IMPACT Emergence Night 1 Results

IMPACT Emergence Night 1 Results From Nashville, Tennessee (8/18/2020)

The first night of the two-week IMPACT Wrestling Emergence on AXS TV special event has come-and-gone.

Featured below are complete results of the IMPACT Emergence Night 1 event, which took place on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 from Nashville, TN.

The following report was written by Antonio Garza (@THEWREVOLUTION and


Opening video ran down tonight’s card, making allegory comments about the company’s evolution.

Rohit Raju defeated X-Division Champion Chris Bey & TJP (with Fallah Bahh) to become the NEW champion

TJP started the match by hitting a pescado on both Rohit and Bey. In the ring, Rohit and TJP had a nice quick sequence of counters and reversals. Once Rohit was taken out, Bey came in and took his place until he found himself draped in the ropes, waiting for a kick from TJP, but Rohit was there to save him, setting up TJP for a second rope elbow.

Bey stomped and punched TJP while Rohit cheered him on. TJP managed to dodge Bey and Rohit and locked a sharpshooter on Bey. Rohit tried to break it, but TJP got him with a northern lights for a pin attempt while he kept Bey in the sharpshooter. TJP broke it up, but hit the Pentagon armbreaker on Bey.

Rohit cut off TJP and stomped him around for a bit while Bey was out. TJP once again managed to escape and lock a Gory special and a pendulum on both Bey and Rohit respectively. TJP tried to go for Bey’s arm again, but Rohit broke it up and went back to the stomps and falling elbows.

TJP went for a tornado DDT on Rohit. Bey stopped him, but accidentally took out Rohit with a jumping knee. TJP took down Bey with a springboard crossbody, hit a tombstone piledriver, but he went for the mamba special instead and was taken out by Rohit.

Rohit and Bey went for a doomsday device, but TJP got a hold of Rohit and hit a superplex instead, locked the octopus stretch, and when Bey tried to break it, he locked a double octopus stretch into a crucifix pin for a two count.

TJP kicked Bey down, hit a backplex on Rohit, who later recovered and hit a jumping knee on TJP, followed by a running boot, but missed the cannonball. Bey rolled TJP for a two count, kicked him and into a gutwrench pancake for another two count.

Bey went for the finisher, but got a clutch dagger from TJP instead. TJP chased the detonation kick on either man, but couldn’t land it and instead locked in an STF on Bey, but Rohit was there to save Bey.

TJP took out Rohit with a springboard dropkick to the floor, a second on Bey, but as he went for the top rope, Bey stopped him. TJP slipped away and went for a superbackplex, but Rohit and Bey blocked him. Rohit dropped TJP and hit the double stomp on Bey instead of TJP to get the pin and win the championship.

Over at Wrestle House, Crazzy Steve and Johnny Bravo are playing with their dolls talking about Taya vs Rae tonight. Steve then said that the people in the house have started to lose their minds.

In another room, Larry D was getting pretty to go hit on Rosemary. Acey Romero wasn’t happy about it. Acey is a really bad actor.

Backstage, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows cut a promo about Ace and Fulton wanting to get their attention and succeeding. They promised an ass kicking tonight. Pretty good promos.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight’s card.

Self-Proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose defeated Trey Miguel to retain the title.

This was speed vs power. It started with Trey going after Moose with strikes, but Moose easily got him by the neck, tossed him to the corner and dropped him with one single chop. Trey tried to come back with kicks, but as soon as Moose got a hand on Trey, he’d toss him around and land a clothesline or uppercut.

Trey went for a lucha armdrag, but Moose blocked him, set him up on the top turnbuckle, and connected with a great dropkick. Outside the ring, Moose punished Trey with chops and dropped him on the apron.

Back in the ring, Moose tossed Trey from corner to corner, stomped on in, choked him, and a big fallaway slam when Trey tried to make a comeback. Moose kept this punishment for a while, and when Trey made another comeback, Moose shot him down again with a dropkick and a two count.

At this point, Moose started talking trash and getting cockier than usual, but Trey finally caught Moose with a superkick and a second spinning kick, Trey landed two more low dropkicks and finally had Moose down. Trey went for a springboard DDT, but Moose blocked him initially, but Trey gathered momentum and hit it anyway.

Trey went for a tope con giro, but Moose caught him in a powerbomb position, rammed him against the guardrail, and hit an apron bomb for the countout win. Trey made it back at 9. Moose went for the lights out, but Trey initially dodged and tried to sunset flip Moose, but Moose simply blocked it, stoop Trey up, hit lights up for the win. Moose was unstoppable.

After the match, ECIII jumped Moose and stole the TNA World Championship.

Backstage, Reno Scum gave Hernandez his money. Hernandez paid them and told them to come see him later for more work.

We got a video package for Eric Young talking about his career and all he has done. This was great.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the week was 2015’s Kurt Angle vs Eric Young stretcher match.

Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Willie Mack about Eric Young. Mack said he was talking about Swann when Brian Myers pulled the camera and Jimmy away for his own interview. Myers said that he was sick of being someone’s good hand, talked trash about WWE, and said that he was taking his career in his hands. Mack jumped Myers for interrupting his interview afterwards.

We got another commercial by Heath, making a plea to get #Heath4Impact trending so he could get hired.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Anderson and Ace started the match with the former in control, with the latter only managing to get a shot for every five Anderson would. Gallows and Anderson kept this initial control with quick tags until Ace surprised Anderson with a school boy and Fulton tagged in.

Fulton successfully cut off Anderson from his corner. Ace tagged in again and Anderson regained control, tagging in Gallows back in.

