Impact Wrestling / WWE Meeting Update

Impact Wrestling Executive Talks At Length About Recent Meeting With WWE

Impact Wrestling executive Scott D’Amore recently joined the folks from the Wrestling Perspective Podcast to talk at length about Impact Wrestling’s recent behind-the-scenes meeting with WWE executives. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the recent Impact Wrestling meeting with WWE: “Since the beginning of the year we have done three content deals with WWE. We did the Hardys documentary deal, to supply footage for the documentary about The Hardys. We did a deal to provide footage for AJ Styles and Kurt Angle for Table for 3, and we provided footage for Bruce Prichard on the WWE Network,” said D’Amore. “We have done a few deals together, which I think that WWE is seeing that this is a different day with Impact Wrestling, and I think in the most minor levels maybe they are seeing that it is a different day and age in pro wrestling.”

On why it is good that both promotions have an open dialogue these days: “It is one of those things, it’s like: there was a meeting, we got together, we talked and thought, you know it was nice to see each other face-to-face and say hello and just say that it is 2018. It is a whole different world and there is no reason that we cannot communicate. There really was no agenda to it and you know, we move on, but it is how the business is now, which I think is tremendous where we can do a deal with WWE where it helps them tell a great story on the WWE Network.

“Whether it is one of their shows, or The Hardy Boyz documentary, it is certainly good for us. Not only to make a little scratch off of the footage, but also the promotion they give us for Global Wrestling Network and having it on their platform where they advertise us and say that if you want more of this then download and watch the GWN Network, which is great for us. This wouldn’t have happened a few years ago. Whether it is WWE, whether it is Ring of Honor, no matter who it is, I think it is in this day and age to stop with the ‘old school wrestling BS’ of if you are with him then you can’t do nothing with us, so to get past that I think that is how business works.”

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