Slammiversary 2021 Results

IMPACT Slammiversary Results 2021 Results From Skyway Studios In Nashville, TN.

IMPACT Wrestling returns to the pay-per-view arena this evening, as they present Slammiversary 2021 from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

On tap for tonight’s IMPACT Slammiversary show is Kenny Omega vs. Sami Callihan in a No Disqualification Match for the IMPACT World Championship on-the-line.

Also scheduled for the show is a seven match undercard, with one championship match reserved for the pre-show that leads into the main broadcast.

Featured below are IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary results from Saturday, July 17, 2021.


The evening begins with the Countdown to Slammiversary preview special for tonight’s show airing. We see footage from the IMPACT Rebellion pay-per-view where AEW World Champion Kenny Omega defeated IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann to capture the title.

From there, we move to some talking heads clips with various IMPACT talents such as Swann himself, Omega himself, Sami Callihan, Tommy Dreamer, Eric Young and others talking about the IMPACT World Champion being a talent from another promotion.

More talking heads join in, including Scott D’Amore, as the focus shifts to Don Callis’ role in everything. After that, they move on to talk about the early days of Total Nonstop Action and the X-Division Championship being the coolest part of the company with talents like Low Ki, Amazing Red and AJ Styles.

They talk about Chris Sabin’s entrance into the promotion and how it also led to D’Amore landing a gig with the company. They continue a broad history lesson of TNA Wrestling in general, with wrestlers from IMPACT today talking about the moments they remember the most from the early days, such as Sting, Christian Cage, Kurt Angle and others working for the promotion.

We hear more IMPACT talents run down their favorite memories from the early days of TNA, including some who still work for the company such as Eric Young and The Good Brothers — Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. They then move back to current talk with focus from last year’s Slammiversary show talking up until tonight’s installment of the annual PPV tradition.

As the countdown special wraps up, we hear audio from inside Skyway Studios in the background in what appeared to be a production error, with someone sounding to be in the ring cutting a promo before the live pre-show gets started in just a moment.

We get a lengthy look at the lead up to tonight’s No Disqualification Match for the IMPACT World Championship between Kenny Omega and Sami Callihan, as well as Don Callis’ firing from IMPACT Wrestling.

IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team Championships
Decay vs. Fire ‘N’ Flava (C)

Finally, the countdown wraps up and we shoot live inside Skyway Studios where D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome us to the Slammiversary pre-show.

From there, David Penzer kicks off the ring introductions for our lone pre-show match of the evening, as the theme plays to bring out Decay — Havok and Rosemary.

The challengers settle inside the ring and their music fades down. The theme for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team Champions plays and out comes the duo of Fire ‘N’ Flava — Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz.

We hear the bell, immediately followed by the declaration from Striker that it’s time to do what they do better than anyone else — and that’s wrestle! Steelz has trouble matching power with Havok, who quickly uses her size and strength to establish offensive control over one-half of the current champs.

Havok gets in some more offense on Steelz after she takes a quick breather at ringside, and then Rosemary tags in. Hogan does as well, but it is Rosemary who takes over control of the action as the fans inside Skyway Studios cheer her along.

Rosemary hits a backwards Tajiri tarantula type spot through the ropes on Kiera but then some double-team action from Fire ‘N’ Flava helps the champs jump into the offensive lead for the first time in this contest.

Things remain with the champs in control of things until finally Havoc gets the hot tag and comes in like a woman possessed. She ends up ramming herself into the reinforced steel ring post and is slowed down, which allows the champs to jump back in the offensive driver’s seats. Havok hits a big tombstone for the pin fall and we have new champs.

Winners and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team Champions: Decay

After the longest warning screen in PPV history, we finally shoot to the cold open package for tonight’s Slammiversary 2021 main card broadcast, which is now in progress.

Ultimate X For X-Division Championship
Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams vs. Rohit Raju vs. Chris Bey vs. Josh Alexander (C)

The package wraps up and then we see Kenny Omega and Don Callis arriving to the venue earlier today, as does Sami Callihan.

