Final Resolution 2020 Results

IMPACT Wrestling Final Resolution Resolts (12/9/23) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


PCO vs. Jessie V

The show started randomly a few minutes afer 7:30 with PCO beating up someone at ringside, later identified as Jessie V.  He worked him over on the floor and brought him back in.  They battled back and forth until PCO hit all his trademark moves, including the PCOsault for the pin.   What I saw was fine, but I didn’t get to see the complete match.

Your winner, PCO!

Jake Something cut a promo backstage about the return of TNA Wrestling next month when he was attacked with a chair by Jason Hotch, who told him there was nothing for Jake after tonight.  Security pulled Hotch back.  No sign of John Skyler.

Aiden Prince vs. Jack Price

Some solid wrestling early as they feel each other out.    Price elevated Prince over the top to the apron where they exchanged punches.  Price nailed a Flatliner for a two count.  Price nailed a series of elbows.   He locked on a sleeper.   Prince finally came back and nailed his own Flatliner.  He went to the top but Price but him off.  Prince knocked him back to the mat but Price rolled away to the corner to protect himself.  Price caught him with a Gutbuster and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jack Price!

Gia Miller interviewed Knockouts Champion Trinity and Jordynne Grace.  Trinity said she’ll have no problem staying on the same page as she did that for Mickie James before Bound for Glory.  Grace said she knows the roles the champion plays because she’s been champion twice as many times.  Trinity said that’s because she’s lost the title twice and Trinity hasn’t.  She promised to be announced as the TNA Knockouts Champion at Hard to Kill and walked off as Grace obviously wasn’t happy.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Sheldon Jean

All solid wrestling early on.  Kazarian controlled Jean with several armdrag takeovers.  Kazarian set up for the springboard legsdrop but Jean shoved him off the ropes to the floor.  He grabbed Kazarian and ran him into the ring post.  Jean controlled Kazarian and scored a two count after a double underhook suplex.  Jean was all offense and scored several two counts.  He missed a superkick and got snatched in the crossface chicken wing, tapping out.  Jean looked good here and Kazarian is always on point.

Your winner, Frankie Kazarian!

They pushed that the new TNA+ subscription will include all four tentpole TNA PPVs.


Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions ABC vs. Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards with Alisha Edwards

Myers and Chris Bey started and went back and forth.  Edwards and Ace Austin tagged in.  ABC took control and nailed several double-team maneuvers.  Bey was cut off and now the challengers were tagging in and out, working him over.  Myers locked in a bear hug, controlling Bey on the mat.  Bey finally fought his way out and nailed sunset flip but Edwards had tagged in and attacked.

Ace finally made the tag and hit several springboard kicks on Edwards.  Austin used a DDT attempt to turn it into a small package for a two count but Edwards came back and nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb.  All four battled in the ring.  Edwards nailed a backpack stunner and Myers came off the top with a flying elbow, which was a great combination for a two count.  ABC came back with the Art of Finesse and The Fold combination for the pin.

Your winners and still Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions ABC!

Good, solid match.  These four could tear down the house so hopefully they are given more time to do that down the line.  This felt like a teaser of what they could do, so hopefully we get to see that potential fulfilled.

The Rascalz immediately attacked ABC and beat down the champions.

Backstage, Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr. Sabre said it was about time he was here and they would be going out with a bang.  He’s going to show everyone why he’s the best technical wrestler of all time.  Alexander said tonight is the first step in him getting a title and setting the standard for TNA.

Alisha Edwards took the mic and said she’s got something to say.  She mocked the Canadian fans’ accents.  She told the fans they don’t deserve anything.  She’s going to stand in the ring and boycott the PPV.  This led to Santino Marella coming out.  He told them to go to the back.  Edwards refused to leave.   He said if they don’t want to leave, he’s going to give her a match right now against Jody Threat.

