IMPACT Victory Road 2021 Results

IMPACT Victory Road Results From Skyway Studios In Nashville, TN. (9/18/2021)

IMPACT Wrestling returns with an IMPACT Plus special event this evening.

Headlined by Christian Cage vs. Ace Austin for the IMPACT World Championship, Victory Road 2021 goes down this evening from the IMPACT Zone inside Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

On tap for tonight’s show is the aforementioned Cage-Austin title main event, as well as Josh Alexander vs. Chris Sabin for the X-Division title, The Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack for the IMPACT Tag-Team titles and Decay vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team titles.

Additionally, the card this evening will feature Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan vs. Moose & W. Morrissey, Chris Bey & Hikuleo vs. FinJuice, Matt Cardona vs. Rohit Raju, Taylor Wilde vs. Tenille Dashwood and Petey Williams vs. TJP vs. Steve Maclin.

Featured below are complete IMPACT Victory Road 2021 results from Saturday, September 18, 2021.


The twelfth event in Victory Road chronology kicks off with the opening video to get the show underway. The commentary duo of Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown welcome us to the show.

Petey Williams vs. TJP vs. Steve Maclin

From there, we head down to the ringside area for our first match of the evening here on tonight’s IMPACT Plus special event.

Petey Williams. TJP and Steve Maclin all make their respective entrances to the ring and then the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running.

Early on we see all three guys have their shine moments, and eventually Maclin starts to take over, with TJP selling on the floor outside of the ring while Maclin works over Williams inside the squared circle.

Williams fires up for a comeback and starts taking over on offense. He dumps Maclin out to the floor and as the fans are chanting his name, he builds up a head of stomp and hits a big diving splash onto Maclin on the floor.

Back in the ring, he hits a follow-up spot and goes for the cover, however TJP recovers and hits the ring in time to break up the pin attempt.

All three guys duke it out now in the ring and eventually they all take each other out with a big spot. This elicits a “This is awesome!” chant from the crowd. When the three return to their feet, Williams and TJP both beat down Maclin in the corner.

Petey puts Maclin in the Sharpshooter but then TJP tries to hook in the Octopus submission on Petey. All three break free and now take turns hitting some shine spots as the finish to this one feels like it’s coming soon. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on TJP but then Maclin hits his finisher on him to steal the pin fall victory.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Black Taurus vs. John Skyler vs. Jake Something vs. Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel

Striker and Brown run down the remaining lineup for tonight’s Victory Road special and then we head right back down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

The Decay theme hits and out comes Black Taurus for what the commentators are hyping as a five-man contest. Out next is John Skyler and then Jake Something. Laredo Kid is out next. Finally, Trey Miguel makes his way out.

With all five competitors settled inside the squared circle, we are ready for our second bout of the evening. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one.

We see Something knocked out to the floor straight out of the gate. Skyler also ends up out there and then Laredo Kid hits a big splash on both of them.

In the ring, Taurus and Miguel start going at it and the crowd roars as they fly all over the ring and hit some crazy fast and high-impact offense. While Taurus and Miguel duke it out, Something comes in and takes over the scene, popping Brown and Striker on commentary in the process.

Kid fires back up but ends up getting run over by Something, who the commentary duo points out has a clear-cut size-and-strength advantage over the rest of the competitors in this match.

Skyler takes over and as the rest of the guys sell on the floor outside of the ring, he dominates Miguel inside the squared circle. He hits a big spear on Miguel through the ropes and then Taurus hits the ring and begins duking it out with Skyler.

Taurus beats down Skyler and knocks him out of the ring and then Something re-enters the mix, knocking Taurus out of the ring. Now we’ve got Laredo and Miguel mixing it up when Something hits the ring. We get a crazy Meteora from Miguel off the ropes while Something was hitting a DDT on Kid.

Now we see Something hold Kid with one arm while he hoists Miguel up with the other, hitting a one-arm chokeslam on Miguel, and slamming him right onto Kid in the process. The fans respond with a loud “That was Something!” chant.

