Impact Wrestling "A Night You Can't Mist" 2019 Results

Impact Wrestling / House Of Hardcore “A Night You Can’t Mist” Results (6/8/2019)

As advertised, Impact Wrestling and House Of Hardcore’s co-promoted A Night You Can’t Mist special took place from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening, featuring the return of Japanese legend The Great Muta.

Featured below, courtesy of Mike Johnson and, are complete results.


JXT vs. Ace Romero

JXT worked all the House of Hardcore shows in Australia and recently had a WWE NXT tryout.

Romero was in charge early. JXT came back with several kicks and strikes but could not move Romero. He finally did with a springboard kick. He picked up and slam Romero, which got a big response, for a two count. Ace cut him off and went to the ropes for a Vader Splash but was drilled across the back. Romero was nailed with a rana off the top, which got a “Holy sh**” chant. Romero was splashed for the pin. Good, solid opener.

Your winner, JXT!

Local promoter Maven Bentley came to the ring to note the passing of Lyle C. Williams, who had a long-time photographers in the building and the local area. They held a ten bell salute in honor of Lyle.

It’s a pretty full crowd.

OVE & Sawyer Fulton vs. The Rascalz

Lots of athletic wrestling early on. Fulton used his power to toss several members of the Rascalz over at once. Dezmond Xavier escaped a power move and nailed a superkick but was still caught in OVE’s corner and worked over as they tagged in and out.

Crist suplexed over Xavier for a two count. The other Crist came off the ropes with a back senton as Dez was being held down for another two count. The Philly fans tried to rally Dez, who kept kicking up. He made the hot tag and that set off a ton of Highspots and triple-team maneuvers for the Rascalz, who scored the pin. Too much to keep up with in the later moments but fun show.

Your winners, The Rascalz!

Backstage, Michael Elgin was interviewed by Jimmy Jacobs. He promised to shut down Brian Cage permanently at Slammiversary. Johnny Impact joined him and cut a promo on facing Great Muta and Tommy Dreamer tonight. Elgin said for most people teaming with Impact is a pleasure but he’s different. All paths for him lead to the Impact title. Tonight, his path is about putting Tommy Dreamer and The Great Muta in the hospital.

Moose vs. Luchasaurus

They locked up and Moose was muscled back into the corner. They broke free but slapped each other. Moose and Lucha went back and forth shoulderblocking each other, then doing a nice series of counters and facing off. Lucha nailed several kicks that sent Moose to the floor to rethink his strategy.

Moose returned to the ring and they went to lock up but Moose thumbed him in the eye. He whipped Lucha into the corner but missed a charge. Moose was drilled with a series of knees and a right hand. Moose hit a leaping splash in the corner. He charged to the opposite end to repeat himself but Moose charged out and dropkicked him. Lucha crashed into the corner, where Moose nailed another running dropkick.

Moose chopped away at Lucha in the corner. He whipped Lucha with authority into the buckles. The crowd began chanting for Moose. He whipped him into the corner again. He told Lucha he was going to embarrass him and stuck hit hands down his own tights with the idea he was going to shove it in Lucha’s face. Lucha blocked him and fought him off, then shoved Moose’s hand onto his own face. He followed up with a mule kick and a head scissor that drove Moose’s head into the mat for a close two count.

Lucha worked over Moose in the corner but had a whip reversed. Moose dropkicked him and hit a sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Lucha was worked over but made a comeback with several high impact moves and a big kick for a two count. He went for a slam but was shoved off and almost knocked into the referee.

Moose kicked Lucha low while the referee’s vision was blocked and speared him for the pin.

Your winner, Moose!

A good big man match with some nice athletic moves.

Sami Callihan cut a good promo backstage about facing Eddie Edwards in a Street Fight tonight.

Little Guido Maritato vs. Clayton Gainz with the Double Duprees

Big Guido chant for him as he came to the ring.

They went back and forth grappling on the mat. They exchanged deep armdrags and faced off. The crowd showed them respect with some polite applause. Gainz gained control and slammed Guido, then went to the floor to embrace the Duprees. The audience chanted that he still sucked.