We then shoot inside Skyway Studios as the camera pans around to show the fans and the many signs in the building for the return of the crowd inside the Impact Zone.

David Penzer gets the official introductions for our opening contest here at the show, which will be the Ultimate X match for the X-Division Championship.

Trey Miguel’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring as D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker promote the #Slammiversary hashtag for tonight’s social media interaction.

Out next is Ace Austin, as he heads down to the squared circle for our first match of the evening. Petey Williams is out next, and then Rohit Raju and Chris Bey, before finally, the reigning X-Division Champion coming into this contest, Josh Alexander.

Things get off with a bang, as everyone clears out and brawls at ringside except the Walking Weapon, as the champ remains in the squared circle duking it out one-on-one before we get to the spot-fest, with everyone getting big high spots.

The high-spot fest concludes with Austin being launched onto all the guys from the top-rope out to the floor. Back in the ring, we see an attempt with a rope that is thrown over the Ultimate X cables, even though it took multiple attempts to hook it around said-cables.

None of this works and we get to the always present stacked-in-the-corner high spot. Afterwards, we see an attempt at taking the title down without climbing the cables, as a giant hook is used but never works. Now all the guys are hooked one-onto-another from the title hanging above the ring down to the mat, each with a submission hold on someone else.

Bey and Austin end up having a cool spot with Bey leaping from the top rope to knock Austin off the Ultimate X cables. After this, Petey Williams hits a Canadian Destroyer on a couple of different guys as the fans chant his name. He finally gets on Alexander’s shoulders to hit one more on Austin as he was hanging off the Ultimate X cables. The fans, very appropriately I might add, chant “holy sh*t!” after that.

After a couple of additional attempts by Raju and others, we see Alexander and Bey hanging upside down and crawling with their hands and feet on the Ultimate X cables to the title in the middle. Alexander ends up getting it and knocking Bey down to retain. Great, great opener here at Slammiversary 2021.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

Gia Miller Interviews Don Callis

Gia Miller is shown standing outside the locker room of Kenny Omega when out walks Don Callis. Callis talks about Tommy Dreamer telling everyone he fired him. He reminds us that real men don’t quit, they get fired.

He talks about the match being ruled a No Disqualification bout with the title at stake and how that is an advantage of the baseball bat-toting Sami Callihan.

He talks about knowing Omega for over 27 years and how he’s been there for so many moments, and that he’ll be there again tonight when the god Kenny Omega makes another big moment by putting Callihan away with a One Winged Angel, and then Callis’ work at IMPACT will be complete.

Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green vs. Brian Myers & Tenille Dashwood

The pre-match video package for our next match of the evening airs now, as it’s time for our mixed tag-team bout featuring a mystery participant.

Out first is Brian Myers with Sam Beale. His partner, Tenille Dashwood along with Kaleb with a K, is out next. After they settle in the ring, Matt Cardona makes his way out and now it’s time to find out who his mystery partner will be.

Cardona stops at the top of the entrance ramp and then the theme for his fiancee’, Chelsea Green, begins playing. The duo make their way to the ring as the fans chant “Welcome back!” while Striker points out the cast on the arm of Green, pointing out that she has been medically cleared to compete tonight.

The commentators talk about the real-life dating history between Cardona and Dashwood and how he is now engaged to Green. This leads to us seeing Green bitch-slap Dashwood and a cat fight breaks out that Cardona and Myers break up.

Now the bell sounds to officially get this one off-and-running and it is Cardona and Myers who are going at it coming out of the gate as the legal men. They brawl out to the floor and Myers hits a Flatliner on Cardona on the entrance ramp that almost ends this one in a hurry.

Eventually the action resumes in the ring and Myers works over Cardona. We then see Dashwood and Kaleb with a K sneaking in some cheap shots behind the referee’s back. The commentators plug the GoFund Me campaign for Don West as Cardona continues to find himself on the wrong end of a one-sided beatdown.