Black Taurus re-enters the mix and starts dominating the offense. Miguel and he look for a big dive out to the floor but they run into a springboard spear from Skyler. The crowd is loving every minute of this exciting match.

John Skyler goes for a school boy roll-up on Kid in the ring and holds the tights, however Kid still manages to kick out. Both guys head up to the top-rope together. Kid hits a crazy moonsault belly-to-belly suplex off the top and pins Skyler in an incredible finish to an equally incredible match.

Winner: Laredo Kid

Tenille Dashwood vs. Taylor Wilde

After a pre-match video package airs to tell the story leading up to this match, out comes The Influence to accompany Tenille Dashwood to the ring for our next bout of the evening.

Dashwood settles into the ring to a chorus of boos from the fans in the IMPACT Zone as she poses on the top-rope. Her music dies down.

Now the familiar sounds of Taylor Wilde’s theme hits and out she comes accompanied by Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. Knockouts one-on-one action is up next here at Victory Road.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. We see some fancy footwork from Wilde early on. Dashwood hits some nice body shots but then some more fancy footwork from Wilde, which the commentators point out, helps her shift the offensive momentum back in her favor.

Tenille keeps fighting back and now we see Kaleb With A K grab Wilde’s foot while the ref had his back turned. The distraction and interference allows Dashwood to pull ahead into a lengthy offensive lead, as she is now dominating the action while the fans try and rally behind Wilde.

As Wilde finally starts to fight back, we see Kaleb hop on the apron to provide a distraction to the ref. While this is going on, we see Dashwood pull a dirty tactic as she yanks the rope down and Wilde dumps out to the floor. As shenanigans continue on the floor, the ref ends up ejecting The Influence and the duo of Grace and Ellering from ringside.

This forces all of them to head to the back and leaving Wilde and Dashwood alone to duke this one out among themselves. Finally they clear out and inside the ring, Dashwood and Wilde start trading pin attempts. Now they exchange punches and fans boo for every Dashwood shot and cheer for each one Wilde lands.

Dashwood fights back into the lead and goes for the spotlight but Wilde avoids it and counters with a big back suplex into a bridge pin attempt. She picks up the 1-2-3 and scores the victory in this Knockouts singles contest.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Gia Miller Interviews Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards

After the Knockouts match wraps up, we shoot backstage where Gia Miller is standing by with Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards.

The former bitter enemies turned tag-team partners for tonight talk about their unlikely pairing and how they have a “greater good” common goal of taking out Moose and W. Morrissey.

As Callihan leaves, Edwards is approached by his woman and she tells him she doesn’t trust Sami tonight. He says he doesn’t either. He hands her his kendo stick and agrees.

No Disqualification Match
Rohit Raju vs. Matt Cardona

Now we head back inside the IMPACT Zone inside of Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN. where the theme hits to bring out Rohit Raju.

Raju makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Shera. As they are heading down the entrance ramp, Matt Cardona sprints out behind them and attacks them both from behind to get this no disqualification match off-and-running.

Cardona ends up getting guzzled by the two-on-one attack of Shera and Raju on the floor. They bring him in the ring and then Shera hits a big chokeslam into a backbreaker on Cardona. Raju tells Shera he can head out to ringside now and he picks up where Shera left off.

The ref calls for the bell and this match is officially off-and-running. Raju stomps and kicks at a grounded Cardona until finally Cardona fires up for an immediate comeback and starts duking it out with him. He clotheslines him to the floor and then dives through the ropes to dropkick him.

Editor’s Note: The feed for the Victory Road show appears to be off for many more than just yours truly, and on the company’s official Twitter feed, they are a couple of tweets deep into counting down the minutes until Victory Road “starts.” Looks like there was some issues tonight between different camps involved with the event. Whoops!