Gainz returned to the ring and attempted a suplex but Guido turned it into a small package for a two count, then went to the floor and embraced the Duprees. When they realized it was him, they weren’t happy so he motorboated them. Yes, you heard me. He returned to the ring and Gainz tried to superkick him but missed. Guido charged and Gainz nailed it that time. The crowd chanted that Gainz messed up.

Gainz worked over Guido in the corner but he fired back with some harsh chops. Gainz kicked him and stomped Guido, then distracted the referee so the Duprees could choke Guido against the ropes. Gainz covered him for several two counts. Gainz controlled Guido and allowed the Duprees to nail him again in the corner. He choked Guido against the ropes and nailed a splash in the corner.

Gainz nailed a suplex on Guido. He went for a splash off the ropes but Guido rolled out of the way. Guido avoided a charge in the corner and nailed a series of chops. He nailed a dropkick to the face for a two count. Guido came off the ropes with a Sicilian Slice legdrop for another two count. Gainz cut him off with a clothesline for another two count.

Guido ducked a clothesline, grabbed Gainz and nailed the Tomakaze for the pin.

Your winner, Little Guido!

The crowd exploded for the finish and chanted “ECW.”

A decent match with a nice mix of comedy and veteran face vs. upstart heel.

HOH TV Champion Willie Mack cut a promo about his match tonight, promising the walk out with his title.

Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Jordynne Grace

Good back and forth athletic match. Grace showed some real fire early on. Taya cut her off and scored several two counts. They battled to the floor, where Taya drilled him against the guard rail. She went to whip Grace into the rail but it was reversed. Grace charged but missed. Taya worked her over. They went back to the ring apron, where Taya nailed her with a knee strike. Grace slid under her legs, picked her up on her shoulders and dropped her across the guard rail. Ouch!

Taya barely made it back into the ring to beat the count. They battled back and forth with forearms. Grace went for a suplex but was blocked. Taya nailed a series of kicks. She missed a charge in the corner. She went for another but was kicked down hard out of the corner. Grace scored several near falls.

Grace hit a dive to the floor that popped the place. She rebounded off the ropes but was speared for a two count. They battled to the top where Taya beat her across the back. Grace fired back with several headbutts, sending Taya down to the mat. Grace nailed a Vader splash off the ropes and a cradle Michinoku Driver but at the two count, John E. Bravo pulled the referee out the ring.

He got on the apron with a chair. Grace confronted him He tossed a chair in her face. Taya covered her for the pin.

Your winner and still Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie!

A really good back and forth match with the crowd into the near falls. The finish wasn’t amazing in my opinion but it got Grace over as she received a lot of respectful reaction after the match, so what do I know?

Teddy Hart cut a promo and said he was going to put on a five star match tonight. He said he was training his new cat and told Willie Mack and Rich Swann to prepare for war tonight.

HOH TV Champion Willie Mack vs. X-Division Champion Willie Mack vs. Teddy Hart

Lots of good, athletic, crazy action right out of the gate. Mack and Swann teamed to hit some big aerial offense on Hart, with Swann scoring a two count. Mack and Swann faced off as Hart rolled to the floor and they slugged it out in the middle of the ring. Mack hit a Pounce on Swann, who went to the floor. Mack hit a flip dive over the top to the floor on Hart and Swann, which popped the house.

Mack elevated and drilled Hart with a big right hand. Swann came off the apron for a rana but was caught and powerbombed on the outside of the ring. Hart attacked Mack with some chops on the floor and nailed a suplex on the floor. Hart nailed a suplex on Swann, then hit a big Asai Moonsault off the top rope to the floor on both of his opponents. The Arena exploded and chanted his name.

Hart maneuvered them into the ropes and drilled them both with a DDT at the same time. He moonsaulted onto Swann for a two count. He nailed a big Candian Piledriver on Mack. Swann cut him off and locked on a Sharpshooter, which the crowd booed at. Hart fought his way out but before he could escape Mack DDT’d Swann. The crowd clapped and rallied for all three competitors.