Jody Threat vs. Alisha Edwards (with Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers)

Threat was in control early on.  She scored a two count with a series of suplexes.  She went to the top but Edwards grabbed her leg.  The referee ejected he and Myers from ringside.   They argued, so Threat hit a flip dive off the top to the floor on them.  Threat was attacked when she returned to the apron, with Alisha knocking her back to the floor.  Edwards worked over Threat around ringside with hard forearms.  They battled back and forth until Threat nailed a TKO and scored the pin.  Good babyface vs. heel bout.  Edwards has REALLY found her confidence and is great with the facial expressions, her vocalizations in the ring and getting the crowd to react.  Threat being in Toronto made it easy for the fans to get behind her.  Good stuff.

Your winner, Jody Threat!

Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Tommy Dreamer vs. Deaner

They brawled to the floor before Dreamer went for a suplex to the floor and was stopped.  Deaner knocked him off the apron and drove his arm into the steel steps of the arena’s bleachers.  He slammed the arm into the ring post.  Deaner worked him over, then avoided a sunset flip by attacking the hard.  The crowd chanted for Dreamer.  Deaner kept mauling him and scoring near falls.

Deaner went for the Bionic Elbow but Dreamer blocked it.  Deaner attacked Dreamer’s bad arm and took him to the mat, locking on a chinlock.  Deaner went to the ropes and dove off but Dreamer put his foot out.  Deaner wobbled and finally crashed to the mat.  Deaner came back and nailed a piledriver.  He complained to the referee about the count and grabbed the Digital Media title belt.  The referee told him she will DQ him if he uses it.   That allowed Dreamer to roll him up for a two count.  Deaner cut him off with a clothesline for a two count.

Deaner placed the title belt on the top turnbuckles.  Dreamer went for a DDT but was cut off.  Deaner went for a piledriver but Dreamer blocked and took his legs out, then nailed a catapult into the corner where the belt was.  Deaner staggered into a DDT and was pinned.

Your winner and still Digital Media Champion, Tommy Dreamer!

Backstage, The Rascalz said they aren’t done with ABC and said they’ll face them at Hard to Kill.  Santino Marella came in and told them they had a guaranteed rematch.  The Racalz said they didn’t want to wait.  Santino said if they didn’t want to wait, they can face Mike Bailey and a partner right now.

The mystery partner for Bailey is Trent Seven.

The Rascalz vs. Mike Bailey and Trent Seven

Good, frenetic action early on with The Rascalz being complete jerks and breaking the rules.  They worked over Seven on the outside and back in the ring, Wentz stomped away on him.  The Rascalz worked over Seven for a long time before Bailey tagged in and nailed all his martial arts kicks.  He hit the spinning tornado kick on Wentz, who was then hit with a Dragon suplex by Seven.    The Rascalz regained control and beat down Seven.  Trey hit a dive on Bailey.  The controlled the bout until Seven came back with a Burning Hammer.  Bailey nailed Ultimate Weapon off the top and scored the pin.  Way too much going on to recap, but it was all awesome and easily the best thing on the show so far bell to bell from a physical standpoint.

Your winners, Mike Bailey and Trent Seven!

Scott D’Amore came out and the crowd chanted TNA.  He said 20 years ago, he wrestled Don Kolov.  He said nine years ago Anthony Carelli Facebook Messaged him and he didn’t know who he was, because someone else owned the name (Santino Marella) at the time, but they took care of that, he came here and signed Josh Alexander.  Three years ago, he came here and saw Speedball and signed him.  Tonight, he’s signing Trent Seven.  He gave him a contract and Seven signed it on Bailey’s back.

The Motor City Machine Guns cut a promo backstage.  If you are coming at them, you better not miss.

Jason Hotch came out and said he no longer has an opponent because Jake Something suffered a gruesome injury.  They showed the footage of Hotch attacking him with a chair earlier in the evening.  Something still came out.