Finally things build to Cardona and Myers tagging out and Green and Dashwood are now the legal two in the ring. They go back-and-forth for a minute or two and then Green finishes this one off with a victory for she and Cardona as she hits an Unprettier on Dashwood for the pinfall.

Winners: Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards

The pre-match video package for our next match of the evening, which will be a one-on-one showdown, airs. From there, we shoot back inside the Impact Zone.

W. Morrissey’s theme hits and he makes his way down to the ring as Striker and Brown talk on commentary about him being undefeated since joining the ranks in IMPACT Wrestling.

He settles inside the ring and his music dies down. Now the theme for Eddie Edwards plays and out comes the Boston native as the fans come alive.

Morrissey gets in Edwards face and Edwards closes the remaining distance to get right back in his face as well. The bell sounds and we’re off and running.

We see Morrissey take it to him early on, connecting with an SoS slam and continuing to dominate the action until finally Edwards has the fans rally him into competitive form. Just as he was getting his engines going, however, Morrissey blasts him off the top-rope and out to the floor at ringside with a big boot.

A couple more times we see Eddie side-step a big shot or move attempt from Morrissey, leading to the fans trying again to rally behind him only for the big man to cut his comeback extremely short and continue his dominant ways. We see Morrissey completely lay out Edwards on the floor after a big chokeslam on the hard part of the ring apron that puts a complete hush over the crowd.

From there, Morrissey grabs Edwards by his pony tail and drags him up the entrance ramp where he positions him for a power bomb, which thankfully Edwards avoids. He counters it to a big back body drop, slamming the big man down on the solid entrance ramp.

Edwards rolls down and back into the ring as the referee nearly counts he and Morrissey out. Morrissey also makes it back into the ring just in time. Once back in the ring, Morrissey goes back to work taking over control of the action again.

He goes for a suplerplex off the top-rope on Edwards, who headbutts himself free and then flips over Morrissey’s head, connecting with a super powerbomb on the big man. He follows that up with his Blue Thunder Bomb into a pin attempt, which Morrissey just barely kicks out of. The fans chant “that was 3!” after the near fall.

Morrissey recovers and ends up turning inside out with a big kick after yanking the referee in front of himself to avoid an onslaught attempt by Edwards. Edwards ends up connecting with his running knee to the head of the big man, but the momentum sends Morrissey out to the floor. Once on the floor, the camera man shoots in tight on Morrissey as we see him pull a chain out of his boot.

As Edwards goes over to him, Morrissey hits him with a sucker punch with the chain. Back in the ring he follows up with his finisher for the pin fall victory to keep his undefeated streak alive.

Winner: W. Morrissey

Moose With Some Words For Chris Sabin

We shoot backstage where Moose is alone in a room and talks directly into the camera. He delivers a quick message to his opponent for tonight, Chris Sabin, vowing to prove why he is Mr. Impact and a god of wrestling.

Madman Fulton & Mahabali Shera vs. Finlay & Juice Robinson

Now we head inside the Impact Zone where Gia Miller is interviewing fans about being back inside the building for tonight’s show. As she talks to one particularly squeeky voiced nerd, some comotion breaks out behind her.

We see Madman Fulton and Mahabali Shera come down to the ring from the back and are bickering about something when out comes Scott D’Amore. D’Amore talks about Shera being upset he couldn’t be at ringside during the Ultimate X match.

He decides that the two look like they’re ready for action, so he’s going to give them some action in the form of two surprise opponents. On that note out comes the duo of FinJuice.

Finlay and Juice Robinson make their way down to the ring and D’Amore calls for a quick impromptu match and that’s exactly what we get, as literally a minute or two after the bell rings, FinJuice picks up the quick and easy victory.

Winners: Finlay & Juice Robinson

Moose vs. Chris Sabin

We cut to a pre-match video package for our next bout of the evening here at Slammiversary, as the story leading up to tonight’s bout between Moose and Chris Sabin airs.

Afterwards, we head back inside the Impact Zone where the theme hits to bring out the wrestling god himself, Moose, as the fans chant along with his name as he heads down to the squared circle.

