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IMPACT! Wrestling on AXS TV Recap For October 27, 2022

Report by: Mike Johnson,

The show opened with clips of everything that led to tonight on the road to the Overdrive PPV next month.

Backstage, The Kingdom confronted Scott D’Amore.  They said Maria’s hurt and Vincent is in the hospital and they’ve lost the title.    Matt Taven said they are ready to burn this place to the town.  Scott said he’s sorry that Maria is hurt and Vincent is in the hospital.  He said they think he never wanted them here but they are world class athletes who just need to grow up a little.  He wants to have common ground.  He says they don’t want to be in this situation again and he hears them loud and clear.  Taven said if they shake hands, it’s water under the bridge.  Scott shakes his hand and says it will never happen again, because they are fired.  The end of the Kingdom in Impact.

X-Division Tournament: Trey Miguel vs. Alan Angels

They lock up and jockey for position.  Some nice action early.  Angels scored several near falls.  Miguel went to the ropes but Angels caught him there and wiped him out, taking a painful crash into the ropes and then into the ring.  Angels controlled the bout for some time and scored a two count with a Northern Lights suplex.  Miguel fought back and whipped Angels across the ring.  Angels avoided a charge and nailed a modified bulldog for a two count.  Angels went for a full nelson but Miguel made it to the ropes.  Angels nailed some hard chops but Miguel surprised him with a handspring into an enziguiri.  Miguel nailed a double knee strike and a running Meteora for a near fall.  Miguel went to the top for a Meteora for Angels escaped.  Miguel was caught in the corner and nailed with a dropkick and a DDT off the buckles for a close two count.

Angels continued to control Miguel and placed him atop the ropes.  He went for a superplex but Miguel fought back with punches and slipped through, trapping Angels’ head between the buckles.  Miguel superkicked him and nailed a top rope Meteora but Angels kicked up, which surprised the crowd.  Angels came back with a Flatliner into a double arm submission.  Miguel escaped and nailed a head and arms Tazplex.  Angels nailed a frog splash from the top for a close near fall.  Angels set up and went for a discus lariat but Miguel ducked and nailed a series of kicks and a lightning spiral, scoring the pin.

Your winner, advancing, Trey Miguel!

Very good match.  Angels looked very good and Trey’s work is always pretty pristine.  This was no exception.

Backstage, Bullet Club confronted Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray.  Chris said that Bully lied to his face and now he can lie to Ace Austin.  Bully said that he didn’t lie last week and even apologized for getting mad at Bey last week.  Bully introduced himself to Ace.  Ace said they’ve already met because Bully jumped him.  Bully denied it and suggested it might have been Moose when Ace sarcastically wondered who else it could have been.  Dreamer tried to play peacemaker but Bey got annoyed at that and challenged Dreamer to a match tonight.  Dreamer agreed.  They left.  Bully thanked Dreamer and said he’ll have Dreamer’s back later.  Dreamer told him no and to stop giving everyone ammo since they don’t trust him.

Last week, Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green and Gisele Shaw all talked about their recent success.  Green said the last time she beat Mickie, she sent her into a mini-retirement so tonight they can take her out in the six woman tag and be done with her for good.

Tasha Steelz with Savannah Evans vs. Rachelle Scheel

Steelz caught her with a running big boot at the bell, wiping Rachelle out.  She nailed a cutter and took the ring mic.  She mocked the face that she had to wrestle this “regular schemgular Dirty Diana” and shouldn’t be in the ring with the likes of her.  She told Rachelle she had her five minutes but now it’s feeding time.  She called in Savannah Evans to attack her.

Rachelle Scheen wins by DQ.

Tasha told Savannah to give Rachelle the main course.  Evans grabbed and powerbombed Rachelle.

Good squash segment to get over Evans as a monster and to show Steelz’s awesome heel personality.  Very old school 80s pro wrestling.

Rhino and Heath Miller were walking through the locker room when they came across The Motor City Machine Guns.  They said they are ready for their title shot.  Miller said they are deserving and to go to management to make it happen.   The Guns tried to get into Scott D’Amore’s office but The Major Players wanted a title match instead.  Scott came out and announced Matt Cardona vs. Alex Shelley for later tonight.

Chris Bey vs. Tommy Dreamer

This is a first-time ever match.

They grappled back and forth before facing off.  Bey shoved Dreamer, who responded in kind.  Bey and Bully got on the apron and the referee tried to calm the waters.  When they returned from commercial. Bey took control with a test of strength and a series of kicks.  Dreamer caught Bey and hit a Fall Away Slam.  Dreamer was caught with a shoulderblock and a stomp.  Bey nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.  Bey nailed a charging chop in the corner and followed with a second.  Dreamer fought back but missed a charge, hitting his shoulder on the ring post.  Bey began focusing on the shoulder.  Dreamer fought back but was caught with a DDT for a two count.  Bey went for a superkick but it was blocked.  Bey ate a cutter for a two count.

Moose came down to ringside and began arguing with Bully Ray.  Dreamer worked over Bey but was caught in the eye.  Bey went to rebound off the ropes but Moose tripped him and walked off.  Bey accused Bully of doing it but Dreamer rolled him up for a two count.  Dreamer went for the Spicoli Driver but Bey escaped and nailed the Art of Finesse for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Bey!

The action was fine but really a backdrop for the Moose-Bully angle.

The Impact+ Moment of the week was Sting vs. Bully Ray at Slammiversary 2013.