Seems like we might be forced to re-watch the entire first hour of the show over again. We’ll find out at the top of the hour! Stay tuned as the feed is still dark at the moment. FITE TV began their stream of this taped special IMPACT Plus event at 7pm and it shut off approximately ten minutes before the 8pm hour. It’s 8:02 and nothing has cut back on yet. Many users on Twitter using the hashtag “#VictoryRoad” are saying the same.

Indeed, the Williams-TJP-Maclin three-way opener is in the ring now and the IMPACT Twitter feed has begun live-tweeting the show as if it just began. It looks like we’ll be an hour ahead of the rest as FITE TV must have jumped the gun on the start time for their stream of tonight’s IMPACT Plus Victory Road 2021 event. Our coverage will resume where it left off in the middle of the Cardona-Raju No DQ match when the IMPACT Plus stream catches up to that part of the taped special event. Thanks again for joining us here at for our coverage of the show!

He ends up missing with the drop kick and Raju yanks him down to the ground by the back of his head. He works Cardona over some more and then we see a head slam into the steel ring steps. Cardona now hits a Russian leg-sweep into the steel barricade, taking some lumps himself in the process.

Cardona rolls Raju back in the ring but is caught coming back in by his smaller foe and then knocked out to the barricade at ringside. Raju then follows out after him to deliver some additional punishment at ringside in this no disqualification showdown. He grabs a steel chair and slams Cardona down throat first onto the top edge of it.

Raju does the same spot again and then goes under the ring to pull out two more steel chairs, which he sets in the ring. He heads back into the ring himself but Cardona catches him coming in. Raju fights back and beats Cardona down until he is slumped in the corner of the ring. Raju blasts him with some boots to the face and then a running cannonball onto him in the corner.

We see Raju wedge one of the steel chairs in between the top and middle turnbuckle in one of the corners of the ring. He turns around into a waiting fired up Cardona who kicks his way back into the lead and decks Raju. He brings him back up the hard way, sling-shotting him face-first into the aforementioned steel chair wedged in the corner of the ring.

Raju is slumped in the corner now and Cardona lays a bunch of steel chairs on his face. He runs from the other side of the ring and blasts Raju with a kick / knee into all of the chairs leaned up against his grill. Cardona goes for the cover but Raju kicks out.

Cardona goes out and grabs a steel trash can from under the ring. He throws it into the ring and hits a death valley driver on Raju onto the trash can for another near fall attempt.

Rohit recovers and goes to work on Cardona, but Cardona slows his momentum down with a well-timed low blow. He then heads to the top and comes flying off with a dropkick into a steel chair held by Raju, which slams into his own face in the process. Shera is back involved on the floor so Cardona goes out to deal with him. Raju attacks from behind and back in the ring, hits the Kill Shot.

He stacks some chairs on Raju but Chelsea Green comes out and distracts Raju, allowing Cardona to hit his Radio Silence finisher on Raju for the pin fall victory. Cardona kisses Green to celebrate in the ring as his music plays and the crowd shows him some love.

Winner: Matt Cardona

Chris Bey & Hikuleo vs. FinJuice

The video package airs for our next match of the evening, which features The Bullet Club duo of Chris Bey and Hikuleo against the highly-regarded FinJuice tag-team consisting of David Finlay and Juice Robinson.

Once the pre-match package wraps up, the theme hits to bring out Bey and Hikuleo. The duo heads down to the ring as the commentators talk about the significance of The Bullet Club to the wrestling industry.

Bey and Hikuleo settle into the ring to a nice reaction from the fans inside the IMPACT Zone. Their music dies down and now the theme hits to bring out the FinJuice duo of David Finlay and Juice Robinson. The crowd gives them some solid love coming out as well.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this tag-team contest here in our next match at Victory Road. Bey and Robinson kick things off for their respective teams. Bey mocks Robinson’s leg injury by limping around and mocking him. He starts his attack by diving for single leg takedown attempts on the weakened leg of Robinson.

