IMPACT No Surrender Results

IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender 2022 Results (02/19/22): Westwego, LA

IMPACT Wrestling makes their pay-per-view return this evening, as they present No Surrender 2022 live on Impact Plus from New Orleans, Louisiana.

On tap for tonight’s IMPACT No Surrender 2022 special event is a stacked lineup, which features four titles on the line plus the stars of Impact protect their home turf against the rouge and invading ROH stars known as Honor No More.

Featured below are the LIVE results for tonight’s IMPACT No Surrender 2022 pay-per-view show, which emanates from the Alario Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

IMPACT No Surrender 2022

The IMPACT No Surrender 2022 pay-per-view event kicks off from the John A Alario Event Center in Westwego, Louisiana as the show officially begins at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)/ 7:00 p.m. (Central Time) and the action is underway!

X-Division #1 Contender Match- Ace Austin vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Jake Something vs. Chris Bey

Ace Austin makes his way to the ring followed by Chris Bey. Jake Something makes his way to the ring next, ready to “throw around bodies” according to the commentary team. “Speedball” Mike Bailey makes his way to the ring next as his entrance theme sounds in the arena and Bailey makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. With all the competitors in the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our first match-up of the evening is officially underway! Bailey and Austin shake hands before kicking off the action. No time is wasted as things start off hot in the ring. Jake Something Suplexes Bailey out of the ring before flying high and taking everyone out at ringside.

The match returns to the ring with Something and Austin inside the ring. Austin gets the cover on Something who kicks out at the two, continuing the match up. Some back and forth action and we get a chant from the crowd “Speedball! Speedball!” A Poisonrana by Bey who goes for a cover, a kick out at the two by Something. Bey heads up top as the crowd pops. Bey hits a Splash for the cover on Austin with no luck as Bailey comes out of nowhere breaking the cover! Bailey left looking for his teeth in the front row! All the bodies are laid out in the ring in each corner. Something back to his feet first, going after Bailey. Austin saves the match-up as Bey looks for another cover. Clothesline takes Bey out to ringside.

At this point Something Into the Void for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Jake Something

After the Match

Jake Something the new #1 Contender to the X-Division Title. Something celebrates his victory inside the ring as we head to ringside. We get a rundown on what’s to come including Matt Cardona and Jordynne Grace as well as an open challenge from Deonna Purrazzo. Eric Young vs Jay White later tonight as well as Mickie James vs. Tasha Steelz in a Knockout World Championship Match. The Good Brothers vs. G.O.D. Honor No More vs. Team Impact and Moose vs. W. Morrissey.

Eric Young

“I am not political, I am not a kissass. I am not going to wait outside of someone’s office waiting to make an offer someone doesn’t want to hear. I am a professional wrestler. Everything I have got, I have earned it.” He continues on to put himself over stating people that have worked with him know the truth, that he is the greatest this business has ever seen. If you don’t know that now, you will. In the end, you have two things… your word and your reputation. I love to give my word, and I love my reputation. I am willing to die for it. How willing is Jay? We’re going to find out later tonight. “What are you willing to do?”

Jonah vs. Black Taurus

Out first for the second match up of the evening, Jonah makes his way to the stage as his entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the Louisiana arena as the crowd cheers for him. Jonah stomps as he hits the bottom of the stairs making the arena shake before entering the ring. The arena fades to black and we hear the entrance theme as Black Taurus w/ Crazzy Steve make their way down the ramp and towards the ring.

The bell rings and the lights return as this match up is officially underway. The two stare each other down as the inch closer and finally lock up. Jonah powers Taurus into the corner of the ring, the referee forces a break. The two lock up again in the center of the ring, Jonah gains control until Taurus uses the ropes to flip over and force a release as he lands a few good chops. Taurus nods at Jonah before landing a Kick to the mid-section. Jonah takes Taurus down mid-air before sending him over the top rope to ringside.

Jonah exits the ring to continue the match with Taurus, lifting him onto his shoulder, Taurus breaks free and sends Jonah into the post and quickly re-enters the ring before flying over the top rope and finally taking Jonah off his feet at ringside. Jonah sends Taurus back into the ring only to have Taurus fly high over the top rope to once again take Jonah off his feet before returning Jonah to the inside of the ring as the match continues. The crowd begins chanting, “Jonah! Jonah!” after Jonah launches Taurus landing him onto the top turnbuckle.

