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IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – August 11, 2022

This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling on AXS opened with a look back at everything that went down last week.

Karl Anderson vs. Kenny King

Some solid back and forth wrestling early. They scored several near falls before facing off with each other. King kicked him in the mid-section when they went for a test of strength. Anderson came back with a back elbow. King went to the apron and nailed a Dragon Screw Legwhip. King began focusing on the knee, scoring several near falls. Anderson sold that his left knee was hurt. King cinched in a sitting abdominal stretch. Anderson fought back to his feet but King went after the knee. Anderson rebounded and nailed his own Dragon Screw Legwhip. Anderson nailed a series of rights and a clothesline before slamming King. He nailed a back senton for a two count. King fired back but was nailed with a forearm as he charged and a big leg lariat for a two count. Anderson went for a move but King avoided and nailed a scorpion kick and an exploder. King cinched in a leg submission but Anderson fought to the ropes. Anderson came back to nail the Gun Stun for the pin.

Your winner, Karl Anderson!

King attacked Anderson with a chair after but Heath Miller hit the ring and laid out King, continuing his attacks on members of Honor No More.

Our fearless announcers ran down the Emergence PPV tomorrow.

They aired a video package on Alex Shelley challenging Josh Alexander for the Impact Wrestling title tomorrow at the Emergence PPV.

Deaner with Joe Doering vs. KUSHIDA with Chris Sabin.

Deaner tried to jump KUSHIDA but it didn’t work out well for him. KUSHIDA was in control and sent Deaner to the outside. KUSHIDA chased him around. Chris Sabin and Joe Doering argued but the distraction allowed Deaner to attack KUSHIDA and lay him out outside. When they returned, Deaner worked over KUSHIDA’s neck and dropkicked him into the corner. He nailed a neckbreaker for a two count and ripped at KUSHIDA’s eyes. KUSHIDA fired back with chops and kicks. He nailed a high cross bodyblock and a Pele kick. KUSHIDA ducked a clothesline, took Deaner down and nailed a big dropkick. Deaner cut him off and nailed a blow to the back of the neck. He climbed to the top but was caught. Sabin nailed Doering, preventing him from interfering. KUSHIDA knocked Deaner into the ring, nailed a flying headbutt and scored the pin with a Northern Lights suplex.

Your winner, KUSHIDA!

Impact’s Flashback Moment of the Week featured Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin from Genesis 2009.

Digital Media Champion Brian Myers was challenged by Gujjar. He accepted, so that has been officially added to tomorrow’s Emergence PPV from Chicago’s Cicero Stadium on FITE.TV and Impact+.

Eric Young cut a promo on tomorrow’s Emergence PPV. He said that the world belongs to him and he has to step in tomorrow to take out Chris Sabin and KUSHIDA himself.

Tiffany Nieves vs. Killer Kelly

Kelly took her out and forced Nieves to immediately submit.

Your winner, Killer Kelly!

They aired a video feature on Bullet Club vs. Honor No More tomorrow at Emergence.

Honor No More promo backstage. Eddie Edwards said PCO proved himself last week. They will show the entire industry tomorrow there is Honor No More.

Madison Rayne vs. Mia Yim

They locked up with Yim being backed into the corner several times. Rayne broke clean. They locked up again with Rayne controlling her with a headlock and head scissors. Yim cam back with several pinfall combinations and a Japanese armdrag. Rayne missed a takedown and was dropkicked. Rayne went to the floor. Yim followed but was caught and nailed into the ring post for a two count. Yim came back and caught her in the Tarantula. Rayne nailed a suplex for a two count and drilled her into the mat facefirst several times. Rayne scored several two counts. She went for a rana off the top but was caught in mid-air and powerbombed. Yim fought to return to her feet and nailed several dropkicks and a cannonball in the corner for a two count. Rayne surprised her with a Crucific Bomb for a two count. Yim finally nailed a KO kick for the pin.

Your winner, Mia Yim!

Backstage, Deonna and Chelsea said they were going to win the Knockouts Tag Team titles.

Backstage, Jordynne Grace asked Mia Yim if she was ready for tomorrow. Yim said she was. Jordynne said that’s what she said when they teamed, yet Mia got pinned. MIND GAMES.

X-Division Champion Mike Bailey vs. Rocky Romero

Some nice back and forth action before they face off. They exchanged armdrags and dropkicks before Romero scored a close two count. Dueling chants. Bailey went for a handspring move off the ropes but missed and was caught. They battled on the apron and into the ring. Bailey scored with several kicks that had Romero off balance in the corner.

After a commercial, they battled back and forth. Romero cut him off and nailed the Forever clotheslines but Bailey nailed a big kick. They were both out. Bailey nailed him with karate kicks and a twisting splash for a two count. Romero attacked the leg but was still drilled with a series of kicks. Romero snapped him down with an armbar. He chopped away. Romero nailed a swinging DDT off the ropes for a two count. Bailey nailed a series of kicks to the chest and a big clothesline. They were out on the mat as they went to commercial.

When they returned, they exchanged strikes and kicks. Bailey was sent to the floor and hit with a tope suicida. Bailey was tossed back in but hit a big moonsault to the floor. Romero caught him in the ropes with a dropkick for a near fall. Bailey nailed a charging kick and a knee strike. Romero kept kicking out. Romero nailed a swinging DDT but held on and went for an armbar submission. Bailey escaped but was hit with big moves for near falls. Bailey battled back and nailed the Ultimate Weapon off the ropes for the pin.

Your winner and still Champion, Mike Bailey.

Bailey vs. Jack Evans is official for tomorrow at Emergence.

CONTRACT SIGNING: Josh Alexander vs. Alex Shelley

Scott D’Amore presiding. He told them this is what Impact has been built on and this is a dream match.

Josh said that no one is more excited than him for the bout and he believes this is going to be a hell of a match. The first ever show he attended and bought a ticket for, Shelley was on the card. He dared to be original in an unoriginal business. The next day, he stepped into the ring for the first time and has fought hundreds of Alex Shelley wannabes and tomorrow, he is honored to face the real Alex Shelley and beat him.

Alex Shelley asked him what makes Josh thinks he’s not just another of those Shelley clones. Josh said he was more of a Chris Sabin guy and he’s won the big one. He asked Shelley why he hasn’t won the big one. He believed Shelley has self-sabotaged himself. He wants Shelley to be better than his best tomorrow so he can beat him.

Shelley began running down all the injuries Josh has had over the years and said those aren’t even the biggest issues Alexander will deal with tomorrow – it will be his psyche. He’s going to see Alex Shelley tomorrow and see the man he was in the ring at that first show and be transported back to being a 18 year old kid in High School. What’s Alex going to see? An Alex Shelley mark.

Shelley said he’s not leaving without the title but Josh can have a consultation prize. He signed the contract and told Josh there was his Alex Shelley autograph. He walked out, leaving a frustrated Josh behind.



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