Impact Wrestling: Homecoming Results

Impact Wrestling: Homecoming 2019 Results

Impact Wrestling kicks off their first pay-per-view event of 2019 this evening, as they present their HOMECOMING show from The Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee.

The show kicks off with an awesome, elaborate video package. You can check out the video at the bottom of this page.

From there, we are welcomed inside the Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee by Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary. After some reflection on the early days of The Asylum, where tonight’s show is (The Fairgrounds in Nashville), we head to the ring for our first bout of the evening.

Ultimate X Match For X-Division Title: Jake Crist vs. Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann vs. Trey Miguel

An interesting note from the ring entrances is that Trey Miguel was introduced as simply “Trey.” After all four guys make their way inside the squared circle, tonight’s in-ring action officially kicks off.

All four guys immediately go for the X hung above the middle of the ring. One by one, each guy eventually falls off. Page nearly got the title, but didn’t manage to finish up the job. Some of the guys are in the ring and some are out now, as we have action going on everywhere.

As the action continues, we start firing off high spots left-and-right. There’s bodies flying everywhere and carnage all along the way. Crist hits a double cutter off the top rope on Swann and Trey. Page hits a flying elbow drop on Crist from the Ultimate X hung above the middle of the ring.

Now one by one each guy hits signature moves. We have a big corkscrew plancha from the ring, over-the-top-rope and out to everyone on the floor. Trey hits a big moonsault coming off the Ultimate X structure. At one point, Page hits a spear off the top rope on Crist while he was swinging from part of the structure.

The crowd is eating up the action in this one inside The Asylum as we near the finish of the contest, which saw Trey try to hurricanrana Swann off the top rope. Swann ended up landing on his feet, sprinting up the Ultimate X structure and it became a race against Trey. In the end, Swann managed to grab it and secure it first. We have a new champion.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Rich Swann

Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace vs. Dark Allie & Su Yung

Brian Cage is featured in a backstage interview segment. He talks about the sacrifices he has made just to get to the point to challenge for the Impact Wrestling World Championship. He says tonight he is not Johnny Impact’s friend, he is “The Machine” Brian Cage. With that said, we head back to the ring for our second match of the evening.

Our second bout of the evening will be a tag-team contest in the Impact Wrestling Knockouts division. The four combatants make their way to the ring. After the introductions of Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace, as well as their opponents, Dark Allie and Su Yung, the action resumes inside The Asylum.

This one wasn’t given a lot of time, but was good while it lasted. The match started off slow and gradually the pace and action picked up until eventually it became somewhat of a tornado tag bout, with all four women fighting in the ring at once.

When all was said and done, the finish saw Grace get hit by Su Yung’s mist, which allowed Allie to take her out, hit a Codebreaker on Hogan and finally, apply the Mandible Claw for the referee stoppage to give her team the victory.

Winners: Su Yung & Dark Allie

After The Match: Rosemary Returns!

After the match, Su Yung and Allie continued to attack Hogan. Su Yung calls out her bridesmades with a coffin to bury Hogan once and for all. When the coffin showed up, however, The Demon Assassin Rosemary made her return. Rosemary took out the bridesmaids and then Su Yung. She turned to go after Allie, however she fled the scene. Check out video of this segment featuring Rosemary’s surprise return by clicking here.

Falls Count Anywhere: Eddie Edwards vs. Moose

After another cool pre-match video package, we return to the ring for a Falls Count Anywhere match. This contest pits former Impact Wrestling World Champion Eddie Edwards against Moose.

Edwards attacked Moose from behind as he was making his way to the ring. This kicked off the match. The two brawl outside the ring at ringside for a while, which included a cool spot that saw Edwards hit a suicide dive.

The two are fighting in the crowd now, which is so dark we can barely make out what is happening at times during the PPV broadcast. The lighting finally clears up a bit and the camera sees the two fighting on the stairway in the crowd.

Edwards ends up leaping over the handrail from the stairway and splashes onto Moose, who was down on the floor at the time. Edwards blasts Moose with a trash can as they start to fight their way back to the ring. Moose throws a bunch of chairs in the ring. Edwards is bleeding now as Moose bites away to draw more blood.

