Impact 1000

IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV 1000 Episode 2 Recap – September 21, 2023

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling on AXS TV report!

We open with a recap of everything that has brought us to this moment!

We are at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY!

The announce team are Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt!

ULTIMATE X – Alan Angels vs. Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion Zachary Wentz vs. Rich Swann vs. Samuray del Sol vs. Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Ace Austin

EVERYONE battled.  Wentz hit a twisting dive to the floor.  Sol hit a springboard flip dive to everyone in the aisle.  The crowd chanted for Impact.  Swann hit a flying twisting dive to the floor.   Bailey tried to make his way across the wires but was pulled down.  Austin nailed a reverse flip dive to the floor.  Several competitors climbed up the structure, batting all the way up, then hit triplicate stereo moonsaults to the floor.  The County Center lost their minds for that.  They chanted, “This is Impact!”

Wentz returned to the ring.  He nailed a cutter off the top on Swann.  Bailey and Angels battled to the top of one of the structures, where Bailey drilled him until Angels was hung upside down in the structure.  Sol and Bailey made their way across the wires.  Everyone else shook the ropes trying to make them fall,.  Austin dropkicked Sol off.  Wentz and Swann battled back and forth.  Bailey crabwalked the ropes but Angels followed him and kicked away at him.  Swann nailed a rana off the top, taking Angels out.

Bailey continued to make his way across.  Everyone else battled.   Wentz sprayed Sol with the spraypaint.  Four competitors all fought to the center of the ropes, battling to grab the giant X.  Zach sprayed Ace, who fell.  Bailey kicked away at Zach, who crashed and burnt.  Bailey and Angels battled but crashed into the ring below.  Angels made it to the X and removed it but didn’t drop down.  Bailey and Ace were in pursuit.  The X and all three dropped but Angels gained possession and won.

Your winner, Alan Angels!

A really fun bout with lots of high spots and some pretty courageous work above the ring on the wires and the structure.

Alan Angels, backstage, demands his title match for the X-Division Championship next week.

Dirty Dango with John E. Alpha Bravo came to ring.  Dango said he hates pro wrestling.

Dirty Dango vs. Jake Something

They battled.  Something nailed a shoulderblock in the corner.  Dango was sent to the floor.  He acted like he was out.  Something was going to dive but Bravo got on the apron and distracted him.  Dango attacked Jake from behind.  He made a comeback and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jake Something!

Steve Maclin cuts a promo backstage and says that he’s going to take Rhino out once and for all.  Rhino attacks and gores him.

Security holds Rhino back.  Rhino says that Maclin tried to destroy his career so what happens next is on Maclin.

Eric Young with Scott D’Amore vs. Kenny King with Sheldon Jean

It didn’t go long before King got DQ’d.

Shark Boy came out on stage.  He said that he wasn’t going to let the match end like that and declared they would restart it as tag team match.

Eric Young & Scott D’Amore vs. Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

Deaner and Kon hit the ring and attacked.

Shark Boy said they aren’t going to have this happen.  He announced an eight man tag team match with some guys ready for a fight…out came America’s Most Wanted.

America’s Most Wanted & Eric Young & Scott D’Amore vs. Kenny King & Sheldon Jean & Big Kon & Deaner

Somewhere, Bob Ryder is smiling.

AMW worked over Sheldon early on.  King tagged in and went back and forth with James Storm.  AMW did some of their trademark spots.  Harris drilled Deaner and held him for Scott to come off the ropes with a sledgehammer.  Young tagged in and worked over Deaner with right hands in the corner.    King tagged in and nailed a springboard legdrop fo a two count.  Kon tagged in and beat down Young for a long time.

Storm made the hot tag and cleaned house on Jean and King. Young nailed a flying elbow on Jean for a two count.   Young scored the pin with a piledriver.

Your winners, Team Canada and America’s Most Wanted

Fun twists and turns and a good solid match.  Harris did way more than I ever expected.

They show footage from “off air” last week with Bully and Doing a promo after their victory over The Desi Hit Squad.  They leading a huge Impact chant and said it meant the world to do this reunion match here.

They do a backstage segment presided over by Dave LaGreca with the Feast of Fired winners.

Crazzy Steve has earned an Impact Digital Media title shot.

Moose has earned a Impact title Match.

Chris Bey has earned a Tag Team title bout.

Yuya Uemura is left…and he and Joe Hendry discover Yuya has been fired.  Is that it for JOYA already?