Aussie Open cut a promo demanding competition next week in the ring.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer was telling Bully Ray to relax and calm down.  Bully said he was sick of hearing that.  He said he came here to do things the right way with the right intentions.  Win the Gauntlet so he can call his shot against Josh Alexander but no one trusts him and he’s not even sure Tommy Dreamer trusts him.  He wonders why Moose came out.  Dreamer said Moose is scumbag and Bully has proven himself.  He’s good and can’t give others ammo against him.  Dreamer told Bully he appreciates him and thanked him.  Bully said they were good but it was obvious he was not.

Matt Cardona vs. Alex Shelley.

Cardona attacked Shelley before the bell and stomped the hell out of him.  Shelley said he can go but was tossed to the floor.  Cardona nailed a kick through the ropes and they battled around ringside.  Cardona was tossed in the ring.  Shelley nailed a slingshot splash into the ring.  He began working over Cardona’s arm.  Cardona regained control and worked over Shelley on the floor and in the ring.  Cardona nailed a neckbreaker for a near fall.  Cardona nailed a back suplex for another.  He cinched in a side chinlock but Shelley fought his way to his feet.

Cardona continued to assault Shelley, nailing a series of big right forearms in the corner.  Shelley mounted a comeback as they slugged it out.  Shelley stunned Cardona with several forearms.  Brian Myers distracted him but Shelley nailed a DDT on Cardona for a two count.  Sabin chased Myers into the ring and The Machine Guns nailed the Dream Sequence.  As Sabin left the ring, the referee rolled Myers out.  Cardona raked Shelley’s face and hit Radio Silence for a two count.

Shelley went for Shellshock but Myers helped Cardona.  Sabin nailed him.  Shelley rolled up Cardona, who kicked out, propelling Shelley into the ropes, where Myers smashed him with the Digital Media title belt.  Cardona scored the pin.

Your winner, Matt Cardona!

The Major Players beat down The Machine Guns but Heath Miller and Rhino hit the ring and cleared it for the save.

Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alexander was talking with Rich Swann when Gail Kim came up to Josh, wishing to speak to him.  Bully taught her the most out of anyone in her career but also taught her not trust anyone.  Maclin attacked Alexander from behind until security pulled him off.  Kazarian showed up to help.

After a commercial, Josh Alexander said Kazarian told him he’s not looking for a partner but here he is getting involved.  Kazarian said he wants to make sure that Josh makes it to the PPV.  He said he doesn’t want to worry about him until the PPV.  Kazarian went to leave but Alexander said it’s a shame he isn’t looking for a partner because Aussie Open is seeking competition next week.  Kaz agrees to team with him.

Joe Hendry vs. Raj Singh.

Hendry took the mic and said they are in Vegas, where fortunes are made and lost.  He said he bets someone lost it all last night.  They are going to have to admit to their wife they lost everything but that’s OK because they got to see Joe Hendry, and he’s someone to believe in.  Hendry’s presentation and mic work has been a joy thus far.

Hendry controlled early, getting the crowd to chant they believe along the way.  He nailed a delayed vertical suplex and dropped Singh down.  He caught Singh but was nailed with a series of knee strikes.  Singh had Joe down but mocked him and said his name.  Joe appeared behind him in the camera shot.  That’s hilarious.  Joe nailed the Standing Ovation, a high-angle chokeslam, and scored the pin.

Your winner, Joe Hendry!

The Hendry presentation thus far has been a blast.

Backstage, Eric Young was speaking to someone, who we could not seen, trying to garner their attention in joining Violent by Design.  He told them to watch what he does next week very closely.

Gia Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards.  Honor No More is over.  There is nothing to salvage.  He wants to keep his issues with his marriage private but he would do everything over the last year exactly the same.  They had a righteous mission and if it was allowed to achieve there would be no friction with his wife.  There were mistakes made and the mistake was recruiting PCO.  He’s just a little bitch, not a monster and will pay for what he’s done.  Edwards walked off.

Mickie James & Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace & Taylor Wilde vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green & Giselle Shaw

Green and James start out but Green plays mind games and tags out to Gisele.  They battled back and forth.  Mickie gains control and tags out to Taylor.  Deonna tags in and they face off, then enter into a test of strength.  Wilde nailed a rebound kick off the ropes.  It broke down into all six scrapping in the ring and the babyfaces tossing everyone else out to the floor.

After a commercial, Jordynne Grace was working over Green.  Wilde tagged in and was cut off.  Team Purrazzo worked over Wilde for a long time, tagging in and out.    Mickie made the tag but was swarmed and cut off as well.  James kept kicking out, because losing would mean she would retire.  Gisele locked on a side headlock.  James tried to fight her way to her feet and finally was able to do so.  Gisele tried to cut her off but Mickie ducked and nailed a neckbreaker.  She made the hot tag to Jordynne, who cleaned house on Purrazzo.  She nailed a big knee to the face and a spinebuster for a two count.   Deonna tried to fight her way out of a GraceDriver but Chelsea hit the ring.  There was a flurry of big moves before Jordynne nailed a gourdbuster on Deonna.  Mickie went to the top for a Thesz Press on Deonna for a two count.  James went for a tornado DDT but it was blocked.  Green nailed a top rope blockbuster on Mickie but Grace and Taylor made the save and broke up the pinfall.

Green told Shaw to grab the Knockouts title belt to use as a weapon.  Grace took offense to that and nailed her.  James caught Green and reversed a move into a DDT for the pin.

Your winners, Mickie James & Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace & Taylor Wilde!

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