All three battled outside on the apron. Mack nailed a cutter on Hart, who then stumbled into a cutter from Swann. Mack and Swann battled back and forth in the ring with some STIFF kicks and chops. Mack caught him with an exploder for a close two call. This is a damn good match!

Hart returned to the fray and they all battled. They fought into the corner, setting up a Tower of Doom spot but the big twist was Hart coming off the top and hitting a Candian Destroyer on Swann who was on Mack’s shoulders. Mack and Hart battled and Mack came off the ropes with a frog splash for the pin.

Your winner and still HOH TV Champion, Willie Mack!

A HELL of a match!

Big reaction from the building for everyone. Hart received a loud “Teddy” chant.

Philly Street Fight: Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

Callihan and Edwards each placed boards in the corners of the ring and faced off with a baseball bat and a Singapore Cane. Callihan got the better of the early exchange and nailed a DVDR through one board. Edwards recovered and speared him through the other. Callihan went to the floor. Eddie hit a pescado to the floor.

They brawled on the floor with Callihan using a chair and a cookie sheet on him. They battled around the ringside area with weapons. Callihan drilled him in the gut with a steel chair. Lots of weapons and trash can shots as they battled on the floor. Callihan tossed Eddie into the ring but he came back with a big dive to the floor.

Edwards took a ECW replica belt from a fan and nailed Callihan with it. He got a big ECW chant for it. He smashed Sami with the bottom of the trash can. Callihan fought back and teased taking a weapon from the crowd but instead blew them off. He nailed a series of chops on the floor.

Callihan ran a lap around ringside preparing to hit a big boot to the face but Edwards flipped a table over and smashed it into him, then nailed him again. They battled back and forth with kicks on the apron. Callihan nailed a piledriver on the apron.

Callihan pulled another board out from under the ring. They battled all over the ringside area and back into the ring. Edwards caned Callihan and placed him in a chair in the center of the ring. He rebounded off the ropes but was caught with an exploder onto the chair. This is a hell of brawl!

Callihan grabbed his baseball bat. Edwards went onto the trash can and retrieved two drumsticks. Sami charged but Eddie ducked his swing and drilled him with the sticks. He pulled a sneaker out of the trash and nailed Sami with it. He placed the can on Sami’s head and beat the hell out of it with the drumsticks. He pulled out a license plate from New York. The crowd chanted, “F*** New York.” Hey now.

Edwards tossed down the license plate and smashed it with a chair. Hey now!

Edwards then placed a board between two chairs. He powerbombed Sami through it and scored a two count. Sawyer Fulton hit the ring and attacked Fulton. The Sandman hit the ring and clotheslined him over the top and to the floor, then caned him all the way to the back. The place popped and chanted ECW.

Callihan gave Edwards the double middle finger as he brandished a cane. Edwards swung but Callihan avoided him and rolled him up, hooking his pants and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

A fun, great brawl worthy of the legacy of the building.

The only complaint is the spitting. Enough of that. It’s nasty. They are spitting on each other. Callihan snotted at a fan. Stop. It’s not worth it.

Joey Ryan came out for his “Touch it or Suck It” match against Billy Gunn

D’Lo Brown came out and said Billy Gunn had transportation issues and the match will not take place. He said they would reschedule the match soon and offered a handshake to Ryan.

Ryan tried to make him touch it, so D’Lo nailed a series of punches and went for the Sky High but was blocked. Ryan made him touch it and D’Lo took the “d*** flip.”

I am told Gunn had legitimate travel issues and spent all day trying to juggle flights to get here and as late as 7 PM, he was still on a runway.

Tommy Dreamer did a promo backstage saying he’s teamed with legends like Steve Williams, Terry Gordy and Terry Funk but tonight he gets to team with one of his heroes when The Great Muta makes his debut.

The Great Muta & Tommy Dreamer vs. Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin (with Taya and John E. Bravo)

The Great Muta was last out, to PYRO! Huge pop for him and the fans chanted “Thank you Muta!” just for being there.