Impact Tag Team Champion Trey Miguel with Zachary Wentz vs. Josh Alexander

Trey slapped Josh at the bell to get in his mind, then left the ring.  They had some damn good wrestling early on.  Miguel gained control and worked over Alexander on the mat.  He C4tried to whip him across the ring but Josh held onto the ropes.  Josh went for a German suplex but Trey kicked him, then backflipped over him and dropkicked Josh in the back of the neck.  Trey cinched on a side chinlock.

Alexander fought back and forth.  Miguel went to the top.  Alexander tried to knick him off but Miguel evaded him.  He was brought into the ring, where Alexander ran him into the buckles on his shoulders and brought him to the top.  Miguel escaped and hit a rana off the top, then a Meteora.  Alexander escaped and went for an anklelock but was kicked out of the ring.  Zach nailed him and tossed him back in.  Alex Shelley ran out and nailed Zach with the Impact title belt, then remained at ringside.

In the ring, Alexander came back with a C4 Spike and scored the pin.

Your winner, Josh Alexander!

Alexander mockingly thanked Shelley for coming out and helping him.  He said he could done that last week or at Emergence.  Shelley told him not to get his signals mixed up, he wanted to hurt The Rascalz, not help Alexander.  Josh said he’s taking the belt back at Bound for Glory.

They announce Mike Bailey vs. Will Ospreay for Bound for Glory.

Backstage, Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey encounter each other.  They are going to face each other to get Bailey ready for Ospreay.

Backstage, Impact Tag Team Champions The Rascalz are recovering from their beating when The Good Hands’ John Skyler arrive and says that he wants his team’s tag team title bout immediately.  They blow him off and he said that if it hadn’t been for The Good Hands, they wouldn’t even be champions because Skyler and Jason Hotch helped and they had a deal.  ABC hears this and mocks the fact there was a deal and says the next title shot is theirs, showing off the briefcase.

Knockouts Champion Trinity & Awesome Kong & Gail Kim & Mickie James & Jordynne Grace vs. Angelina Love & Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans & Gisele Shaw & Deonna Purrazzo

Lots of big pops for the entrances.  Naomi and Angelina started out.  Love backed her into the corner.  Love knocked her to the mat with a shoulderblock but was caught and slammed.    Trinity nailed her split legdrop.  Love nailed a jawbreaker.  Love was worked over but escaped.  Deonna and Grace tagged in.  Shaw offered in and Deonna let her.  Grace nailed her with some kicks and slammed her.  Grace nailed a jackhammer but Savannah broke up the pinfall.  Shaw accidentally knocked Evans out of the ring.  James tagged in and nailed a Lou Thesz Press off the top on Gisele.

Tasha tagged in and went nose to nose with Mickie.  They battled.  James caught Tasha with a boot to the face. Deonna tagged in but James nailed a series of kicks.  Mickie went to the top but Team Beautiful People knocked her off.  Evans tagged in and rained down with right hands.  Deonna tagged in but James tagged Gail, who came in with a ton of clotheslines and big moves.  Gisele got involved but Kim went to the top and hit a combination lucha armdrag and head scissors.

Kim was knocked to the floor, where she was worked over by Tasha.  The crowd chanted for Kim.  She was tossed in the ring and nailed with a big sideslam by Love.  The crowd chanted for Kong.  Kim came back to lock in an Octopus on Gisele.   She was rammed backwards into the buckles.  The crowd again chanted for Kong.   Shaw drilled Gail with an evil looking backbreaker.  Kim was trapped in enemy territory as they all kept stomping on her.

Kim finally fought her way out and tagged out to Kong. HUUUGE POP.  Kong cleaned house on everyone and faced off with Evans.  Evans fought out of a chokeslam and went for one of her own but was hit with a backfist.  Kong grabbed her but everyone attacked Kong.  James and Trinity hit the ring and nailed stereo Thesz Presses.  Trinity hit a dive.  They went into a big dive sequence.  Evans cut off James but was drilled by Grace, who used Kim as a weapon.  Kim hit a big bodypress to the floor on everyone.

Kong was left with Gisele who she destroyed with a backfist and a chokeslam.  Kong nailed the Impact Buster and scored the pin.

Your winners, Knockouts Champion Trinity & Awesome Kong & Gail Kim & Mickie James & Jordynne Grace!

Absolutely great match.

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