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IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – October 26, 2023

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We open up with a video package on Bound for Glory.

Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt break down everything that took place on the Chicago PPV.

Will Ospreay vs. Mike Bailey

The crowd chanted “Holy sh**” at the bell as they stared each other down.

They locked up and broke the clench when Bailey ended up in the ropes. It was clean until Ospreay drilled him with a strike. Bailey fired back with a series of kicks and they were off to the races. They went back and forth trying to evade each other until ospreay was sent to the floor and hit with a moonsault to the floor. Back in the ring, Bailey was in control until being elevated and shot into the top rope. Bailey went to the floor, where Ospreay nailed a dive to the outside.

Inside the ring, Ospreay worked him over with hard chops. He nailed a hard backbreaker for a near fall. Ospreay began enforcing his will. Bailey fired back with kicks and they battled with chops and kicks. They continued the battle until Bailey nailed a handspring elbow off the ropes. Ospreay went to the apron and nailed a springboard forearm strike for a two count. Ospreay cut him off with the Ozcutter on the apron outside the ring. Bailey was almost counted out but returned to the ring. Ospreay nailed him with a springboard legdrop and another Ozcutter for a close two count.

Ospreay went for the Hidden Blade but Bailey collapsed from the beating. Ospreay nailed him with a big forearm after Bailey tried to pull himself up. Bailey started to pull himself up again an absorbed several forearms and Kawada kicks. Bailey fired back with some of his own. They attacked each other with kicks but Ospreay took him down and nailed the Hidden Blade but each were too beaten down to capitalize. Tremendous stuff.

Ospreay went to the top but Bailey took him down and nailed Ultima Weapon off the top for a close two count. Bailey set up for the spinning kicks but Ospreay DESTROYED him with an elbow strike. Bailey kicked out and used his knees to stop an Ospreay dive. He set up Meteor Rain, a Fisherman’s superplex off the top for a two count. Bailey nailed the tornado kicks and set up for the Flamingo Driver but Ospreay reversed it and hit a Styles Clash for a CLOSE two count. If you like pro wrestling as a hard-hitting chess match, this is your jam.

Ospreay nailed Storm Driver but Bailey got the shoulder up. Ospreay set up for a Hidden Blade and smashed Bailey it then nailed Strom Breaker for the pin.

Your winner, Will Ospreay!

Another great chapter in the tremendous matches each of these men have had this year. They are going to be the hottest free agents when their current deals are up.

The first competitors are Eddie Edwards and Jake Something. They battled back and forth. Something tried to overhead belly to belly Edwards to eliminated him.

Number three is Kenny King. He and Something battled. Edwards clotheslined Something. He and King teased a reunion of Honor No More members.

Number four is Juventud Guerrera. He got a huge pop. Everyone battled.

Number five is Johnny Swinger. He slapped King but was quickly attacked and laid out. Guerrera nailed a head scissors takedown on King and eliminated him. Swinger tried to embrace Juventud. Crazzy Steve attacked them with his briefcase even though he isn’t part of the match. Security tried to make him leave the ring.

Number six is Gisele Shaw. She tossed Swinger, eliminating him. Steve was still at ringside and pulled out a fork but Tommy Dreamer hit the scene and attacked him. They brawled around ringside.

Number seven is Jody Threat, who battled with Shaw, nailing a back suplex after drilling her into the ropes. She dropkicked Shaw off the apron but Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans saved her. Shaw returned and drilled Threat with a big strike.

Number eight is Kilynn King. Edwards sent Juvi to the floor, eliminating him.

Number nine is the debuting Sonny Kiss. She got a BIG pop and the fans were chanting her name immediately. She eliminated Shaw.

Number ten is Bully Ray. Ray faced off with Kiss, who began dancing. Ray pulled out his old Buh Buh Ray Dudley dance moves. Sonny embraced him and Ray changed his mind.

Number 11 is the returning Matt Cardona. He hit the ring and was slammed immediately by Ray. This set up the Wazzup headbutt with Kiss. That was funny. Ray called for tables. King attacked Kiss.

Number 12 is Jordynne Grace. She got a big pop. She stepped right to Grace and they argued but before they could get into it, they were separated as everyone brawled.

Number 13 was Eric Young. He nailed a pileriver on Cardona. He and Edwards battled with chops. Young was almost tossed but saved himself. Edwards was eliminated.

Number 14 was Joe Hendry. He and Cardona went right after each other, renewing their old Digital Media title feud.

