amore talks about Christian Cage being medically cleared. He says next week it will be Austin and Fulton against Cage and Alexander in tag-team action.

Violent By Design Wants Rhino To Do The Right Thing, Heath Returns

Now we shoot back inside the IMPACT Zone where VBD — Violent By Design — make their way out and head down to the ring, sans-Rhino. The commentators note that VBD is out to get their response from Rhino that was promised on last week’s show.

Eric Young talks about Rhino making a mistake and knowing it. He says he forced their hand and left them no choice but to leave him laying. He says now Rhino has a decision to make. He says he’s either with VBD or he walks away — and he says Rhino knows no one walks away from VBD.

The fans start chanting “Walk away! Walk away!” as we await the response from Rhino. With no music, Rhino finally emerges and begins heading down to the ring as the fans inside the IMPACT Zone chant his name.

Young asks Rhino face-to-face if he’s going to do the right thing. The fans start chanting “Gore! Gore! Gore!” He tells Rhino to ignore them because his voice is the only one that matters. He again asks if Rhino is going to do the right thing and says what’s it gonna be? He tells him he needs to make a decision.

He continues by threatening him, telling him not to force their hand again and be violent. The fans chant “Force their hand! Force their hand!” VBD closes in on Rhino. Before Rhino can say anything, we hear some music.

Out comes Heath, formerly known as Heath Slater in WWE. The commentators remind us that Heath was put on the shelf by Violent By Design soon after surfacing in IMPACT Wrestling. He takes his jacket off and heads to the ring, stopping to take out Deaner in the aisle as Deaner attempted to run up on him. He takes out Joe Doering next and then Eric Young bails out before anything else can happen.

VBD stand in the aisle and yell to the ring as we see Rhino still in the ring standing behind Heath. The fans chant “No! No! No!” and then Heath opens his arms and they chant “Hug it out! Hug it out!” Rhino exits the ring instead. He doesn’t head up to join VBD on the ramp, however, he leaves through the crowd and exits the building. The fans chant “Heath! Heath! Heath!” as he plays to the crowd and VBD heads to the back while we drift into another commercial break.

Media Title Coming To IMPACT Wrestling

We return to a vignette that airs to confirm the introduction of the new Digital Media Championship. A tournament will be held to determine the inaugural champion. On next week’s show, John Skyler vs. Zicky Dice and Hernandez vs. Crazzy Steve will take place in first round matches.

Street Fight
W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards

Now we head back inside the IMPACT Zone where W. Morrissey makes his way out and heads down to the ring for our Street Fight main event of the evening, where he goes one-on-one against Eddie Edwards with Moose banned from ringside.

Morrissey settles inside the squared circle for our featured attraction of the evening and his theme music cuts off.

The familiar sounds of Eddie Edwards’ entrance music hits and out he comes with his kendo stick in his hand as the fans inside the IMPACT Zone sing along with his catchy tune.

We head to a pre-match commercial break before this main event Street Fight gets underway. We return from the break and now the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running.

Edwards charges right at Morrissey and brings the fight to him straight out of the gate, however Morrissey quickly shifts the momentum in his favor while battling it out with him on the floor. He whacks him with a trash can and then back inside the ring, beats him down with a “slippery when wet” sign.

Morrissey heads out to the floor and Edwards looks to run and dive onto him, but instead dives face-first into a shot from another foreign object from his larger foe. Edwards pulls the ropes down when Morrissey runs at him in the ring, and Morrissey tumbles out to the floor. Edwards runs and this time connects with his diving splash onto Morrissey on the floor.

We head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues with Morrissey viciously pummeling Edwards as the fans try and rally the fan-favorite back into competitive form.

We’re back from the break and we see that Morrissey is still very much in control of this one. He hits a violent chokeslam that sends Edwards spine first into the steel steps. A table is put in the ring and leaned against the corner of the ring.

A trash can from Edwards helps him fight back into the offensive lead, as he takes it to Morrissey for the first time since the beginning of this Street Fight main event here on IMPACT On AXS TV.

Edwards enjoys a minute or two in the offensive lead and then Morrissey takes right back over. He hits a big elbow drop on Edwards with a chair on his arm.

Morrissey unfolds a chair and sets Edwards on the top rope. He unfolds three more chairs and now has a block of four unfolded chairs set up together in a bunch right under the top-rope. He heads up after Edwards on the ropes looking to finish this one off.

Alisha is in the building! She hits the ring to help her man out, blasting Morrissey with a kendo stick before he could bring Edwards off the ropes the hard way. Edwards knocks Morrissey down and now he has the kendo stick and he begins wearing Morrissey out with it.

He sets Morrissey up for the Boston Knee Party. Alisha stops him and then holds a barbed wire wrapped chair in front of Morrissey’s face. Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party into the barbed wire chair into Morrissey’s face. He covers him and scores the pin.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After The Match: Moose Attacks

Once the match wraps up, Moose runs down to the ring and ends the happy moment Alisha and Edwards were sharing in front of the IMPACT fans. He pushes Alisha down and spears Edwards through the table set up in the corner of the ring.

Morrissey is now back on his feet and he holds Alisha while she kicks and screams. He’s going to force her to watch as Moose takes Edwards and puts a steel chair around his neck. He then runs him into the ring post and the chair snaps his neck/head.

Morrissey keeps making her watch as Moose grabs an additional chair and blasts Edwards with it repeatedly while Edwards still has the other chair wrapped around his neck. Finally Morrissey lets Alisha go and she immediately exits the ring to check on Edwards’ condition.

Morrissey and Moose head to the back as D’Lo and Striker turn their serious voices on and speculate that Edwards could be severely injured. Other officials head down to help Alisha tend to him as the fans chant “Eddie! Eddie!” That’s how this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!


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