Fulton and Gallows met in the middle of the ring and started exchanging clotheslines with neither men giving an inch. They traded strikes and Gallows finally got some momentum, but Fulton cameback with a clothesline and rammed Gallow’s head to the turnbuckle.

Ace tagged in again, and once again, the Good Brothers regained control, hit a running clothesline and kick combo. Anderson then distracted himself with Fulton, allowing Ace to dropkick him from behind and take him down. Fulton and Ace hit some double team moves, including a scoop slam into Ace’s knees for a two count. Ace did the paper cut trick on Anderson before going for the same double team move, successfully landing it. They went for it a third time, but this time Anderson escaped, hit a spinebuster on Ace and tagged out.

Gallows came in hot, took out Fulton to the floor, hit a fallaway slam and shoulder tackle on Ace. He followed that with a pump kick and called for a magic killer, but Fulton stopped them. Fulton and Gallows brawled to the floor, leaving Anderson and Ace in the ring, with the latter kicking Anderson down and tagging out. Fulton tossed Anderson like a dart into Ace’s knee for a two count.

Anderson started to make a comeback with punches and forearms, took down Fulton in the corner, but Ace caught him back with a kick. On the other side, Gallows and Fulton brawled again, with Gallows sending Fulton into the crowd area.

Gallows tagged in again, hit the magic killer with Anderson on Ace, and picked up the win.

Back at Wrestle House, the group talked about the match. Suddenly the Deaners realized that their beer had been stolen. The suspect Acey Romero and were about to fight, but Susie reminded them about the truce. Larry D started hitting on Rosemary when Bravo walked up, and they agreed to do something next week. Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake are pretty good at this.

Wrestle House: Kylie Rae defeated Taya Valkyrie

Rosemary is the referee for the match.

Rae wanted to shake Taya’s hand, but Taya said that she trained in Mexico and only slapped her hand away. No handshakes in Mexico.

Taya got Rae’s back early on and pushed her around, making fun of her. Rae came back with the same move and got the better of Taya, also tossing her around and inraging Taya who instead went after Rae with punches.

Rae hit a great rana and a superkick, but when Rae went for the running attack, Rosemary tripped her and allowed Taya to regain control. She shoved her to the corner where she bit her hand and put pressure on the elbow.

Taya choked Rae against the ropes, stomped on her, posed for the camera, and shot down Rae every time she tried to strike into a comeback. Suddenly, Rae caught Taya with a lucha armdrag and a superkick for a slow two count.

Taya hit a great Saito suplex for a two count. Taya rushed at Rae, who moved away, causing Taya to almost take out Rosemary, but when Taya turned around, Kylie caught her with a superkick for the pin and won.

After the match, Crazzy Steve tried to tell Bravo that he was blowing his chances with Rosemary.

Matthews and Rayne ran down the card for next week, including Willie Mack vs Brian Myers, and address from ECIII, Eddie Edward’s open challenge, and the first ever 30 minute Knockout’s Ironman match between Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo.

Impact Tag Team Championships The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) to retain the titles

Sabin and Alexander started the match for their teams. Sabin went for early strikes, but Alexander easily dropped him. Sabin still used his speed to dodge Alexander and take him down with a jumping calf kick, but when he went for a crossbody, Alexander caught him and took him down along with Page. Shelley went for the save, but Alexander and Page also took him down with a suplex and top rope knee combo.

The North, now in control, worked over Sabin with strikes, chokes, and quick tags. Sabin tried to make a comeback and managed to dodge Alexander, who accidentally took down Page with a forearm. Sabin escaped and tagged out.

Shelley came in, dropkicked Page to the floor, went after Alexander with strikes and a low dropkick. Page jumped back into the ring, but was met but the double team moves of the MCMGs, followed with a kick combo for Alexander’s knee.

Back from commercial, Shelley is still in control over Alexander, who is trying to strike his way back to his corner, but Shelley has a deep single leg Boston crab. It took Page to jump in and interfere to break up the submission. The distraction alone was enough for Alexander to recover and kick Sabin off and into Page’s waiting punch. The North hit an assisted DDT for a two count on Shelley.

Page tagged in and cut off Shelley from Sabin, going after Shelley’s back and knee. Alexander and Page both hit backbreakers for a two count when Sabin broke it off. Finally, Shelley managed to counter The North, sending Alexander to the floor and hitting a DDT on Page against the turnbuckle, earning himself the space to tag out.

Sabin came in and took down Page with a jumping forearm and a neckbreaker. Sabin hit a punt kick on Alexander on the apron and followed with a missile dropkick on Page. Sabin hit a tope suicida on Alexander, but Shelley managed to tag in during the jump. Shelley hit an STO on Page with an assist from Sabin’s missile dropkick, but only for a two count.

Shelley and Page exchanged strikes before Shelley went for a sliced bread #2 that Page escaped. However, Shelley hit both Page and Alexander with an assisted sliced bread for a two count.

All four men exchanged superkicks, but Alexander hit a German on Sabin, setting up The North’s finisher for a two count as Page’s pin was cocky and weak. The North went for the northern assault, but once again Page was small packaged, similar to the day MCMG took their titles, except this time Alexander was there to reverse it for a two count for the The North.

Shelley went for slice bread #2 again, but Alexander blocked and hit a backbreaker instead. Sabin caught Page with a tornado DDT, but ate a discus forearm by Alexander, who tried the same with Shelley, but Shelley blocked, hit atomic drop, quick reverse STF into dropkick combo by MCMGs, double superkick to Page and tandem running kick before setting up the skull and bones for the win. Another fantastic match between these teams.


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