We hear Striker and Brown sing the praises of Robinson for starting the match for his team despite the bum wheel. He ends up getting in some offense on Bey and then tags in Finlay. Finlay works over the arm of Bey and then tags Robinson back in before hitting a back suplex and rolling out of the ring.

Robinson hits a jumping senton and then whips Bey into the ropes, but Bey counters and hits a chop block to the back of the aforementioned injured leg of Robinson. He stomps on the leg and begins taunting him as he goes to work on him. He tags in Hikuleo and the big man hits the ring and picks up where Bey left off, taking it to Robinson and focusing on his softened up leg.

Hikuleo manhandles him some more and then Striker and Brown sing his praises and talk about some veteran tactics that his father Meng / Haku taught him. Hikuleo tags Bey back in and Bey continues to pummel the isolated member of FinJuice that has been stuck in the ring on the wrong end of a one-sided beatdown for some time now.

Juice starts to fire up for a comeback. Bey tries to cut him off with another chop block to the back of his injured leg, however Robinson avoided it and leaped to his corner, making the much-needed tag to Finlay.

Finlay takes the hot tag and goes to work on Bey. Hikuleo hits the ring and he starts working over the big man as well. Finally Hikuleo hits a crazy powerslam on him that slows him down and now Bey fires away at him with follow-up punches while he is already down and out.

FinJuice end up fighting back into the lead and just as it looked like they had this one in the bag, a chair shot to the bum wheel of Robinson leads to The Bullet Club duo stealing the victory from the jaws of defeat.

Winners: Chris Bey & Hikuleo

Moose & W. Morrissey vs. Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards

The pre-match video package airs to get us ready for our next match of the evening, which will be a featured tag-team contest.

Back inside the IMPACT Zone inside Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN., the familiar sounds of Moose hits and the chants of his name begins as the big-man makes his way down to the ring.

Moose settles inside the squared circle and his music wraps up. The theme for his partner for tonight’s bout, W. Morrissey, hits. He makes his way out and joins him in the squared circle.

With the heel duo in the ring, the theme for Eddie Edwards hits and out he comes with Alisha as the fans sing along with his entrance music.

Sami Callihan’s theme hits after the lights inside the IMPACT Zone go out. He makes his way out and heads down to the ring to a nice reaction from the fans in the building.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our next match of the evening here at Victory Road. After Edwards and Callihan stare each other down on the floor, when they hit the ring, Moose and Morrissey go right after them.

Callihan and Edwards take over and knock the heel duo out to the floor and then hit stereo dives on opposite sides of the ring, diving out and splashing onto both guys on the floor. Callihan and Morrissey settle in the ring as the legal men.

Sami beats down Morrissey in the corner and chops the hell out of him. Edwards comes in and does the same thing and then tags Callihan right back in. This happens a couple more times and then both guys stay in at the same time and take turns chopping the piss out of Morrissey.

They hit a double-suplex on Moose when he tries to get involved and then they return their focus on Morrissey, who has fired back up and ends up chokeslamming them both down to the mat by himself to shift the offensive momentum to his teams favor.

Now Morrissey and Moose take turns hitting running splashes on Edwards and Callihan in opposing corners of the ring. Edwards ends up stuck in the ring for a prolonged beatdown, as Morrissey and Moose take turns beating him down while Callihan eagerly awaits a tag on the apron.

Edwards hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Morrissey to slow him down and he finally makes the much-needed tag to Callihan. Moose is also tagged in and races across the ring only to be met by fingers to the eyes from Callihan. Callihan beats on Moose as he climbs to the top. He brings him off with a death valley driver for a near fall.

Moose slows down Callihan’s momentum by hitting him with the Go 2 Hell spot. Moose runs into a big kick from Edwards on the ring apron and then Edwards tags in. He is caught with a forearm from Moose but starts firing back with some of his own. Moose staggers Edwards with a headbutt but walks into a clothesline from Callihan.