Moose loses the upper-hand now as Edwards fights his way back, stacking a bunch of chairs on each other and suplexing the big fellow on them. Both guys are trading chops and punches until Edwards backdrops Moose over the top and onto a guardrail that was propped up against the ring. Ouch. Edwards gets the kendo stick and blasts away at Moose, prompting Alisha Edwards to come out and yell at him to stop. Wait, maybe not. Now she’s hitting Moose with the kendo stick herself over and over again. Edwards blasts him another time for good measure. He nails him with his DDT finisher and gets the pin for the victory.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan

We head back to the ring after a quick backstage interview with Sami Callihan. Our next match of the evening here at Homecoming 2019 will see Callihan going one-on-one against Willie Mack.

Mack charges at Callihan and blasts him right out of the gate to kick this one off. He nails him with a clothesline and follows up with a hurricanrana. Callihan retreats to the floor for a breather, but Mack comes flying over the top rope with a big flip that takes out Callihan and Dave Crist, who is at ringside in Callihan’s corner during this one.

Mack continues to control the action until eventually Crist successfully distracts him, allowing Callihan to take over and start putting some offense together.

After a few more minutes of brutal back-and-forth action, with each guy having their moments, we came to the closing sequence. The finish in this one saw Callihan hit his Piledriver finisher for the pin.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Monster’s Ball: Abyss vs. Eli Drake

After a quick backstage interview with Eli Drake and another cool video package, we head back to the ring for our next match of the evening. Next up at Homecoming is the Monster’s Ball match, pitting Abyss against Drake.

Drake makes his way to the ring to a pretty dull reaction, followed by Abyss, who received a hero’s welcome in The Asylum, where he has delivered several memorable moments over the years. There are some tables against the corners in the ring and Abyss throws in a trash can during his entrance.

Once the action gets going, Drake tries to jump Abyss to get an early lead, but it didn’t work out for him as he expected. Instead, Abyss turns things around and we get to the staple gun spot where he staples Drake’s chest. Drake rolls out of the ring to retreat, but Abyss follows him out so now the action is spilling out of the ring for the first time.

Back in the ring moments later, Drake regains control of the match as he blasts Abyss with trash can shots. As he goes to the well one too many times, Abyss throws him over the top and out to the floor where he crashes through a few tables that were set up. The crowd loved that.

Abyss brings out the thumbtacks now and the crowd pops again. Drake actually picks some up and throws them at Abyss. That’s a new one! Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam and goes for the pin, but the ref is out because some of the tacks Drake threw got in his eyes.

Now Drake uses the tacks in Abyss’ eyes and he zip-ties him. Drake whacks the hell out of Abyss repeatedly with stiff chair shots. He breaks a wooden paddle over his head and finally gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Eli Drake

Impact Wrestling Tag-Team Titles: LAX vs. Pentagon Jr. & Fenix

After the ring is cleaned up and we see a quick backstage interview with Killer Kross, we head back to the ring for championship action. The Impact Wrestling Tag-Team Titles will be on the line as LAX and The Lucha Bros! do battle inside The Asylum next here at Homecoming.

Mathews mentions on commentary before this one gets underway that many have been expecting this to be the match of the night heading into tonight’s PPV. It’s worth noting that Fenix appears to be moving around fine, so hopefully he is 100-percent following the groin injury that kept him from wrestling at the MLW tapings.

This one kicks off with Santana and Fenix representing their respective teams and executing a lot of reversals and counters until Pentagon got a quick shot in and changed the momentum. Fenix got rid of Ortiz and now The Lucha Bros are in complete control of the offense.

Fenix and Pentagon Jr. remain in control of things until Santana cut off Fenix on the top rope. LAX is now in control of the offense. Fenix ends up turning the tide when he hits a running cannonball from the ring out to the guys on the ramp. Back in the ring, all four men are throwing down now.