The crowd is hyped at this point. Jonah takes the back of Taurus at this point, the crowd clapping as Taurus makes his way back to his feet followed up with a flurry from Taurus. Jonah with a Chop to Taurus in the corner before sending Taurus to the opposite corner. Taurus counters, sending Jonah into the corner then hitting a Reverse Slingblade taking Jonah down with a Crucifix Bomb for the cover. Jonah kicks out at the two, infuriating Taurus.

Both men make their way back to their feet. Jonah with a Splash in the corner. Taurus counters with a Headbutt. Jonah clears Taurus, taking him down to the canvas inside the ring. Jonah is taken off his feet going face first into the middle turnbuckle. Taurus follows up with a Kick then heads up top and lands on Jonah with a Twisting Senton for the two count. Taurus back to his feet looking to turn Jonah inside out, Jonah counters and falls into the corner. Taurus hoists Jonah to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle.

Jonah counters and slams Taurus to the canvas inside the ring. Jonah lands on Taurus from the top rope, a Power Bomb for the cover. Taurus kicks out at the two! Clothesline by Jonah as the match continues. Jonah heads to the top turnbuckle for the Tsunami for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Jonah

Eric Young vs. “Switchblade” Jay White

Out first for the next match-up of the evening is Eric Young as his entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the arena as Young makes his way down the ramp and heads to the ring. Out next is “Switchblade” Jay White as his entrance theme sounds in the arena. White makes his way into the ring and the crowd pops! The music cuts as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the next match up is officially underway!

To kick things off in the match up, White paces in his corner as the crowd chants. Both competitors walks towards each other and finally lock up in the center of the ring. White with a Shoulder Tackle for the first take down of the match up. White with a hard Chop in the corner of the ring, then another before throwing Young into the opposing corner. Young looks for a Suplex but White counters and stands his ground. The match continues on.

White takes control of the match at this point. The match spills over to ringside where White takes control of the match up before throwing Young back into the ring. White is thrown shoulder first into the middle turnbuckle followed by multiple Stomps by Young who then heads to the top turnbuckle, hoisting White off of his feet and into the air. Young jumps from the turnbuckle over White, dropping Young to the canvas in the center of the ring. “Switchblade! Switchblade!” chant breaks out in the crowd.

White with an Uppercut followed by a Twisting Suplex for the cover on Young. Young kicks out at the two as White makes his way back to his feet to continue the match. A nasty Chop sends Young into the turnbuckles, White with multiple Kicks to take Young down to a sitting position in the corner of the ring. White drags Young to a standing position. Young counters, taking White down in the center of the ring! Young with a big Elbow followed by a Discus Clothesline then a Driver for the cover on White who kicks out at the two to continue the match!

We get a replay picture-in-picture as the match carries on. Young with multiple blows to the back of White. Both men out of breath as they continue to give all they’ve got inside the ring. The crowd cheers as the two meet up in the center of the ring trading Chops back and forth! White falls through the ropes to ringside, climbing back into the ring where they again trade Chops that turn into blows in the center of the ring. The crowd boo’s as Young gets the upperhand. Young almost falls while trying to land a flip over the ropes but continues on.

White lands Young on the top turnbuckle, Young bites White and drops him to the canvas. Elbow Drop to the Switchblade for the cover and a two count! The match continues now White with the cover now, Young kicks out at the two! “Let’s Go Switchblade!” chant from the crowd as both men are back to their feet. Seido Suplex takes down Young. Both men on the outside of the ropes on the apron. White twisted up on the rope. The two end up on the apron once again, Young bites White, White goes for the eyes of Young. Both in a very dangerous position at this point.

Both men down on the outside of the ring laid out as the referee begins the count. The referee gets to seven and Young is back up. The referee gets to nine as White is thrown into the ring by Young. Young goes for the cover, White kicks out! Young cannot believe it now! White gets 2.9999 count. Young with his feet on the ropes, White still able to kick out! White flails and hits the Half and Half Suplex. White with Bladerunner for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Jay White

Women’s ROH Championship Match – Deonna Purrazzo vs. Miranda Alize

The AAA & ROH Champion Deonna Purrazzo makes her way to the stage as her entrance theme sounds in the arena and everyone gets to their feet in the arena as Purrazzo makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring with both of her championship belts over either shoulder. Purrazzo stands in the center of the ring waiting to see who accepts the challenge. Miranda Alize the Lucha Baddie makes her way to the stage as her entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the arena and Alize makes her way down the ramp and joins Deonna inside the ring. Alize stares down Purrazzo as she removes her Lucha mask. Alize wants a chance at the ROH title which the referee holds high in the center of the ring as the music cuts.