Edwards hits a sit-down power bomb and goes for the cover but Morrissey hits the ring and knocks Callihan onto them both to break up the pin attempt. Morrissey sits Edwards on the top and goes up after him but Callihan brings Morrissey down from behind in the ring with a power bomb. Moose leaps up after Edwards but Callihan brings him down the hard way as well.

Callihan goes for the brainbuster and as Moose was coming down, Edwards hit him with a super kick and upon impact, goes for the cover, only to get a count of two. The fans react with a “This is awesome!” chant.

Eddie tags Sami back into the match. Sami rallies the crowd behind him and goes after Moose, looking for the spiked piledriver, but eating a boot to the face from an interfering Morrissey.

As it looks like Callihan and Edwards are gonna finish this one off, we see Morrissey hoist Alisha up on his shoulder at ringside and threatens to take her out. Callihan is already out and Edwards sees this and decides to stop to help her. Moose ends up turning him inside-out.

Now with Edwards and Callihan out on the floor, Morrissey still grabs Alisha again and rolls her into the ring where Moose is standing. The two giants close in on her and then Morrissey hoists her up for a power bomb. He hits it and the fans loudly boo. Morrissey gets down and brushes Alisha’s hair out of her face as the crowd is stunned silent.

Morrissey has a sick look of enjoyment on his face. Edwards stumbles over and grabs Alisha and carries her to the back, telling Sami he’s sorry and he’s got to go as he heads to the back.

Sami heads back into the ring by himself where Morrissey and Moose are both waiting for him. He fires away at both with punches, but then hits the ropes and runs right into a big boot from Morrissey. Now Moose spears Sami as Morrissey holds him. He goes for the cover and scores the pin fall victory.

Winners: Moose & W. Morrissey

IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team Championships
Rosemary & Havok (c) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

The pre-match video package for our next match of the evening, which will be a championship contest, airs. When it wraps up, we return inside the IMPACT Zone and head right down to the ring to get this one started.

We hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of the challengers, and out comes Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. The duo, who still have the titles that they stole from the Decay team, bring the belts out with them as they head to the ring.

Now the theme for the real champions hits and out comes the reigning, defending Knockouts Tag-Team Champions, Rosemary and Havok — Decay. Their music wraps up and now it’s time to get ready for this one.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our next match of the evening and the first to feature an IMPACT championship on-the-line. This one gets off to a quick start as the pissed off Decay duo immediately hit the ring and go to work on Steelz and Evans.

When the dust settles, Rosemary and Steelz are the members of their teams starting things off inside the ring for this title showdown. Rosemary threatens to bite her face off and the fans begin chanting for exactly that to happen. Rosemary takes it to her and then tags in Havok.

Havok hits the ring and says she wants Savannah. Tasha obliges, tagging in her larger tag-team partner. Havok and Savannah go face-to-face and then start trading big shots back-and-forth, with neither one backing down for quite a while. Eventually Havok blasts Savannah with a knee to the gut off the ropes.

Savannah fights right back, blasting Havok coming off the ropes with a shot of her own and then hitting a running splash on her in the corner. She goes for another but Havok moves and splashes onto Savannah herself. Now she tags in Rosemary and the two hit a double-team spot on Savannah before Havok takes her place on the ring apron and Rosemary picks up where she left off, taking it to Savannah.

As Savannah fights back into the lead and tags in Tasha, we see Rosemary on the defensive as the crowd tries to rally behind her. On commentary, Striker and Brown are informed that the medical team is working on Alisha and they hope to have an update on her condition on the broadcast soon.

Things build to a spot where Rosemary sprays green mist in the eyes of Savannah on the floor. In the ring, Havok catches Tasha coming off the top-rope and presses her up with a fireman’s carry. She then launches her onto Savannah on the floor. She is brought back into the ring and Havok hits a piledriver for the pin fall victory. With the win, Decay retain their titles — which they actually regain possession of.

