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IMPACT! Wrestling on AXS TV Report – September 8, 2022 – Dallas, TX

Recap by: Mike Johnson,

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling on AXS TV report from Dallas, Texas!

Your announcer are Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hanifan!

Before we start, just wanted to note I was sad to hear of D’Lo Brown exiting the company. D’Lo was always stellar in all my dealings with him over the years and is a hell of a great person.  Looking forward to seeing where he lands.

We open up with a look at everything that went down in recent weeks.

Aussie Open vs. Chris Bey & Ace Austin

Aussie Open attacked at the bell and double teamed Ace Austin.  Bey returned to the fray but was knocked out of mid-air.   Bey came back with a big tope con hilo to the outside on everyone.  Bullet Club goes to the top but are caught and run into each other.  Austin is isolated and worked over. Rehwoldt and Hanifan did a great job breaking down who Aussie Open were for viewers new to them.  Bey tried to intercede but was stopped by the referee.  The crowd chanted for Ace to try and rally him.  Bey got the hot tag and cleaned house.  He nailed a big leaping elbow stroke and nailed a somersault into sliced bead #2 on Fletcher.  Mark Davis was was drilled.  Austin nailed the Fosberry Flop to the outside.  Bullet Club worked over Fletcher with some double-team moves, culminating with a top rope splash.  Davis broke up the pinfall.  He was double-teamed.  Bey went for the Art of Finesse but Aussie Open regained the momentum.  They smashed Bey with forearms and nailed their finisher, Coriolis, for the pin.

Your winners, Aussie Open!

Good start for Open, having a competitive bout and beating two Impact stalwarts.  Good stuff from bell to bell.

Backstage is Honor No More except Vincent and PCO.  The OGK crow about being the new Tag Team Champions.  Kenny King says he is a three-time X-Division Champion and he got screwed in his match with Speedball last week but that’s going to get fixed. Eddie Edwards said Vincent is off cleansing PCO and Eddie’s match with Heath Miller tonight will give Josh Alexander a chance to see the two sides of the war.  Josh will have to choose his side.

Backstage, The Good Brothers are approached by The Motor City Machine Guns.  They say that over the last several years, they’ve crossed paths but they’ve never had the match and challenge Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, who agree to have it take place next week.

Mickie James vs. Raychell Rose

They lock up and Mickie worked over Rose’s arm.  Rose gained control and choked her against the ropes.  She drove down with a kick to the back of the neck but James kicked out.  James made a comeback and nailed a Thesz Press off the top for a two count.  She nailed a series of chops.  Rose caught her with an elbow to the sternum but ate a superkick.  James nailed her DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner, Mickie James!

Kenny King interrupts Mia Yim speaking with Scott D’Amore and tells her he has actual business to deal with.  Mia sneers at him and leaves.  Kenny wants a rematch, blaming the officials for reversing the decision last week.  Scott says King can’t just get another match.  Bailey is facing Mascara Dorada next week.  He promises King will be interested in an announcement next week about the X-Division.  King pushes it, so Scott says that if he wants to fight someone, he can go to the ring and face New Japan’s Yuya Uemura right now.

Gia Miller confronts Steve Maclin backstage.  He is still denying his alliance with Moose.  He said they were just talking strategy for the Barbed Wire Massacre.  Gia asks if that’s the case, why are they facing Decay next week.  Maclin clearly did not know about it, but Miller says she got confirmation from Impact management.  Maclin says it must have been Moose’s doing.

Yuya Eemura vs. Kenny King.

Some nice wrestling early on.  King gained control and showboated to the crowd.    Uemura grabbed an armwringer and controlled Kenny in the ring.  Kenny grabbed a side headlock and was shot into the ropes.  They drilled each other with a shoulderblock but neither budged.  They repeated the same.  Uemura grabbed a hold but Kenny made it to the ropes.

They went for a test of strength but King kicked Uemura in the gut.  He worked over Uemura and whipped him across the ring to the buckles but Uemura nailed a kick and series of elbows.   Uemura slammed King and ascended to the top rope.  He was knocked off the ropes.  King nailed several kicks and locked on an abdominal stretch on the mat.  Uemura fought to his feet and nailed a series of rights.  Uemura nailed him with a dropkick as King charged.  Uemura rolled past King but was nailed with a Scorpion King.  King nailed a spinebuster but Uemura kicked up.  King continued to wrack up big moves, but Uemura kicked out of a sit-down powerbomb.  King dumped him to the floor.  King smashed him into the ring steps.

Mia Yim, who was disrespected by King earlier, ran out and argued with King.  King and Uemura  battled back into the ring.  King rolled him up and placed his feet on the ropes.  Yim pushed his feet off the ropes.  King argued with Yim and grabbed her hair so she kicked him in the face.  Uemura, who the referee had been checking on, came off the top with a flying bodypress and scored the pin.

Your winner, Yuya Uemura!

The flashback was Victory Road 2012 with Sting vs. Bobby Roode.

Sami Callihan says he doesn’t care if Moose and Maclin have formed an alliance or not and says he knew what he was doing when he challenged them to the barned wire match.  He promises he’s not at a disadvantage.

