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IMPACT! Wrestling on AXS TV Report – September 15, 2022

Report by: Mike Johnson,

Your hosts are Tom Hanifan and Matthew Rehwoldt!

We are again in Dallas, Texas with the show opening with highlights of everything that has brought us up to this week.

X-Division Championship Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Mascara Dorada

They face off with each other. They each try some lucha offense but can’t get the advantage, so they instead chops and punch each other. Dorado kicked off a charge and came off the ropes with a shotgun dropkick that sends Bailey to the floor. Bailey avoided a charge and they battled on the floor, chopping and striking each other. Dorada used the ring as a base to take him down with a lucha armdrag, then hit a tope suicida.

Dorada tossed him back into the ring and went to the top for a double stomp but Bailey moved. Dorada rolled through and they battled back and forth. Bailey locked in a leg submission but Dorada made it to the ropes. The fans chanted for Bailey as he connected with kicks and a standing shooting star press. Dorada came back with a backstabber and went for the Dorada Driver but Bailey escaped. Bailed avoided Dorada spearing him at the apron and nailed a big moonsault off the ropes to the floor.

Back in the ring, Dorada and Bailey battled on the top. Dorada scored a CLOSE two count with a rana off the top onto Bailey, who was caught up in the ropes. Dorada went for a moonsault but Bailey pulled up his knees. He nailed his charging, spinning kick and then hit Ultimate Weapon off then top for the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion, Mike Bailey!

Fun, athletic, fast paced bout.

They noted Bailey has now had eight defenses. He showed respect to Dorada and they shook hands and embraced. Kenny King hit the ring and attacked both from behind. He knocked Dorada to the floor and hit the Royal Flush on Bailey. Kenny backed off when Dorada returned to the ring.

We are back at the cabin in the woods, but again it’s Violent by Design, not Ashley J. Williams. Eric Young asked one of the recruits what his name was and they said Eric Young. Deaner attacked the guy. The next person said Young’s name was the designer. Young said he is the designer of the violence. He asked a recruit their name and when they said it, Deaner attacked him. Everyone else said their name was VIOLENCE and they chanted I AM VIOLENCE.

Backstage Mike Bailey confirms to Scott D’Amore he is OK after being attacked by Kenny King. Scott tells him there is a line of opponents waiting to face him and next week he will face Delirious at Victory Road. He said there are competitors from all over the world who want to face Bailey and at the PPV will be the return of the Triple Threat Revolver – a 3 way elimination gauntlet with the winner challenging Bailey at Bound for Glory. It will be AEW’s Kazarian, Kenny King, Laredo Kid, Alex Zayne, Mia Yim, Trey Miguel, Black Taurus and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Yuya Uemura competing. Bailey says he’s ready. The story is that Bailey’s open challenge has brought competitors from all over the world.

Moose & Steve Maclin vs. Decay’s Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus

Maclin and Steve started out. Decay quickly swarmed and double teamed him as they went to commercial. When they returned, Maclin was drilled by Taurus with an elbow but Moose nailed him from the outside. Moose tagged in and stomped away at him but Maclin tagged himself back in and went to work on Taurus. He and Moose had words. Taurus knocked Maclin into Moose, sending him off the apron to the floor and rolled up Maclin for the surprise pin.

Your winners, Decay!

Sami Callihan appeared in a balcony and said he’d like to see them beat the hell out each other but they have been complaining they aren’t working together but Callihan has proof. On the screen was Moose talking to his lawyer, RD Evans, via Facetime. He wanted to know if their agreement was binding. Moose said the first chance he gets, he’s going to screw Maclin before he gets the chance to get screwed. Maclin said that means nothing and they are going to take him out. Callihan then played security camera footage of Maclin telling someone on the phone he was going to take out Moose. They started brawling. They brawl to the floor. Callihan attacks them and grabbed a barbed wire bat. He drilled Maclin in the mid-section with it as Moose backed up the apron.

They showed everything that happened with Chelsea Green vs. Taya last week. Backstage, Rosemary claimed she was right and Jessicka was the distraction. Taya said she thinks Rosemary may be the one with the problem but said she has an idea.

Alisha Edwards vs. Killer Kelly

Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans are at ringside. Tasha is on commentary as invited by Kelly.

Kelly controlled Alisha early and nailed a big suplex. She drilled Alisha in the corner with forearms but Alisha avoided a charge. Alisha went for a backpack stunner but was caught in a choke. She escaped but was locked in the Killer Clutch for the submission.

Your winner, Killer Kelly!

Alisa stared down Tasha. Tasha ordered Evans to hit the ring with a chair. Kelly grabbed the chair as she entered so Evans backed off. Steelz hit the ring and faced off with her but backed off.