Winners and STILL Knockouts Tag-Team Champions: Rosemary & Havok

Ace Austin Talks About Tonight’s Main Event

After the IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team title match wraps up, we shoot backstage where we get a word from the number one contender to the IMPACT World Championship.

Ace Austin talks about how tonight’s headline attraction will see him challenge Christian Cage for the IMPACT Championship. He admits Cage is a legend and says not too long ago this “dream match” didn’t seem possible.

He continues to talk about the big showdown tonight and once again vows to become the youngest world champion in IMPACT Wrestling history.

IMPACT Tag-Team Championships
Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. The Good Brothers

We’re back inside the IMPACT Zone and the upbeat, fun-loving theme for Rich Swann and Willie Mack hits and out comes the challengers for our next match of the evening.

As Mack and Swann settle into the ring, their music dies down. Now the theme hits for The Good Brothers and out comes the reigning, defending IMPACT Tag-Team Champions.

Gallows and Anderson settle into the squared circle now and the bell sounds to get this title match off-and-running. It will be the big men of both teams starting things off, as Gallows and Mack each start for their respective teams.

Mack takes it to Gallows early on as the crowd cheers him on. Swann tags in but Gallows uses his long legs to shift the momentum into the favor of the champs. He tags in Anderson and now he picks up where Gallows left off.

Swann eventually catches Anderson with a big shot and he grounds one-half of the champs and blasts him in the kidneys with a huge kick. He mocks him a bit after landing the kick and then he heads over to tag Mack back into the ring.

Willie dominates the action for a brief period but then Gallows and Anderson use some double-team tactics to shift the momentum back into their favor. Swann tags in but gets guzzled up by them as well.

Rich remains stuck in the ring, isolated and kept from his corner by the champs, who continue to utilize frequent tags to keep a fresh man in the ring working on a beaten down Swann at all times. The fans try and rally Swann back into competitive form and it’s finally starting to have an affect as he fires up for a comeback, decking Gallows with a big enzugiri.

Mack goes on a nice offensive run but is eventually slowed down and taken over by Gallows and then Anderson tags in and goes to work on him some more. He hits a big slam and goes for the cover but only gets two. He gets up selling his arm and tags Gallows in. He stays in the ring with Gallows and the two look for the Magic Killer but Swann hits the ropes to break it up before they hit it. Moments later, they do connect with it on Mack and then score the pin to retain their titles.

Winners and STILL IMPACT Tag-Team Champions: The Good Brothers

IMPACT X-Division Championship
Chris Sabin vs. Josh Alexander (c)

Who is the greatest X-Division Champion of all-time?

We’re about to find out who has the best argument between two of the most deserving title-holders in the history of the X-Division Championship now.

The pre-match video package airs to get us ready for our co-main event of the evening, which features the reigning, defending X-Division Champion Josh Alexander against arguably one of the best multiple-time X-Division Champions in IMPACT Wrestling history — Chris Sabin.

After the vignette leading into the bout wraps up, we return inside the IMPACT Zone and the familiar sounds of Chris Sabin’s theme hits as the challenger comes out and heads down to the ring as the fans chant his name.

Sabin settles into the ring and then his music dies down. Now the equally familiar sounds of our current champion, Josh Alexander hits, and “The Walking Weapon” makes his way down to the squared circle for his defense of the X-Division Championship in arguably the most-anticipated bout on tonight’s card.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. These two have a brief feeling-out process and then immediately they get down to business. Within the first minute or two of the match, the entire crowd is already making a ton of noise and breaking out in their first of what will likely be many “This is awesome!” chants.

Chris Sabin fights through an early offensive run from “The Walking Weapon” and now he’s in control of things. He slaps a front chancery choke on the champ and squeezes away. He continues to focus his attack on the neck of the champ, which the commentators point out on the broadcast.

