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IMPACT! Wrestling on AXS TV Report For October 13, 2022

The broadcast opened with highlights of the Bound for Glory PPV.

Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alexander came out to a big reaction.  He told the fans that he loves them and his war with Eddie Edwards is over, because he’s still standing as the Impact Champion.  As the heart and soul of the promotion, he has learned from his mistakes and he’s not waiting for Bully Ray to come to him.  Bully comes out.  Josh welcomed him back to Impact.  He said that he’s studied the business and wants to know why Bully didn’t call his shot at Bound for Glory.

Bully said that’s a huge question.  He said he had every opportunity to blast him from behind.  He said that’s what Bully Ray does.  He said he spent more time with Impact than any other company and his career and asks why he didn’t do to Josh what he did to Hulk, Sting, Dixie, Brooke, the fans and even his own brother?  He said he cut a lot of throats but he’s also a two time Hall of Famer and former Champion and now he has to do it right and honorable.  Alexander questioned him.  Bully said he knows wrestlers have been whispering behind his back to Josh since BFG because that’s what they do – they don’t do it to his face.

Ray said he’s face to face with Josh.  He doesn’t want his legacy to be the guy that no one has a good thing to say about him.  He’s not going to do what Moose did to Josh last year and attack him and cut his throat.  He’s going to see Bully coming from a mile away and Bully will scream it from the top of his lungs.  He might even shake his hands before the bell.  It’s going to be done the right way, because he’s Bully Ray.

Steve Maclin came out on the stage.  Maclin said there isn’t a thing Bully can say to make anyone trust him.  He asked who Bully politicked to get into the Gauntlet.  He said that he goes straight-forward, he doesn’t go behind people’s back.  He wanted his shot at the title.  Moose came out and said Maclin won some big matches but these are World Champions conducting business.  Moose said he’s shocked Bully didn’t call his shot.  He said he modeled the last few years of his career on Bully.  Bully is a scumbag like Moose.  Moose said he won the title in 10 seconds and wants another shot.  Out came Bobby Fish.  He knocked Bully Ray and said he is indeed a scumbag,  but is he a changed man?  Fish said that standing in front of him is a champion who has never turned down a challenge and challenged Alexander to fight him tonight in Fish’s hometown of Albany.  Alexander accepted the challenge.

Gia Miller interviewed The Motor City Machine Guns.  They would have won the titles but The Kingdom cheated, so they want a rematch.    They went to Scott D’Amore’s office but out came Rhino and Heath Miller.  They already secured the next title shot as they want revenge on Honor No More.  The Guns said they will see them on the other side,

No DQ: Tasha Steelz with Savannah Evans vs. Killer Kelly

Evans got involved early.

Tasha scored several two counts early.  Kelly liked it but was drilled back down to the mat with a big right.  Kelly kept smiling.  She was sent into the corner and worked over.  Kelly sat up smiling but was dropkicked in the mush for a two count.  Tasha grabbed a steel chain but Kelly gained control and went for the Killer Klutch.  Tasha slammed her backwards into the corner but was caught in another submission.  Tasha nailed a springboard bulldog but Kelly came back with a DVDR for a two count.  Evans got involved and grabbed Kelly.  Tasha went to use a chair but Kelly kicked her.  Tasha tried to wrap a chain around Kelly’s face to force a submission but Kelly reversed and used the chain while locking on the Killer Klutch, forcing a submission.

Your winner, Killer Kelly!

Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice run into the mascots for The Albany Empire.  Somehow, they don’t look like Stormtroopers.  Dirty Dango insulted Swinger’s fashion sense.  Some Violent by Design cultists were being held off by security but Sami Callihan attacked them with a bat and warned them to tell Eric Young that he’s coming for him.

Backstage, Scott D’Amore praises Josh Alexander for taking Bobby Fish’s challenge but warns him not to trust Bully Ray is actually honorable, telling him he could call in his marker for the title shot at any point.

Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Laredo Kid vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Kenny King vs. Black Taurus with Crazzy Steve

Everybody battling at the bell!  Zayne and King have some nice sequences and go to the floor, where Taurus trips up Zayne. Lots of dives.  They do a Tower of Doom style spot with King hitting a Blockbuster, setting off a series of reverse DDT.  Lots of near falls.  Laredo nailed a Driver on King for a two count.  Yuyu hit a flying bodypress.  He showed some nice fire but was wiped out by Taurus.  Zayne hit some cool looking Poisonranas but was drilled with a lariat by Miguel and pinned.