Jake Something vs. Jason Hotch

Something charged the ring and overpowered Hotch early on, but was selling the lower part of his back.  He missed a spear into the corner and nailed the buckles.  Hotch nailed some nice moves, including a rolling neckbreaker and a double stomp for a one count.  Hotch controlled Something on the mat and hit a superkick but Something kept kicking out early.

Hotch locked him in a sitting abdominal stretch and then ripped at Something’s face.  Something escaped and slammed Hotch’s face into the mat, dazing him.  Hotch and Something exchanged blows.  Something nailed a series of clotheslines.  He followed up with some brutal short arm clotheslines.  Jake nailed a big powerbomb.  He nailed a Black Hole Slam and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jake Something!

Perfect for what it was meant to be.  Hotch looked good and got some heelish offense in.  Something had to fight from underneath before showing his power.

Moose vs. Rhino

They battled in the ring and went to the floor, slamming each other into the ring apron.   Rhino gained control and did it over and over again.   Moose begged off after being tossed into the ring.  The crowd chanted fo Rhino.  Moose lowblowed him.  The referee rang the bell.

Your winner by DQ, Rhino!

Moose walked to the back but Rhino took the mic and said he didn’t come all the way to Toronto to lose by DQ.  He challenged Moose to a Street Fight.  Moose began to walk to the ring but turned around to exit.  It was announced that Santino Marella had sent word from the back it was not a Street Fight.  Moose still went to leave but it was announced that it he left, he would forfeit his TNA title match at the Hard to Kill PPV.

With no choice, Moose returned to the ring…

Moose vs. Rhino in a Street Fight

They battled to the floor, where Moose raked Rhino’s eyes.  Rhino came back with a suplex on the entrance ramp.  Weapons or involved as Rhino’s hand was trapped in the turnbuckle pad, where Moose smashed it with a steel chair.  Moose brought a ladder into the ring.  Moose controlled Rhino.  He set up a table in the ring and began raining down with right hands in the corner.  Rhino powered out and powerbombed him through the table for a two count.  Moose and Rhino battled.  Rhino caught Moose charging and hiptossed him into the ladder in the corner, smashing it.

Rhino pulled another table out from under the ring.  He set it up in the corner but Moose grabbed him and ripped at his eyes.  He went to whip Rhino into the table but it was reversed and Moose wiped out the referee.  Rhino gored Moose and a second referee hit the scene but Moose kicked out at the last second.  Rhino went for the Gore through the table but Moose evaded it, pulled the referee in the way and got wiped out through the table.  Moose speared Rhino and the original referee, who had now recovered, counted the pinfall.

Your winner, Moose!

Kazarian did a promo backstage and said last year, he was done being part of a vanity project and it was the most rewarding year of his career since.  He’s proud to be part of the resurgence of TNA.  He said 2024 is going to be the year of TNA and the year of Kazarian.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Trinity & Jordynne Grace vs. Gisele Shaw & Deonna Purrazzo

Trinity and Purrazzo faced off.  They locked up and went back and forth on the mat with reversals and takedowns.  Trinity drove her into the buckles and went for Starstruck but Deonna blocked it.  Purrazzo tagged out to Gisele.   Grace tagged in and they faced off.  Grace looks every bit a star these days.  She used her power to take out Shaw several times.  She and Trinity maintained control with Grace nailing a tope suicida to the floor on their opponents.

Grace sent Shaw back into the ring, where Trinity drilled her and scored a two count.  Grace and Trinity tagged in and out, controlling Shaw.  Shaw escaped a Grace Driver attempt and nailed Trinity, who was standing in the corner.  Purrazzo tagged in and immediately attacked Grace’s arm.    Purrazzo stomped away in the corner on Grace.  Trinity nailed a split legdrop on her and followed up with a big right forearm.   She ducked a Shaw clothesline and nailed a bulldog off the ropes for a two count.  Purrazzo broke up the pinfall attempt.