He settles in the ring and his music dies down. Now the theme for Chris Sabin plays and the longtime IMPACT veteran makes his way down to the ring. The bell sounds and we are now off-and-running with this one.

Moose dominates the action coming out of the gate with his power-first thudding offense. This lasts for a couple of minutes until Sabin gets amped up and starts using his speed and quickness to fight his way back into competitive form.

This doesn’t last long, however, as Moose uses his size and strength to slow the pace down and control the action with relative ease for a prolonged period of time. We see Sabin biting Moose to get free from the clutches of his stronger opponent.

We see another SoS slam from Moose and then he nips up. He goes to the middle rope and takes two seconds too long to talk to the crowd before going for a moonsault. Sabin moves and Moose lands hard.

Both guys are slow to get back to their feet, but all of the fans inside the Impact Zone are standing as the pace is starting to pick up with Sabin taking over the action. Sabin runs and leaps from the ring onto Moose on the floor, taking him out and prompting the fans to break out into a “Sabin! Sabin!” chant.

Sabin heads up to the top rope on the way back into the ring. He hits a crazy top-rope tornado DDT and goes right for the cover, yet Moose hangs on and kicks out, keeping this match alive.

Now both guys are firing up and going at it. The action continues outside of the ring on the floor where Moose picks Sabin up while he’s upside down. He then swings him like a rag-doll side-to-side where his head bashes off the steel ringside barricade repeatedly. Moose rolls back in the ring as the ref begins counting him out.

Sabin rolls in at the count of nine. Literally seconds later, Sabin pulls the victory out of nowhere with a pin with leverage for the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin

IMPACT World Tag-Team Championships
Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Fallah Bahh & No Way Jose vs. Violent By Design (C)

After a quick backstage victory promo from the new IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team Champions — Decay — Havok and Rosemary, we head to the pre-match video package for our next bout of the evening.

Speaking of tag-team championships, the IMPACT World Tag-Team Championships will now be on-the-line in a Fatal Four-way match.

Out first comes the team of Rich Swann and Willie Mack. The fun-spirited duo settles in the ring and their music dies down. Then out comes Fallah Bahh by himself.

Bahh stops at the top of the ramp as the fans chant his name and his music volume fades down. He gets on a mic and talks about being asked to come up with a replacement for TJP. He says it’s No Way Jose.

Out comes No Way Jose and some friends and dancers as they make their way down to the ring. They settle into the ring and their music finally fades down and the commentators finish soaking in their reaction to the surprise mystery partner for Bahh.

Now we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of The Good Brothers, as Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson make their way out and down to the ring. Finally the reigning champions coming into this contest, Violent By Design, make their way out.

The bell sounds to get this championship contest underway. It will be No Way Jose and Rich Swann kicking things off for their respective teams in this one. The fans chant for Jose and then he and Swann shake hands before locking up and getting after it to get this one started.

Anderson and Bahh end up tagging in. Bahh takes it to Anderson and then tags Jose back in. Bahh and Jose hit some double-team offense on Anderson and then Bahh tags Willie Mack into the match. Mack and Swann hit some double-team spots and then Mack continues to go to work on Anderson before tagging Swann in.

We see Anderson tags in Gallows and now it’s Gallows and Swann going at it, with Gallows beating him down in the corner and taunting him all-the-while. Things build to the big finish, where nearly twice VBD almost secures the victory, only for The Good Brothers to pull off the victory to recapture the gold.

Winners and NEW IMPACT World Tag-Team Champions: The Good Brothers

IMPACT Knockouts Championship
Deonna Purrazzo (C) vs. Thunder Rosa

After a quick check-in backstage where we see Kenny Omega in his locker room and Sami Callihan in his as they are counting down the final moments until their big main event showdown, we head to the pre-match video package for our next match.

We return to championship form again as this bout will also see a title on-the-line, as the video tells the story leading up tonight’s defense of the IMPACT Knockouts Championship for “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo, as she puts it up against a mystery opponent.