Pentagon hits a Destroyer on Santana. Now all four guys are trading punches and kicks like a one-on-one punch-off type of spot, but with four guys instead of two. The crowd loved this. We get a bunch of near falls, with the tag members breaking up pins and guys kicking out when they seemed done, etc. until finally, LAX hit a big double team move on Fenix for the win.

This match was as good as it was expected to be. Afterwards, Konnan came out to the ring and put over LAX and The Lucha Bros for their effort inside the squared circle this evening.

Winners and STILL Impact Wrestling Tag-Team Champions: LAX

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title: Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie

After a backstage interview with Gail Kim, who will serve as the special guest referee for the bout, we see the pre-match video package for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship contest between Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie. That match is up next in the co-main event slot here at Homecoming 2019.

Taya Valkyrie comes out sporting a new look for tonight’s match. The bout kicks off with some chain wrestling until Taya starts mixing in some Lucha style offense and Tessa started mixing in some power offense.

Gail Kim and Tessa have gone face-to-face a couple of times throughout the action, but nothing of note happened until Gail eventually pushed Tessa. Tessa starts getting near falls on Taya but can’t get the three count to finish her off.

Eventually, Tessa gets upset that she can’t get a three count so she gets in Gail’s face again. This time Gail hits her with her Eat Da Feet finisher, which led right into Valkyrie hitting her Road To Valhalla for the win to become the new Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Impact Wrestling World Title: Johnny Impact vs. Brian Cage

After Josh Mathews announces on commentary that Impact Wrestling is going to start simulcasting on both Pursuit Channel and on Twitch beginning with their first show on their new cable home and time slot this coming Friday, we head backstage for a quick interview with Johnny Impact.

The Impact Wrestling World Champion talks with McKenzie Mitchell about his upcoming title defense against Brian Cage in tonight’s Homecoming 2019 PPV main event. With that said, the elaborate pre-match video package for our main event airs. After the video, both guys make their walks to the ring and the formal introductions are given inside the ring. Our main event is now officially underway.

Cage stops an early takedown attempt from Johnny and used his power to keep things vertical. Johnny blasts Cage with a bunch of leg kicks and then starts mixing in some head kicks. For a really cool spot, Johnny went split-legged over the top rope from the apron and instantly springboarded from the middle rope onto Cage. Moments later, Cage uses his strength to catch Johnny coming in with another high stakes attempt. Cage nails Johnny with a few backbreakers as the offensive momentum begins to swing back into his favor.

Johnny starts to fight back with a tornado DDT out of nowhere. Now he goes up and hits a corkscrew dive onto Cage that saw his knee blast Cage in the side of the head on the floor outside of the ring. Fans chanted “TNA! TNA!” as Mathews referenced it on commentary as “an old school chant” here inside The Asylum in Nashville.

Johnny Impact continues to deliver his onslaught to Cage now, as he hits a discus forearm. Cage now with a big German suplex of his own. Johnny with some rolling neckbreakers and a big kick to the head of Cage for a near fall. Impact goes for his finisher but Cage blocks it and hits an F5 for a near fall of his own. Cage hits a buckle bomb and looked for a Weapon X, but Impact countered it with a roll-up for another close near fall. Cage cuts Johnny’s comeback attempt short, however, with a quick clothesline.

Finally, we get to the finish, which involved the guy from Survivor that came as Johnny Impact’s advertised guest. Cage had Johnny down and out for the pin but while distracted outside the ring with the Survivor guy, the referee had to come out to handle the situation. When the action resumes in the ring, Cage goes for a deadlift suplex and they both ended up stumbling down, with Johnny landing and cradling Cage for the pin and the victory to retain the Impact Wrestling World Championship.

Winner and STILL Impact Wrestling World Champion: Johnny Impact

After The Match: Killer Kross Attacks!

After the match, new Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie came to the ring to be with her husband, the reigning and still Impact Wrestling World Champion. They posed as they headed up the ramp, however Killer Kross suddenly appears and attacks Johnny. Taya tries fighting him off, but he powerbombs her into the crowd. The show goes off the air as the fans inside The Asylum in Nashville chant “Kill Kross Kill! Kill Kross Kill!”

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