Your winner, Trey Miguel!

All action.  No taking breaths.

New X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian was walking when Speedball Bailey came up and showed him respect for their match at Bound for Glory.  He said it will only make him better and ready for Kazarian when they wrestle again.  Trey came up and said that he’s put his name in for a future title shot.  Kazarian said he used to call himself the future and the future is looking pretty good in Impact.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Death Dolls vs. VXT & Gisele Shaw 

Jessicka used her pizzaz and might on Shaw early.  Green tagged in but was worked over by The Death Dollz.  Green cut off Taya with a headbutt briefly but she regained control with a hip attack.  Rosemary did the upside down hanging head scissors on Deonna.  The Death Dollz are in control until Taya is sent into the opposing buckle.  Taya is worked over as Deonna, Gisele and Chelsea tag in and out.  Rosemary tags in but is likewise worked over for some time.  The Death Dollz break up a pinfall and everyone is battling in the ring.  Shaw nailed Rosemary with a knee strike from behind and scored the pin.

Your winners, VXT & Gisele Shaw

Tommy Dreamer told Bully Ray that everyone is talking trash behind his back in the locker room.  He told Bully he got Dreamer his WWE job and his job at Busted Open.  He’s backing Bully but asked him not to make him look like a fool.  Bully said Dreamer is his best friend in the business and asked him if he’s ever made Dreamer look like a fool once.  He said that’s going to do things the right way.  They are going to team up.

They show Bobby Fish getting ready.

Honor No More promo.  Maria said they were built on adversity but even if some of them lost, if one of them won, they all won.  None of them have seen Eddie Edwards today.  They have to carry the HNM message and retain the Tag Team titles next week in Eddie’s name.

Matt Cardona vs. Bhupinder Gujjar.

Gujjar backed him into the corner but Cardona kept using the ropes to break the momentum.  Cardona nailed several shots to the body but was nailed with a dropkick while coming off the ropes.  Gujjar nailed a slingshot elbow for a two count.  Cardona and Gujjar battled to the floor, where Cardona nailed a neckbreaker.  Gujjar returned to the ring but was beaten with right hands.  Cardona nailed a Rude Awakening for a two count and went for a dropkick.  Gujjar came back with a Samoan Drop and went for the Gargolye Spear but Brian Myers came out and distracted him.  Cardona nailed Radio Silence and scored the pin.

Your winner, Matt Cardona!

The Major Players are back together.

They showed Josh Alexander warming up.

They aired a Masha Slamovich vs. Jordynne Grace video package about the Bound for Glory PPV bout.

Backstage, Mickie James said if she gets there, she hopes to face Jordynne for the title.  She praised Mia Yim for the fight she gave her at the PPV.  Gisele and VXT mocked her for not showing them respect. Mickie offered to face Deonna again.  Deonna said they are focused on the Knockouts Tag Team titles.

Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alexander vs. Bobby Fish


Lots of good back and forth wrestling early on as they tried each other out.  Alexander nailed a suplex and went for a dive but Fish moved out of range.  They battled on the floor.  Fish nailed a Dragon Screw Legwhip on the entrance ramp.  After a commercial, Fish controlled Alexander, attacking the neck and drilling him with kicks and elbows for a two count.   Alexander fired back with forearm strikes and elbows to the head.  He caught Fish going for a kick and nailed a clothesline but was too spent to immediately capitalize.  They fought to their feet and slugged it out.  Alexander drilled Fish with a big KO punch and down he went.  Alexander nailed a head and arms Tazplex and psyched himself up.  He went for the C4 Spike but Fish evaded and nailed a Saito Suplex for a two count.  Fish nailed a series of knee strikes but was caught with a nice series of German suplexes.  Fish nailed a strike but was caught in an anklelock.  He rolled through and sent the champ to the outside.  Josh fired back and climbed to the top but was cut off.  Fish went to the top and they battled over a superplex attempt.  Fish was sent backwards down into the ring.  Alexander nailed a moonsault and went right for the anklelock.  Fish kicked him off with some hard shots and went for a triangle choke.  Josh pulled him up and dropped him down, then hit the C4 Spike for the pin.

Your winner and still Champion, Josh Alexander!

Frankie Kazarian came out and announced he was using Option C to hand over the X-Division title for a future Impact Championship match.

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