A vignette aired for the soon to debut Joe Hendry. In the vignette, Hendry appears in a hospital room where a family is waiting for a family member to pass away. The idea is that when Hendry appears, wherever he is, he makes things better and brightens up the mood. It was very much played up to an entertaining, silly effect with the idea that even when the family member passed, everyone was so happy Hendry was there they were all partying and having a great time, including the family and medical staff. Same theme music from ROH.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The OGK with Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alexander & Rich Swann

Swann and Alexander had the early control on Mike Bennett. Taven blindtagged and they took out Swann. Taven mocked Swann’s mannerisms. Swann tried to tag out but Taven elbowed Alexander off the apron. The OGK tagged in and out, working over Swann. Alexander tried to interfere but was pushed away by the referee. Swann finally fought his way to a tag and Alexander worked over Bennett. He snapped Taven’s throat on the top rope. Alexander sent Bennett outside to the apron and drilled him with a high cross bodyblock through the ropes from behind, smashing him to the floor.

Taven tried to attack Alexander on the floor but was backdropped into his own partner. Swann tagged in and hit a big dive to the floor. Fun stuff so far. Alexander went for the anklelock on Bennett but he made it to Taven for a tag. They worked over Alexander but Swann made the save. Eddie Edwards came out. Maria distracted the referee, allowing Eddie to crack Josh in the head with the Singapore Cane. Heath Miller hit the ring and nailed Taven wit the Wake Up Call, so the champs won by DQ.

Your winners and still Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The OGK!

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace was backstage in her locker room when Swinger and Zicky Dice showed up. Swinger was carrying a GIANT Pizza box. They found an envelope for her. When she opened it, it was a picture of Max the Impaler. Grace surmised that was her opponent at Victory Road. Dice said Max looks tough. He said that if she got past Max, Masha was going to kill her. Grace said next week, she was going to kill Zicky and slapped him across the face with a giant pizza slice. SO, THAT’S WHY IT WAS THERE.

Heath tried to apologize to Josh Alexander and Rich Swann backstage. Scott D’Amore said Honor No More is too much. He made a six man tag team match against Honor No More for Victory Road next week.

Mickie James vs. Hyan

They shook hands before the bell, then locked up. Hyan rolled her up for a quick two count. They had some solid action early on. Hyan caught her with a Fireman’s Carry and slammed her for a two count. It got a little more heated as they began exchanges punches. Mickie nailed a Flapjack and a Thesz Press from the top. Mickie nailed her DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner, Mickie James!

Gisele Shaw’s music hot and she came to the ring and grandstanded to the crowd, taking Mickie’s thunder. Shaw took the mic and asked if it really came down to Mickie begging to face nobodies. She’s just trying to delay the inevitable but her time is up. She challenges James to face her at Victory Road. James agreed. Shaw said her time in the spotlight is over. It will always belong to Shaw.

Vincent was again trying to re-program PCO. Given how much Vincent loves horror movies in real life, him as the Dr. Frankenstein to PCO makes a lot of sense.

Brian Myers cut a promo while carrying a ladder next week. He promised Bhupinder Gujjar was going to come crashing down next week. at the hands of the true Digital Media Champion Brian Myers.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Good Brothers

This is their first-ever meeting in the ring.

Alex Shelley and Karl Anderson faced off and with neither gaining the advantage, tagged out to Chris Sabin and Doc Gallows. Gallows used his strength to work over Sabin but the Guns used their double-team antics to keep the Good Brothers at bay until Gallows nailed a chokeslam on Shelley. Alex was trapped in their corner, worked over as Gallows and Anderson tagged in and out. Anderson knocked Sabin off the apron. Gallows drilled Shelley with a series of shots to the mid-section. Gallows drilled him with a kick to the face and locked in a side chinlock. Shelley battled his way out but Anderson drilled him with a knee as he rebounded off the ropes.

Sabin finally got the tag and nailed a flying bodypress. He nailed another on Anderson for a two count. The Guns hit stereo sliding kicks to the outside and pescados to the floor as they went to commercial. When they returned, Shelley had Anderson locked in an abdominal stretch, then used a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Sabin continued the attack, working on Anderson’s other leg. Shelley cinched in a figure four leglock, trying to force the submission. The Guns controlled Anderson for some time, nailing stereo kicks to the face for another two count. Sabin locked in a leg submission but Anderson raked his face. Anderson was caught and Shelley continued to work over the ankle. There were dueling chants from the crowd.

Anderson finally nailed a spinebuster and made the hot tag to Gallows, who used his power to pump kick Shelley and then nailed a pumphandle slam to Sabin. The Good Brothers went for a Magic Killer but Sabim fought them off. Gallows was sent to the floor and kicked by both Machine Guns from the apron. Sabin nailed a tope suicida to the outside. The Guns doubleteamed Anderson for a close two count.

Sabin went for Cradleshock but was hit with a stunner. Shelley made the save at the last second. Gallows tagged in and hit an Avalanche in the corner, then a big back suplex on Sabin for a two count. The crowd chanted, “This was awesome.” The Guns fought back and everyone brawled. The Guns nailed stereo enziguiris on Gallows. Sabin finally scored the pin with a skull and bones off the top.

Your winners, The Motor City Machine Guns!

The crowd chanted, “Both these teams.”

They showed each other respect after the bout and celebrated in the ring as they went off the air.

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