Dreamer and Elgin started off. Elgin tried to use his power to intimidate Dreamer. Dreamer went for a shoulderblock but was kicked in the gut as he rebounded off the ropes. Dreamer reversed a whip but was shoulderblocked down with authority by Elgin. The crowd was all over Elgin chanting “F*** that guy.”

Impact tagged in and faced off with Dreamer. Impact mooned a fan giving him a static. He and Dreamer went back and forth as a fan kept giving Taya crap. Dreamer had enough and took the mic and said this is Philly, but it’s also where the most respectful fans are. He told the fan to chill out and enjoy The Great Muta or he was going to have The Sandman cane his ass. He then put over Muta huge on the mic and tagged him in. The crowd chanted for Muta.

Muta and Impact started to wrestle. The fan must have done something I didn’t catch before security came and tossed him out. Muta worked over Impact with a headlock. Muta controlled Impact and tagged out to Dreamer. They nailed double elbow smashes. Dreamer nailed an elbow, setting up Muta doing his trademark corkscrew elbow. The place went nuts and chanted for Muta.

Impact came back to nail the Moonlight Drive on Dreamer. Elgin and Impact worked over Dreamer for a long time. Elgin held Dreamer up in the air for a long time for a delayed vertical suplex. Muta tried to hit the ring with a broom but was stopped by the referee. Elgin missed a twisting moonsault. The crowd rallied Dreamer to make the hot tag.

Muta tagged in and he nailed several dropkicks on Elgin, then the dragon screw legwhip. Muta locked on a kneebar bar on Impact but Elgin broke it up. Dreamer hit the ring but was knocked out of the ring. Muta avoided a clothesline and nailed a big knee strike.

Bravo got in the ring and confronted Dreamer. He nailed the DDT on him but Impact nailed a running knee strike and a standing moonsault press for a two count. Impact and Elgin worked over Dreamer with double team moves. Impact covered Dreamer, who kicked up at the last second.

They went for a double suplex but Muta returned to the fray and began nailing everyone. All four brawled to the floor. Dreamer grabbed the ECW replica belt and nailed Elgin and Impact with it. Elgin worked over Muta on the floor. Dreamer pulled a table out from under the ring. Dreamer tossed Impact into the corner and then Elgin into the ringpost.

Dreamer placed Elgin on a table on the floor and nailed the Spicoli Driver on Impact, putting him through the table and Elgin. The place exploded and chanted for ECW. Dreamer attempted to hit another Spicoli Driver on Impact but Taya slid it and nailed a lowblow on him. Impact went to hit Dreamer with the Red X but Muta spewed red mist in his face. Big pop for that.

Elgin grabbed Dreamer but Muta spewed the green mist in his face. Taya hit the ring but was trapped between Muta and Dreamer. Dreamer spewed water in her face and DDT’d her. Muta nailed the shining wizard on Impact and scored the pin.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer and The Great Muta!

Real good match with everything you’d want to see out of Muta in the Arena. Very entertaining main event and a very good show overall.

Dreamer took the mic and said the fans have been his family for a long time. He said when he started wrestling, he didn’t want to go to WWF, but to go to All Japan or New Japan because of the unbelievable storytelling and work ethic. He wanted to be a combination of Sting and Great Muta and paint his face and call himself Tommy Acid. Johnny Rodz took him and said he was too good looking to paint his face and told him if he didn’t come up with another name or he’ll be Tommy d***head. He said instead there was no Tommy Acid. He said that instead he got to have that same work ethic in ECW. He told Muta he teamed with Terry Funk, Dr. Death and other legends and he had a hell of a debut and he is welcome in his home, House of Hardcore, any time. He said that he wants Muta to understand how much America loves him and thanked him so much.

Muta and Dreamer shook hands and celebrated their win. The crowd chanted for Muta. Muta headed to the back.

Dreamer said this has been an amazing time. He said as wrestling fans, we are now blessed and we saw the debut of AEW and that was amazing, then we saw NXT and that was amazing. New Japan Dominion is probably going on. Will Ospreay and the Super Juniors was amazing. Dreamer said he has three contracts he is looking at and the next time HOH is here, they’ll be on a much bigger platform.

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