Number 15 was Brian Myers. He and Cardona faced off and then embraced. Kiss attacked them and slammed their heads together. She charged but they sent her to the floor, eliminating her.

Number 16 was Kazarian.

Number 17 was Rich Swann. Everyone battled.

Number 18 was Jonathan Gresham. He and his wife Grace faced off.

Number 20 was Dirty Dango. He was immediately tossed by Something. Oled Prudius hit the ring and announced everyone. Security came out and made him., Bravo and Dango exit.

The Major Players eliminated Kaz.

Gresham tried to toss his own wife then worked with her to try and toss Threat.

Bully worked over Swann in the corner.

Something was worked over by the Major Players and they tossed him. Cardona immediately turned on Myers and tossed him.

Ray, Threat, Cardona and Grace are the final four.

Cardona and Threat were tossed.

It was down to Grace and Bully Ray with the final fall determined by pinfall or submission.

Ray chopped her down but Grace fired back. She nailed several spinning back fists. Ray snatched her by the hair and pulled her to the mat. Grace fired back and kept drilling away at Ray, dazing him. She nailed the Grace Driver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jordynne Grace!

This was a really good Gauntlet with some nice surprises, twists and turns. They gave Grace a big moment and now that she’s signed to a long-term deal, one would think this is the start of a major push for her.

They went to highlights from the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony, but we’re running the entire coverage:

Gail Kim came out to induct Brooks. Finding the perfect words to say about Brooks was hard. She was the first wrestler Gail met when she walked into wrestling school and was welcomed wholeheartedly. Brooks did that for every locker room she was a part of. She and Gail were married on the road until Beth Phoenix came along. She said wrestling has come so far since then. They experienced their first bikini content together, their first hardcore match together and after a certain night on the road, Kim needed a new car. Brooks was a wrestler, a manager, the Knockout law, a referee and will always be the original Knockout.

Kim introduced Brooks, who came out with her husband and son. She thanked Kim for not telling the entire car story and thanked Eric Tomkins for her video package. She thanked her parents for instilling the work ethic in her. She thanked her brothers and apologized to them for all her photo shoots. She thanked her husband Frankie Kazarian for being such a great wrestler, husband and father. She told their son Rebel that she and Frankie had their wrestling dreams when they were his age and she wants him to live his dreams. She thanked Gail Kim and to all the Knockouts past and present for making it the best women’s division in the business. She thanked ODB, Jackie Moore, Christy Hemme, Socal Val, Mickie James, Molly Holly and a number of others. She thanked a number of people who touched her career over the year. She said Impact has been family, past and present and thanked the fans for cheering and booing her and letting this little farm girl from St. Marys, Ontario Canada become a star. It was a great speech!

They then went to the induction for Don West and Mike Tenay. The video was incredible.

Impact Wrestling President Scott D’Amore came out and congratulated Traci. He went on to speak about how important Don and Mike were to Impact Wrestling and wrestling history with their calls. He said when he came to Impact, Mike welcomed him and said he’s going to love Mike’s partner. They did that for everyone. They welcomed everyone. He said Mike Tenay doesn’t get anywhere near the respect he deserves. He actively created those moments that he called. When he thinks about Don West, he thinks about his hustle, his passion and his sense of humor. He told a great story about Don West auctioning off a Scott D’Amore jacket and said he was the best salesperson of all time anywhere. He praised Tenay’s wife Karen and Don West’s wife and family.

He introduced Mike Tenay. The crowd chanted “Thank you Mike.” He thanked them back and thanked D’Amore and thanks Eric Tomkins for the video. He said it was fitting they pay tribute to Don West here in Chicago. If you are looking for a larger than life personality, look no further than Don West. TNA execs saw him at Shop at Home and realized he would ne a great fit for pro wrestling. Purists thought Don would be too much but he won them over with his work and genuine personality. He pointed out that was so loved that Don’s passing was mentioned by AEW and WWE, companies that he never worked for. He and Don had ten years and no cross words, just true friendship. He said it was great to have Don’s family here.

Tenay talked about his many partners and praised Bobby Heenan, who was also from Chicago. He told a story about Heenan being shot at by a fan in Chicago. He thanked Eric Bischoff for putting him on the air while he was still inexperienced. He thanked The Jarrett family, the late Zane Breslov, Konnan, and Keith Mitchell. He congratulated Traci Brooks on her induction and thanked his family, including his granddaughter, who asked him if he now had to be called Mr. Hall of Fame. He thanked his wife of 36 years, Karen. He said she’s the true Hall of Famer in the Tenay family. He thanked everyone on behalf on himself and Don West.