Purrazzo prepares in her corner as Alize hypes up in the opposing corner. The referee signals for the bell and the match up is officially underway! Purrazzo with an early take down, then another for the cover. Alize with a kickout and both women back to their feet. Purrazzo is on her back as Alize gets both shoulders down for a cover. A Crossface submission attempt failed by Alize as Purrazzo gets back to her feet. Alize with a Dropkick take down following up with a nasty Chop. Purrazzo counters with a take down of her own. Purrazzo being thrown around the ring and taken out of the ring. Alize through the ropes for a takedown at ringside.

Alize sends Purrazzo back into the ring for a cover, Purrazzo kicks out at two. Purrazzo almost ripping Alize in half as she holds control of the match. Knees to the spine of Alize as Purrazzo maintains a standing position inside the ring. Alize looks for the Miranda Rights and a scissors take down. Purrazzo with a boot to the face. Alize counters with several Chops. Alize then ends up on the outside of the ropes on the apron. Alize continues to put up a hell of a fight. Both women are down inside the ring. The referee begins a count, both women to their knee at the count of five. A slug-fest ensues.

Both women back to their feet exchanging Chops now. Purrazzo rushes in on Alize. Alize returns fire. Purrazzo sends Alize into the corner of the ring. Alize with a Forearm takedown on Purrazzo. Alize for the cover, Purrazzo kicks out at the two and the match continues. Alize is turned inside out, Purrazzo with a Suplex for the cover. Alize kicks out at the two now. Alize with a Rip Cord Knee followed by the MIranda Rights. Purrazzo turns it over for a cover, Alize kicks out at the two. Purrazzo with an Arm Bar! Alize taps out!

Winner and STILL ROH Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Backstage – Chapel Heart

Chapel Heart says they had to come support Mickie James. James comes in saying they killed it singing the National Anthem.

Impact Digital Media Championship: Matt Cardona (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Out first for this Impact Digital Media World Championship, is the challenger Jordynne Grace! Grace’s entrance theme sounds as she makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring where she awaits her opponent. Out next is the current IMPACT Digital Media Championship holder, Matt Cardona as his entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the Louisiana arena. Cardona makes his way down the ramp and shouts at several fans trash talking him before he climbs the stairs to the ring where he stops to pose on the ropes before entering the ring.

Cardona hands over the title as the referee holds it high above his head before signaling for the bell. The bell rings and the lights return as the match is officially underway. Grace immediately walks up trash talking Cardona who says, “Let’s have a good, clean fight” as he puts his hand out for a handshake. Grace begins throwing blows. Grace rolls Cardona up early on. Grace with a Back Elbow. Things going fast early on. Grace refusing to let go of Cardona, taking him down to one knee. Grace uses her power to flip Cardona for the cover.

Cardona kicks out just in time, then exits the ring, walking up the ramp. Grace brings Cardona back to the ring the hard way. Grace climbs back into the ring after being shoved backwards by Cardona. Cardona puts the referee in the way, then lands a cheap shot on Grace for a take down. Cardona shoves his knee into the face of Grace as the crowd boo’s. Cardona smirks as the match continues. Grace looks worn out, but counters, sending Cardona into the corner of the ring. Grace Suplexed into the corner of the ring. Cardona back to his feet as he puts his hands up in some sort of victory as he shouts, “What’s the matter?!” Cardona lifts Grace into a Fireman’s Carry, Grace able to wiggle out. Cardona shouts that he’s the champion as he tries to throw Grace across the ring. Grace counters with a Boot to the face and a cover. Grace slams into Cardona as she hypes up almost taking the head off of Cardona.

Open Palm Strirkes by Grace. Grace with a Spinebuster for the cover! Cardona kicks out at the two! Missile Dropkick from the top by Cardona. Cardona follows up with the Reboot as the crowd boo’s loudly and Grace takes yet another Reboot. Cardona drags Grace to the center of the ring for the cover. Grace kicks out at the two as a shocked Cardona shouts at the ref that that was a three. Grace hammers away at Cardona followed by Double Knees and finally an Elbow to the jaw. Cardona sneaks out of the ring and grabs a chair, Grace kicks the chair into the face of Cardona, but did not initiate the contact so the match continues.