Sabin looks for a big spot but Alexander avoids it and floats over to an ankle lock submission. Sabin quickly grabs the bottom rope, forcing Alexander to relinquish the hold. On the floor, Alexander beats Sabin down some more and then rolls him back into the ring.

The fans break out into dueling “Let’s go Sabin! / Walking Weapon!” chants from different sections of the crowd inside the IMPACT Zone. The commentators talk about this match going very differently than they envisioned, as both guys have used a mat-based offensive style when in control of the action.

Striker and Brown mention they expected more high-flying action when picturing this match, but admit they are both pleasantly surprised at what they’re getting instead. With Alexander holding Sabin in a submission lock on the mat, the fans break out into another dueling chant, this time with half the crowd chanting “Motor City!” and the other half chanting “Walking Weapon.” As the action continues, the entire crowd chants “Both these guys! Both these guys!”

We see Sabin try and fight back into competitive form, however Alexander cuts his comeback attempt short and continues to dominate the action, which he keeps at a deliberate pace. He hits a shoulder breaker on Sabin but then turns around right into a roll-up attempt from Sabin. He kicks out at two. Sabin goes for Fujiwara but Alexander rolls through. Sabin ends up locking Alexander in a crossface. He yanks back with all he’s got as the crowd, as well as Matt Striker on commentary, go nuts. Alexander finally breaks free after a pin attempt by Sabin.

The fans chant “Fight forever!” as the action continues, now with Sabin in control of things and focusing his attack on the arm of the champ. Alexander keeps fighting back with shots but Sabin keeps refusing to let go of the grip he has on the arm of the champ.

Sabin goes for a step-up DDT but Alexander avoids it and hits a German suplex into a pin attempt. Sabin kicks out and when doing so, gets his grip back on Alexander’s softened up arm. He goes for a hammerlock on the weakened limb but Alexander slams his way out of it. The fans chant “X-Division!” as both guys are down.

Alexander goes for an ankle lock on Sabin again. Sabin rolls through into a pin attempt but Alexander kicks out. When he does, he still has his grip on the softened up leg of Sabin. He re-applies the ankle lock and laces up the leg. Sabin struggles but back-bridges into a pin attempt, forcing Alexander to relinquish the hold. We see a C4 attempt but Sabin blasts Alexander with a super kick that knocks his head gear off. Seconds later, Alexander recovers and this time he does hit the C4 Spike on Sabin to score the pinfall victory and retain his X-Division Championship in an absolutely excellent match.

Winner and STILL IMPACT X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

After The Match: Sabin & Alexander Share A Moment

After the match, Sabin shakes Alexander’s hand and goes to leave the ring. He steps through the ropes but stops and turns back. He re-enters the ring and approaches Alexander from behind. Alexander turns around and Sabin closes in on him and whispers something in his ear before raising Alexander’s hand to the crowd, patting him on the back and exiting the ring, leaving it to him to celebrate in.

IMPACT World Championship
Ace Austin vs. Christian Cage (c)

Now the pre-match video package airs to get us ready for our main event of the evening here at the 12th annual IMPACT Victory Road special event.

The package wraps up and we return inside the IMPACT Zone where Ace Austin’s theme hits and the challenger makes his way out accompanied by Madman Fulton.

Austin heads down and settles into the ring as the commentary duo of Striker and Brown talk about his vow to become the youngest IMPACT World Champion of all-time and how he can make good on the promise tonight against Christian Cage.

We hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of Christian Cage and the reigning, defending IMPACT Champion emerges and heads down to the ring as the fans inside of the IMPACT Zone give him a star reaction.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our featured attraction of the evening. The two lock-up and the larger Christian backs Ace into the corner. He gives him a clean break and backs up. They lock up again and Austin goes behind Cage. Cage reverses behind Austin and takes him down. He floats over but the two scramble back to their feet and separate.