They plugged the new Joe Doering t-shirt available at  Fight the good fight Joe!

There’s a cabin in the woods and someone named Ash showed up with a chainsaw.  Just kidding.  It’s Violent by Design and they are basically recruiting their own cult of violence as Deaner has brought a ton of recruits to EY.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green with Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taya Valkyrie with Decay

They locked up and grappled.  Taya nailed a high cross bodyblock for a two count.  Taya nailed a running uppercut in the corner and drove Green down to the mat.  Taya nailed a hip attack in the corner and followed up with a double knee strike for a two count.  Green rolled out to the apron, where she avoided Taya’s charge, kicked her in the chest and tossed her to the floor outside.  Green tossed her back inside and covered her for a two count.  Green used her boot to choke Taya and then drilled her with a series of shots to the back, scoring another two count.

Taya made a comeback but was caught with a tilt-o-whirl head scissors, sending her to the mat face-first.  She nailed a curb stomp into the buckles for a two count.  Taya avoided a charge and ducked a clothesline, nailing a series of kicks and a lariat of her own.  Taya sent her into the ropes and nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb for another two count.

Taya tried to tie her up on the mat but was kicked off.  Green covered Taya for a two count.  Taya continued to battle but was tripped by Deonna Purrazzo.  Rosemary attacked Deonna on the floor, distracting the referee as Taya had the pinfall.  Jessicka got on the apron to argue with the referee but Taya was sent into her and hit with the Tomakaze for the pin.

Your winner, Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green!

Gia Miller asks Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace why she delivered her own death warrant to Masha Slamovich.  Jordynne says Masha is undefeated and she doesn’t underestimate her opponents.  She said Masha tries to get into the head of her opponents, so Jordynne was doing it herself.  She walks into her locker room and the entire wall is one big death warrant from Masha.  Let’s the mind games commence!

Vincent is somewhere trying to reprogram PCO.

Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Brian Myers vs. Bhupinder Gujjar.

They shoved each other.  Gujjar took him down and they battled.  Gujajr drilled him and scored with a big suplex, nailing several two counts.  He went to the ropes for the Gargolye Spear but Myers slipped to the outside.  Gujjar came back down and kicked him off the apron to the floor but when he grabbed at Myer, he was smacked head-first into the ring post.  After a commercial, Myers was in control, working over Gujjar.  Myers locked in a chinlock but fires back with some big right hands.  They crash to the mat and battle back to their feet.  Gujjar nailed a lariat and several back elbows and a pump kick for a two count.  Myers was caught with a Samoam Drop but Myers kicked out at the last second.  Myers was kicked by Gujjar and covered for another two count.  Myers nailed a kick to the head and scored an Implant DDT, but Gujjar kicked up.

Myer rolled out of the ring and grabbed the Digital Media title belt but Gullar grabbed the other half.  They battled over the belt and Gujjar won.  Myers charged him and Gujjar drilled him with the title and was immediately DQ.  Gujjar was let down that he was DQ’d and then shrugged and walked off with the belt.

Backstage, Gail Kim informs Tasha Steelz that Killer Kelly wants her out at ringside doing commentary when Kelly wrestles because she wants Tasha to watch.

Backstage, security is holding back Brian Myers and Bhupinder Gujjar.  Scott D’Amore grabs the belt and says he’s going to hang it above the ring and they will settle it with a ladder match next week.

Eddie Edwards vs. Heath Miller

They battle back and forth.  Edwards worked over Heath with some hard chops in the corner.  Heath battles back with kicks but was thumbed in the eye.   Edwards worked over Miller but Heath kept kicking up.  Edwards drilled him with knees and stomps.  The crowd chanted that Eddie sucked.  Heath mounted a comeback and clotheslined him over the top to the floor as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Edwards stomped away at Heath in the corner.  Heath mounted a comeback but was drilled with a charging elbow and then cinched in a side chinlock.  Edwards cut off Heath with a clothesline but wasn’t able to score the three count.    They each went for high cross bodyblocks at the same time.  Heath nailed several right hands, boots and a big DDT for a near fall.  Eddie went the Boston Knee Party but Heath slipped out and hit the Wake Up Call.  Mike Bennett ran in but got one as well.  Referee Brandon Tolle got Bennett out of the ring but Edwards crotched Miller and hit the Boston Knee Party for the pin.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

After the bout, Eddie Edwards cuts a promo saying that he’s trying to talk sense into Josh Alexander for weeks and it’s time for him to make a decision.  Josh comes out.  Eddie says that just because they are going to battle at Bound for Glory doesn’t mean they have to be enemies.  They can go to battle but there’s a bigger war going on that anyone cares to recognize.  Josh says Eddie is blaming people behind the curtain for pulling strings for Eddie’s own failures.  Eddie says he wants to talk to Josh and show him the way so he can wake up to reality.  He asks Josh what side he’s on.  Josh says the opposite of Edwards.  Kenny King hits the scene.  Heath follows.  Mike Bennett, Rich Swann, Matt Taven all hit the ring.  There’s a brawl.  Honor No More has the odds and overwhelms the heroes.

Eddie holds the belt in Josh’s face and screams at him as we go off the air.

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