Grace brings the chair into the ring and as she lifts it over her head, the referee grabs it out of her hands and Cardona rolls her up for the two count. The referee checks on Grace as Cardona gives the finger to the camera. Matt Cardona looks to hit Grace with the chair and a low blow by Grace causes a DQ.

Winner and STILL Digital Media Champion: Matt Cardona

After the Match

Grace nearly breaks Cardona in half with the chair before Cardona exits the ring with his title.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers (c) vs. G.O.D.

Both teams (The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) (c) vs. Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa), Eric Young vs. Jay White, Black Taurus vs. Jonah) make their way down the ramp and into the ring for the next match up for the IMPACT World Tag-Team Championship title. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and this match-up is officially underway! We get some early action with Tama Tonga looking to take control with the fast paced action making it hard to keep up at first.

As things slow up a little, a tag made by Tonga and we see him caught by Gallows. Gallows with great power gets a takedown as the crowd cheers. Anderson makes the tag and lands multiple Stomps and a boot under the jaw of Tonga as the crowd cheers. “Tonight we end the bullet club!” Anderson shouts before tagging Gallows back into the ring. Gallows with multiple Elbows to the chest of Tonga who out stretches his hand to his corner hoping for a tag. Tonga unable to get back to his feet as Gallows continues to apply pressure with a Rear Chinlock. The crowd begins chanting, “G.O.D.! G.O.D.!” Tonga breaks free momentarily, Gallows makes the tag to Anderson, and prevents Tonga from getting the tag for a moment. Tonga explodes out of the corner and takes down Anderson.

Tag made finally! Tanga Loa comes in hot and dominates the ring. Neckbreaker off the Hip Toss. Tanga Loa makes the tag and they double team with a Neck Breaker for the cover, Gallows breaks the cover at the two just in time to continue the match. Tonga taken down with a Neck Breaker for the cover, two count as the match continues. Gallows tags in and a double team Answer Back for the two count as Tonga is able to kick out at the two. Once again Gallows tags in Anderson. A Spear by Loa and a Spinebuster by Anderson, Tonga looks for the Gun Stun.

Tonga turns it around and all four men are laid out inside the ring at this point. The referee begins the count as the crowd pops! Anderson back to his feet, Gallows as well on the outside with Loa. Anderson and Tonga inside the ring going back and forth. The Rolling Thunder and up top Tonga with a Splash for the cover for the two count! Tonga is pissed as he makes his way back to his feet. Tonga and Loa look for the Magic Killer. Chris Bey distracts the referee. Tonga and Gallows spill over the top rope. Bey still on the apron.

Gallows with a Chokeslam on the outside of the ring. Chris Bey looks stunned on the apron. “Did I do that??” Blade Runner by Jay White to Tonga. Three count pin and win!

Winners and STILL IMPACT World Champions: The Good Brothers

Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Tasha Steelz

We head into a video package from last month showing the events leading up to tonight’s IMPACT Knockouts World Championship Match between Mickie James and Tasha Steelz.

We return to the arena and out first is Tasha Steelz accompanied by Savannah Evans as her entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the arena. The two make their way down the ramp and enter the ring as they finish up their entrance. The tone changes as Mickie James makes her way down the ramp and towards the ring as her entrance theme sounds in the arena. James hops into the ring and holds her title high above her head as she circles the ring and climbs the turnbuckles with a big smile for the crowd. The referee sends both competitors to the corners as he holds the Knockout World Championship Title high above his head before signaling for the bell.

The match is officially announced as both competitors are named. The bell rings and the next match up is officially underway! The crowd chants, “Mickie! Mickie!” To start the action, James and Steelz circle one another and lock up in the center of the ring. We see Chapel Heart at ringside cheering on Mickie James! Back inside the ring the two women lock up once again. Steelz powers James into the corner of the ring. Both women refuse to let go of one another and the spill out under the ropes to ringside. James re-enters the ring, and sits on the middle rope, inviting Steelz back into the ring. Steelz walks to the opposing side of the ring and re-enters.

Steelz looks around the crowd as they chant, “Let’s Go Mickie! Let’s Go Mickie!” The women again grab hands and lock up in the center of the ring, Steelz trying to take down James. Steelz finally gets a take down and a cover, Mickie bridges to get her shoulders off the mat to break the cover. A Kick to the face into a split for the cover. Steelz kicks out at the two. The match continues on. Steelz with a Chop to take down James who immediately gets back to her feet.