Ace heads over and talks briefly with Madman Fulton at ringside. He then locks up with Cage again. Cage shoves him off into the ropes and when he comes off of them, Cage knocks him down to the mat with a shoulder block. Austin takes his time getting back up. The commentators talk about Cage setting the pace here in the early goings.

Austin sits down on the arm of Cage and blasts him with a clean shot. He bounces off the ropes and hits Christian with some creative kicks. He goes to follow up but Christian trips him up and then chops the hell out of him. Christian catches Austin coming off the ropes with a pop-up flapjack for a near fall.

We see Ace pull a cheap shot and send Christian out to the floor. He hits the ropes to build up a head of steam, looking to dive onto Cage on the floor, however Cage rolls back in the ring as Ace was coming out. Christian then hits the ropes, runs across the ring and catches Ace with a dropkick through the ropes.

As the action continues, a simple distraction from Fulton at ringside allows Ace to shift the offensive momentum in his favor. He dumps Cage out to the floor at ringside and then sits cross-legged in the middle of the ring in arrogant fashion. Now he goes out and brings Cage back into the ring, where he peppers him with kicks and chokes him throat-first over the bottom rope.

Austin dominates the action for a few more minutes and then we see the first signs of life from the champ as he tries to fight back until he is blasted with a shotgun elbow from Austin that sends him crashing through the ropes and landing hard on the floor at ringside. Referee Brian Hebner catches Madman Fulton just as he was about to interfere on the floor. He ejects him from ringside and the fans sing “Nanana Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!”

After Fulton disappears to the back, in the ring we see Cage firing back up and going back to work on the challenger for the first time in several minutes. He hits a DDT to bring Ace off the top-rope. He goes for the cover but Austin kicks out. The fans break out in a “This is awesome!” chant.

Both guys fire up and after a twenty-punch spot in the corner from Cage to Austin, which the crowd counted along with, both guys start trading pin attempts back-and-forth. Christian backs into the corner and stalks Ace waiting for him to get up, but when he charges at him, Ace jumps over his head and hits the ropes before catching him with a series of big kicks for another near fall.

The fans chant “IMPACT Wrestling!” as Ace starts to look for ways to try and finish the champ off. Christian nearly reverses into a Killswitch, but Ace avoids it. Cage decks Austin and goes to the top-rope. He looks for a frogsplash, however Austin rolls out of the way. Now in the corner of the ring, Ace pulls out a card and shows it to the camera. He waits for Cage to get up but runs right into a big spear from the champ. Cage immediately goes for the cover, but somehow Austin kicks out at two.

We hear a “This is awesome!” chant as both guys are slow to get back to their feet. Austin gets a thumb to the eyes of Cage as the ref was distracted. Madman Fulton ends up sneaking back out and he hangs Cage throat first over the top-rope while the ref had his back turned. Ace follows up with a top-rope high spot for a near fall, which Cage somehow kicks out of to keep this match alive. Seconds later, Cage sends Ace face-first into the turnbuckle in the corner. When he stumbles back, he stumbles right into a Killswitch from the champ. Cage goes for the pin and picks up the victory to retain his IMPACT World Championship in a great main event here at Victory Road.

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Christian Cage

After The Match: Josh Alexander Wants Christian Cage At Bound For Glory

Once the match ends, Ace Austin eventually rolls out and leaves the ring alone to Christian Cage to celebrate in. As Cage is celebrating to the fans in the IMPACT Zone with his title, his theme cuts off and the familiar sounds of the X-Division Champion’s theme hits as “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander emerges.

Alexander comes out with his X-Division Championship. He approaches Cage in the ring and grabs a mic. He takes his belt off and raises it in the air. He says Bound For Glory. Cage raises his title. The commentators talk about how Alexander can relinquish his X-Division Championship for a shot at the IMPACT Championship at Bound For Glory.

It appears that’s what he’ll be doing. He exits the ring as Cage looks down at his title and the commentators take us off the air. Thanks for joining us!


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