Purrazzo makes her way out and gets a big reaction from the fans inside the Impact Zone. She settles into the ring and her music fades down but the chants continue.

Following some long, drawn-out silence we hear the entrance music of the mystery title challenger, as former NWA Women’s Champion and AEW women’s wrestling veteran Thunder Rosa makes her way out.

Rosa gets in the ring and the fans break out in a “Thunder Rosa! Virtuosa!” dueling chant, that just so happens to rhyme! Rosa gets in Purrazzo’s face and then her music dies down, the split chants continue and the bell sounds to officially get this one off-and-running.

After some solid back-and-forth action from Rosa and Purrazzo coming out of the gate, with each nullifying the others’ offensive attempts with spots such as both going for an arm-drag at the same time, etc. We see Thunder rock Deonna with a big missile dropkick off the top-rope.

The crowd is eating everything up, as they should, because these two are delivering in every sense of the word thus far. Rosa plays to the crowd a bit and then runs around the ring to build up a full head of steam leading into a big dropkick to the face of a seated Purrazzo in the corner.

Rosa is dominating the action for a prolonged run in the offensive driver’s seat at this point, with the commentators liking her chances as things currently stand for a potential upset in capturing the IMPACT Knockouts Championship from Purrazzo.

Purrazzo cuts Rosa’s offensive run on top short now as she locks in a submission out of nowhere on the mat that looks dangerous. She secures a Fujiwara Armbar but Rosa ends up reversing into a submission attempt of her own. Purrazzo ends up reversing back into the Fujiwara Armbar attempt but Rosa escapes.

Now after the champ enjoys a couple of minutes in control of the offense, both girls are down and out and slowly getting back to their feet. When they do they begin exchanging strikes back-and-forth. We see a Thunder Driver attempt that is countered into a victory roll by the champ, however Rosa kicks out. Deonna blasts her with a kick to the face and then hits the Queen’s Gambit for the pin fall victory to retain her title.

Winner and STILL IMPACT Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Mickie James Shows Hardcore Country Sh*t To Deonna Purrazzo

Once the match wraps up, it looks like Purrazzo has something to say as she grabs a microphone. Before she can speak, however, the theme for Mickie James hits and the fans in the Impact Zone, along with D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker, react big.

The fans break out in a “Welcome Back!” chant as Mickie gets on the mic. She says it feels good to be back in front of a live crowd again. She says being here in Nashville she knows there’s one thing everyone likes and that’s some Hardcore Country.

Deonna Purrazzo takes exception to Mickie and says she’s trying to steal her spotlight and her big moment. Mickie says that’s why she’s out here. She runs down some of the many accomplishments Deonna has achieved in IMPACT. Mickie brings up being the VP of NWA Empowereddd.

She then extends an invitation to Purrazzo to come to Empowereddd. Purrazzo says of course Mickie wants her on her show, just like every other company. She again criticizes Mickie for ruining her moment. She tells her to do everyone a favor, “grab your trash bag and get the hell out of here.”

Mickie drops her mic and b*tch slaps Deonna. Deonna tries swinging back but Mickie blocks it and drops her with a big kick. She shouts at her, “take that, b*tch!” and says, “Now that’s Hardcore Country!” Her music plays as Deonna leaves with her title.

IMPACT World Championship (No Disqualification)
Sami Callihan vs. Kenny Omega (C)

After a quick ad time out to promote the upcoming IMPACT Wrestling Homecoming and IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory special events, we move on to the pre-match video package for our next match.

The extensive video package airs now to tell the full story leading up to tonight’s main event, which features Kenny Omega putting the IMPACT World Championship on-the-line against Sami Callihan in a No Disqualification match.

When we return, we see Sami Callihan make his way out and down to the ring for our headline attraction. He settles inside the squared circle and his music dies down.

Now we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance music for Kenny Omega and out comes the IMPACT and AEW Champion and AAA MEGA Champion with all of his gold strapped around him and Don Callis by his side.