Grace and Trinity nailed a DDT off the ropes.  Purrazzo and Grace battled on the floor.  Grace was slammed backwards into the apron.  Shaw reversed a Trinity takedown and nailed a double stomp for a two count.  Purazzo grabbed Trinity and worked her over but was nailed with a enziguiri.  Grace made the tag and everyone went into a series of kicks and hot moves.  Purrazzo snapped Grace with the Fujiwara armbar but rolled through.  Deonna went for Queen’s Gambit but was Grace escaped and dumped her to the mat.  Shaw got involved but Trinity pulled her to the floor and sent her into the ring post.

Grace and Purrazzo went back and forth with pinfall combinations.    Grace powerbombed her.  Trinity nailed a full nelson bomb.  Grace scored the pinfall on Deonna.

Your winners, Trinity and Jordynne Grace!

Well worked bout.

Trinity and Grace shook hands and exited.

The fans chanted for Purrazzo, who is making her last contracted date tonight.  Shaw shoved her and Deonna fought back.  They argued.  Purrazzo offered her hand.  Shaw took it but attacked Deonna and left her laying.

Backstage, Moose was interviewed by Gia Miller.  He wanted to acknowledge this was the last Impact Wrestling event and the new years brings the rebirth of TNA.  He is putting to bed every version of Moose we have ever known and at Hard to Kill, they simply need to know him as one thing – Moose, the new TNA Champion.

The Motor City Machine Guns, Impact Wrestling Champion Alex Shelley & X-Division Chris Sabin vs. Josh Alexander and the debuting Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre and Shelley started out and went back and forth with some nice grappling.  Sabin and Alexander tagged in and it was more of the same, really good action.  Alexander shoulderblocked him down.  Sabin responded with an armbar takedown and worked him over on the mat.  The Machine Guns tagged in and out, controlling Alexander.  Sabre tagged in and the Guns continued to shine, also taking out Alexander.

Sabin nailed Sabre and worked him over.  Shelley tagged in and cinched in a straitjacket hold, snapping Sabre backwards.  He followed up with a surfboard with Sabin nailing a bulldog out of that for a two count.  Sabin worked over Sabre, who grabbed the fingers and manipulated them to escape.  Sabin kicked Sabre to daze him and nailed a twisting DDT off the ropes for a close two count.

Sabre and Alexander took over and now they were the ones making quick tags, scoring two counts on Chris Sabin.    Sabre nailed a big boot on Shelley, sending him to the floor.  Alexander nailed a German suplex on Sabin with Sabre rolling over with a pinfall combination.  Shelley broke it up at the last second.    Sabin battled back and hit a flying bodypress on both.  He nailed a DDT on Alexander.  Shelley returned to the ring and set up for Sabin to nail a tope on Alexander.  The Guns nailed a missile dropkick/Flatliner combination.

Alexander battled back and went for the C4 Spike but it was blocked.  The Guns attacked Alexander with multiple Dragon Screw Legwhips.  They then did the same with Sabre.    The Guns locked on stereo figure four leglocks.  Sabre made it to the ropes but not before drilling his own partner to psych him up.  Sabre rolled through a Sabin bodypress and went after the arm.  Sabre drilled Sabin hard with a kick but Sabin responded with a big superkick.  Sabre took him down and locked in a double arm submission.  Sabin tried to make it to the ropes but was pulled away.  Shelley finally made the save but Sabre wouldn’t let go.  Shelley grabbed a Dragon Sleeper but Alexander snatched his leg and put on an anklelock.  The crowd chanted “This is awesome, TNA.”

Sabre fired away with kicks. Everyone went crazy with tons of big moves.  Double superkick on Shelley.  Sabin went for a tornado DDT on Alexander but Alexander blocked in and nailed a C4 Spike on Sabin, scoring the pin,

Your winners, Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr.

Excellent action from bell to bell.

Sabre and Alexander shook hands.

They closed with a video package on Will Ospreay vs. Josh Alexander and announced a rematch between the two for the 1/14/24 Snake Eyes taping in Las Vegas, which should be awesome based on their previous encounter.

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