James is sent to ringside, Steelz follows as the crowd cheers for Mickie once again. Steelz with a boot to the face of James for a takedown. “Nicholas! Nicholas, why didn’t you tell wifey to stay home?” Steelz taunts into the camera. The official attempts to force Steelz back into the ring. Mickie James back to her feet and a Neck Breaker takes Steelz down to the ground. The referee resets the count and hypes up at ringside. The referee gets to five as James rolls Steelz back into the ring to break the count. James chases Steelz around the ring. Steelz re-enters the ring. Savannah sends James into the turnbuckle taking her out at ringside.

Steelz exits the ring and tosses James back inside the ring for the cover. James kicks out at two and the match continues on. Both women back to their feet. Steelz still maintaining control at this point. A series of Clotheslines followed by multiple kicks to James. Steelz taunting James as she gains control. The crowd again begins to chant, “Mickie! Mickie!” Mickie James sends Steelz across the ring. Steelz misses a Kick and James runs right into a Big Boot from Steelz for the cover. James gets her shoulder up at two. Steelz hooks both legs, James still kicks out. A flurry of forearms to James.

James looks spent but still not giving up. Both women face to face, James slaps Steelz and shoves her. James with multiple blows to Steelz as they get back to their feet. James whipping Steelz into the corner. James with a low blow, legal in a women’s match. Steelz taken down again by James. Flapjack by James. James heads up top looking to fly, gets the cover, Steelz kicks out at the two! “Is that all you got Tasha?” James shouts. Savannah shouts at James from the apron, James with the Mick-Kick. A Cutter by Steelz. Chelsea Green grabs Savannah who takes her by the hair, Green takes Savannah down. Back in the ring, James sent into Chelsea. Steelz sent into Green, James rolls Steelz for the three count pin and win!

Winner and STILL Knockout Champion: Mickie James

Impact World Championship: Moose (c) vs. W. Morrissey

A video package plays showing the events leading up to tonight’s main event match-up for the Impact World Championship between Moose and W. Morrissey. Both competitors make their way down the ramp and enter the ring where they are officially announced. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our main event match-up is officially underway! Things start off with a knockdown drag out fight between the two heavyweights. Moose and Morrisey meet in the center of the ring and exchange blows until both men go down to the canvas and the crowd pops!

A Spear by Moose as he goes for a second lining up Morrisey! A second Spear now and Morrisey is out of the ring now. Morrisey taking deep breaths at ringside as the referee begins the count. Moose tosses Morrisey back into the ring, looking for another Spear. A Big Boot right between the eyes now! Moose rolls out of the ring now as the tables turn on him momentarily. The referee again begins the count.

The match continues at ringside as Morrisey sends Moose flying spine first into the steel gaurd rails. The referee checks to see if Moose can continue as Morrisey re-enters the ring. Morrisey exits the ring as the referee re-sets the count, Morrisey drags Moose towards the ring but instead sends Moose into yet another barricade at ringside. The match continues on with Moose sending Morrisey through the table at ringside! Moose crawls across the floor as the crowd begins a “Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” chant. Moose back to his feet now and the crowd switches to a “Moose! Moose!” chant as Moose sends Morrisey face first into the post in front of the announcer’s table. Moose rolls in to restart the count and immediately rolls right back out.

Moose shouts at the camera man to get out of his way and Morrisey with a Big Boot during the distraction, taking Moose down. Power Bomb to the apron almost shattering Moose’s back. Moose struggles his way back into the ring, Morrisey follows and the match continues inside the ring. Morrisey takes a Dropkick in the corner from Moose. A botched move has Morrisey out of breath and looking a bit dazed. Moose turns to Chops while Morrisey grabs Moose and puts him in the corner for a Chop. They turn each other back and forth landing Chops as the crowd is shocked and cheering. A Dropkick by Moose. A collision in the center of the ring takes both men down. The referee checks on both competitors and begins the count.

Morrisey stirs first and makes his way back to his feet. Moose is still down. Morrisey grabs Moose and drags him to his knees, then looks for the BQE, Moose slips down Morrisey’s back, Moose with a THIRD Spear now taking Morrisey down. Moose into the cover, the referee haults at two, noticing Morrisey’s hand under the bottom rope. Moose looks stunned. BQE during the replay, Morrisey into the cover, now the two count because Moose’s foot is under the bottom rope! The crowd begins a “You Suck!” chant. Morrisey back to his feet now.