Fans are coming unglued and breaking out in chants as the reigning title-holders settles into the ring. David Penzer is doing the final pre-match ring introductions for this world championship contest, as we’re about to get off-and-running with our final in-ring action of the evening.

The fans chant “F*ck ’em up Sammy! F*ck ’em up!” as he is introduced in front of the Impact Zone. He goes to begin the introductions for the champ, but Callis yanks the mic from him before he can. The fans chant “You got fired!” at him and he says his “Real men don’t quit, they get fired” catchphrase before delving into the pre-match introduction for Omega himself.

Before Callis can finish the self-handled pre-match ring introductions for Omega, we see Callihan sprint across the ring and viciously begin assaulting Omega to get this one started before all-involved were exactly ready. Regardless, the bell sounds and now this match is officially underway.

Callis takes his place as special guest commentator alongside Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown as Callihan jumps off to an early offensive advantage over the champ, taking it to Omega with relentless violence, including the use of a fork, here in the early goings. Now he pulls out a pizza cutter and violently rolls it on the forehead of Omega before licking it with a crazy look in his eyes as fans chant “You sick f*ck!” at him.

A trash can has also appeared in addition to the aforementioned fork as foreign objects used in the first few minutes of this one, but it is the pizza cutter that causes the first sign of blood from the dome of the champ. And it’s a lot as the fans chant for Callihan to use it again, and he happily obliges. Omega’s face is quickly turning into a dark red crimson mask as he’s bleeding buckets and on the defensive.

Omega finally starts fighting back into competitive form. He ends up getting hit with a big shot so now he rolls out to the floor to regroup as Callihan caters and plays to the fans. He then runs and hits the ropes before leaping through the ropes directly into a trash can lid shot to the face from a prepared Omega at ringside.

The champ throws some cookie sheets and other cook-ware, as well as a slippery when wet yellow store sign into the ring. He uses each and every one of these objects as weapons to beat across the head of his weakened challenger. He taunts the fans a bit and then goes back to work on Callihan by beating him with a trash can. He puts the trash can over the ring post in the corner and goes back on the attack on Callihan.

Omega climbs the ropes backwards and takes the trash can off and holds it as he hits a moonsault and slams on top of Callihan’s ankle with it. Callis on commentary says he hopes it snapped Callihan’s ankle like Conor McGregor’s. Striker and Brown get on his case for wishing that and he responds by pointing out that Callihan used a pizza cutter on his guys’ face. Solid argument!

A steel chair is wedged into the corner of the ring and then Omega hoists Callihan up for a One Winged Angel attempt. Callihan escapes before Omega connects. Callihan rolls Omega up but Omega kicks out with so much authority that Callihan flies forward face-first into the aforementioned steel chair wedged into the corner of the ring.

After this, Callis says he wants to get a closer look at things. He gets down to the ringside area and talks some trash in Callihan’s face as we see blood streaming down it just like Omega’s. Callis returns at the announce desk and the commentators ask him what he said to Callihan. He reveals the trash he talked and now we see Omega stabbing at the face of Callihan with the same fork he was using on him earlier in the bout.

They brawl at ringside with a big slam into the steel barricade. Callihan leans Omega up against the steel ring post and goes for a back-handed chop, but Omega moves and Callihan back-hand chops the steel ring post. Ouch. We see Omega hit a big back suplex on Callihan, who lands on the hard part of the ring apron. Omega pulls a table out from under the ring and puts it on Callihan while it’s still folded up. He runs and jumps off the ring apron and hits a double stomp onto the table while it was laying on Callihan.

Now Omega unfolds the table legs of another table he pulled out from under the ring. He sets it up right next to the ring on the floor and then climbs up on the ring apron with Callihan. Omega hooks Callihan from behind looking for a Dragon Suplex through the table. Callihan ends up biting Omega’s hands to free himself. They exchange shots on the apron right in front of the table set up down below. Omega snatches Callihan up and looks for a piledriver through the table, however Callihan reverses and hits one of his own that puts Omega through the table as Callis freaks out on commentary and the fans erupt with “Holy sh*t!” chants.