These were truly great speeches. I wish Don had been there. He is missed.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Rascalz vs. ABC

Lots of fast paced action early. This was fantastic if you want lots of big moves and near falls and double-team maneuvers. So much I was having trouble keeping up. Bey and Miguel kept countering each other’s finishing maneuvers. ABC worked over Trey with kicks and strikes. Ace was caught with a stunner off the ropes and a codebreaker by Wentz. Ace was hit with a neckbreaker on the apron outside.

Trey Miguel lost it when he didn’t catch a pinfall. The Rascalz worked over Ace Austin. Austin and Miguel nailed a double clothesline on each other. Bey and Wentz battled. Miguel nailed a Meteroa. Bey dove off the top with a big tackle to break up the cover. The crowd chanted “This is awesome” and it was as everyone was wrestling their hearts out. It continued until ABC nailed the 1-Sweet and scored the pin.

Your winners and new Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, ABC!

This was just pure unaduterated fun.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Trinity vs. Mickie James

This is their first-ever singles match.

Lots of really good action here with the two of them working a strong babyface vs. babyface match after big entrances and new ring gear for each.

James caught her with a tornado DDT but Trinity got her shoulder up. Trinity went for the X-Factor but James avoided it and Trinity hurt her knee. Trinity still fired back with some kicks. She went outside for a move but James nailed her and used the ropes to drive her into the ring with a piledriver. Trinity avoided the Mick-DT. Trinity caught her with Starstruck in the center of the ring. Mickie tried to fight out but was trapped and finally tapped.

Your winner and still Knockouts Champion Trinity!

This was really good.

Backstage, Moose declared he would challenge for the World title at Hard to Kill.

Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alex Shelley vs. Josh Alexander.

You won’t guess how this show ends.

Lots of back and forth wrestling as the two were feeling each other out and trying not to make a mistake. Shelley gained control and manipulated his fingers and joints. Alexander fired back and controlled Shelley on the mat but was backdropped over the top to the apron, where Shelley snapped him across the top rope. Alexander went to the floor, where Shelley stomped his hand.

Alexander knocked Shelley to the floor and went for the C4 spike on the floor. Shelley backdropped him to escape the move. Shelley broke the referee’s count, then returned to the floor and drilled the challenger into the ring post. He worked over Alexander on the floor. Alexander battles back and attacked the left knee, smashing it into the apron and using the old Bret Hart ring post leglock. Back in the ring, Shelley used an enziguiri aimed at the arm to stop Alexander’s attacks and locked him in the Border City Stretch. Alexander escaped but Shelley remained in control, locking on a straitjacket submission, continuing to work over his arm.

Alexander finally caught Shelley with overhead belly to belly suplex. Shelley caught him and drilled Alexander’s face into the buckles. He set up for a snap German suplex and nailed it. He went for Sliced Bread #2 but Alexander rolled through and nailed a German suplex with a bridge for a two count. They battled to the floor. Alexander went for a dive but was caught and drive into the barricade. Shelley nailed Sliced Bread #2 on the floor. Back in the ring, Shelley nailed a frog splash for a two count and then locked in a Border City Stretch. Alexander fought out and cinched in an anklelock.

Alexander then attacked the hurt left knee and cinched in a kneebar. Shelley began kicking away and kicked Alexander so hard, his head gear came off. They fired back and forth with big strikes, elbows and kicks. Alexander dropped Shelley with a right hand and went for a C4 spike but Shelley fought his way out. He caught the challenger with Shellshock in the center of the ring. He followed up with a superkick, knocking Josh’s mouthguard out. He nailed another Shellshock and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Impact Wrestling Champion, Alex Shelley!

Alexander showed him respect and wrapped the title belt around Shelley’s waist.

Good main event.

They closed the show with a video featuring Impact Wrestling stars converging somewhere in the woods. They have to go back to where it all started because pro wrestling needs a change. It was then revealed that as of January 1st, Impact Wrestling is no more and TNA Wrestling returns. No kidding. I told you you wouldn’t predict how the show ends. I’ll have a LOT more on THAT story shortly!

They went back to the venue live with fans chanting the TNA name.

Scott D’Amore was in the ring with all the talents from the video, declaring “We’re back!”

So, very much an episode where you could re-live BFG, setting the stage for the remainder of the year.

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