Moose lands Morrisey on the top turnbuckle in a sitting position. Both men are teetering at this point, Moose is sent falling to the canvas, Moose runs and jumps back to the top rope, looking to hoist Morrisey up and lands a Superplex! The crowd begins a “This is AWESOME! This is AWESOME!” chant. Moose jumps back to his feet as Morrisey struggles to his feet. Moose looks for a Spear and LANDS IT! Moose turns Morrisey over, sets him in the center of the ring to ensure a legal cover. Moose gets the three count pin and win to retain the title!

Winner and STILL Champion: Moose

Honor No More vs. Team Impact

Out first is Honor No More members Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, PCO, & Kenny King with Maria Kanellis as manager as their entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the arena in Louisiana! Out next are Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, Rhino, & Steve Maclin of Team IMPACT. An all out brawl breaks out in the IMPACT Zone before the referee can even signal for the bell! The brawl continues and finally things get composed (sort of) just enough to allow the referee to signal for the bell. The bell rings and NOW the match is officially underway!

Lots of back and forth action early on. Vincent has to re-group. PCO tags in as the crowd chants “PCO! PCO!” PCO with a takedown in the center of the ring. Rich Swann looks to injure his knee and immediately tags in Rhino. Rhino and PCO exchange Chops in the center of the ring. Rhino is powered into the corner of the ring. Rhino then counters with multiple Chops of his own, powering PCO into the opposing corner. The two competitors stare each other down in the center of the ring with crazy looks on their faces. THe crowd again begins a “PCO!” chant as the match continues. PCO bites Rhino.

Rhino takes down PCO in the center of the ring for a pop. Rhino tags in the former X-Division Champion Willie Mack. Rhino makes the tag in his corner now as well. Several tags, Chris Sabin finally tags in now. Kenny King gets hit with a Back Breaker for the cover, kicking out at the two. Sabin and Maclin using some good team work at this point. Maria jumps between King and Sabin now. King with a cover now to no avail. Another tag. Back and forth action. Swann on the apron, caught on the outside. Vincent takes down Swann with the help of the entire team. Honor No More trying to get him back inside. King tags into the match. King out of the corner and Spine Buster on Swann. Brain Buster for the two count. Sabin helps Swann kick out. Another tag. Swann driven into the canvas, Willie Mack breaks the count. Swann dragged into the corner. Vincent is legal now. Swann driven face first. Sabin breaks the cover. Vincent is pissed as he makes his way back to his feet. PCO re-enters now and the crowd begins a chant. This match has been crazy!

PCO crashed and burned, falling to the canvas at ringside. The referee distracted at this point. PCO somehow continues and makes a tag to Willie Mack who is in with Bennett. Back and forth nothing slowing down Willie Mack who finishes up with a Two For One. THe crowd chanting “Willie Mack” Forearm Shiver in the corner. Cannonball and landing on his feet as he continues. Rich Swann looking to help his teammate with a Spinning Neck Breaker. Taven breaks the cover just in time. Taven goes after Willie Mack as the referee looks for control in this match up. This time Sabin breaks the cover just in time! Tags made once again.

Vincent and Maclin in the ring now. Vincent caught in the corner. Maclin didn’t see the tag. PCO is still legal! Leg Drop now! Kenny King tags himself in now with a Chin Checker for the takedown! Vincent takes down Rhino! Sabin breaks another cover! The ref is confused, I’m confused, the match continues on! Maclin backs up Sabin and takes out the official now! King over the top onto Maclin then whiped out by Sabin. Taven over the top now. THen Rich Swann over the top! The crowd cheers now! Swann sent face first into the apron. Flipping Senton now. Willie Mack takes a Spear on the apron. PCO rising to the top turnbuckle and the crowd chants. D-Animator now!

Vincent climbs to the top turnbuckle, REDRUM! The crowd POPS! Mack and Swann are in trouble now. An all out brawl outside of the ring now, no referee yet to break things up. PCO-Sault off the top to take everyone out. PCO looks injured though. The crowd is calling for Rhino, Maria enters the ring, attempting to block. Eddie Edwards comes out of nowhere and takes everyone out with a kendo stick, Maria tries to escape but is caught by Edwards. Edwards then takes out Rhino! The crowd boo’s now. “What are you doing bro?” Eddie takes out everyone that enters the ring. Eddie throws the referee in now. One… Two… Three!!

Winners: Honor No More!


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