Callihan throws a piece of long wood in the ring. He grabs a trash can and throws it in the ring and it lands right on top of Omega’s head, resulting in the champ slumping over. Callihan returns to the ring and leans the aforementioned slab of wood longways against the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. He lands a big move on Omega on a trash can and then hits a follow-up power bomb that puts Omega through the wood leaned up in the corner. He immediately goes for the cover but Omega somehow kicks out. Callis pops out of his chair during the near fall, prompting the fans to erupt with “This guy sucks!” chants.

A few seconds goes by as Callihan reaches under the ring and finally he pulls out a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. This elicits a “F*ck ’em up Sammy! F*ck ’em up!” chant from the fans in the Impact Zone. Callihan hoists Omega up in the Razor’s Edge position but Omega escapes out the back door and connects with a V-Trigger on Callihan. He slams Callihan down on the steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. He hits another V-Trigger and goes for the cover, but a bloody Callihan grabs the ropes before the ref can count to three.

Omega gets Callihan up to the top-rope and he connects with a big superplex off the top for a near fall. Callis blames the ref for a slow count. Omega hits a V-Trigger and hoists Callihan up for a One Winged Angel. Callihan escpaes before he can hit it and fires up for another comeback, hitting Omega with anything that isn’t nailed down. He then hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Omega directly onto the steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. He goes for a cover but doesn’t hook the leg and Omega is able to kick out. The fans respond to this sequence of events with a loud “this is awesome!” chant.

Sami struggles to get to his feet while Omega reaches under the ring, presumably for some more weaponary. He instead pulls out a handful of powder and throws it into Callihan’s eyes. A blinded Callihan ends up hitting a piledriver on the ref on accident. Omega re-enters the ring and beats on Callihan and hits a big semi-finisher and goes for the cover, only for no referee around to make the cover. Finally a fresh backup ref does run down and begins the count, but Callihan kicks out at two-and-a-half. Omega immediately decks the backup ref, knocking him out.

We see The Good Brothers run out but they are backed down by another team and they head to the back. Callihan rolls over and hits a stuffed pile driver on Omega and covers him just as the original ref in the match recovers and goes for the count. Omega kicks out. Callihan heads out to the floor and back under the ring for another foreign object which the commentators struggle to see. Finally we see it is a sack of thumb tacks, which he pours all over the ring. He waves his hands saying this is all over and grabs Omega. Callis leaves the announce table and heads to ringside as fans boo. He grabs a handful of tacks and throws them in Callihan’s eyes as Omega recovers.

Callis heads back to the commentary position and joins the call. Omega rubs his knee in the pile of tacks to stick them to his knee and now he runs and blasts Callihan with a V-Trigger knee to the grill covered in thumbtacks. He goes for the cover but Callihan kicks out. Omega grabs a handful of tacks and puts them right in Callihan’s mouth and then connects with another V-Trigger knee to the grill. He follows that up with a One Winged Angel and goes for the cover. Nobody kicks out of the One Winged Angel still, as Callihan’s shoulders stay down for the three count and Omega pulls off the victory, retaining the title in the process.

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Kenny Omega

After The Match: Jay White Arrives, Cliffhanger Ending …

Once the match wraps up, Callis leaves his position at the announce desk and heads to the ring, as do The Good Brothers. The Elite group celebrates in the ring and get ready to do the Too Sweet hand gesture touch in the middle of the ring just as the lights in the Impact Zone go out.

When the lights come back up, the theme for the Bullet Club’s own Jay White plays as he makes his way down to the ringside to a stunned, silent crowd, and equally perplexed commentary team.

Jay White slowly makes his way down to ringside and hops up on the ring apron before finally entering the ring as fans chant his name. He stares over at Kenny Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers. They all throw up the Too Sweet hand gesture and look over at White.

White loos around at the fans and pauses. He leans towards them and the commentators say, “Here we go,” but then the IMPACT Wrestling logo flashes across the screen and the pay-per-view goes off the air with a big cliffhanger. Thanks for joining us!


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