IMPACT Wrestling Results (04/29/21)

IMPACT Wrestling – Rebellion Fall-Out Edition- (April 29, 2021) – Nashville, TN

Welcome to’s Impact Wrestling – Rebellion 2021 Fall-Out Edition Results for the Thursday, April 29th, 2021 episode of IMPACT which airs from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. Central Time) available EXCLUSIVELY on AXS TV.

As advertised for tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling – Rebellion 2021 Fall-Out Edition following this past weekend’s pay-per-view event, tonight the new IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega celebrations his title win against Rich Swann this past Sunday at Rebellion. Also, W. Morrissey makes his IMPACT debut, new X-Division Champion Josh Alexander defends his newly one belt against Ace Austin and Taylor Wilde makes her return to the ring against Kimber Lee. All that and more, stay here for the LIVE results coverage!

Featured below are complete LIVE results of the Thursday, April 29, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling – Rebellion 2021 Fall-Out! The following report was written by’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Wrestling – Rebellion Fall-Out Edition- (April 29, 2021)

Pre-Show Opening

We enter the Skyway Studios arena in Nashville, Tennessee for the Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling – Rebellion 2021 Fall-Out that continues to bring the action! We start tonight off with an official “welcome” from the IMPACT commentary team of D-Lo Brown and Matt Striker as they sit at the announcer’s table!

Backstage Show Opening – Locker Room

As we officially begin tonight’s Impact Wrestling – Rebellion 2021 Fall-Out episode, we head backstage to the IMPACT locker room where we see Scott D’Amore is with the fighters in the locker room as he informs everyone to head out to the ring inside the Skyway Studios Arena… D’Amore plans to address Kenny Omega’s championship.

As everyone begins to exit out through the main door of the locker room, Callis walks out and thanks D’Amore for “herding the wolves”. D’Amore takes this opportunity to make it crystal clear that Kenny must be in the building for his appearances or he’ll be stripped from the title. On that note, we see Callis grab his cell phone as he proceeds to make a phone call, presumably to Omega.

In-Ring – Scott D’Amore

As we head to the ring where the IMPACT Wrestling ring is surrounded with IMPACT stars, we get the official introduction of the current AEW and AAA Champion Kenny Omega, who is now their NEW Unified Impact World Champion…. KENNY OMEGA! Following the impressive introduction, D’Amore proceeds to congratulate Kenny Omega, then follows up by thanking Rich Swann for his efforts. At this point, he makes clear there was NO re-match clause.

He then finishes by announcing that at the May 15th pay-per-view event Under Siege, they’re will be a Six-Way Tag-Team Match to determine the number one contender. He adds that if by chance Omega doesn’t make it for his appearance tonight on IMPACT, the match will instead be for the title.

Qualification Match
Jake Something vs. Chris Bey

With that message left to roam through the minds of the IMPACT roster… we head back to the ring for the first official match-up of the Thursday, April 29th edition of IMPACT Wrestling – Rebellion 2021 Fall-Out Edition as D’Amore announced the Singles Qualifier Match to take place between Jake Something and Chris Bey who make their way into the ring for tonight’s match-up! The referee moves to the center of the ring and signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match is officially underway!!

To start the action in tonight’s first match-up, which also happens to be a qualifier, both Something and Bey realize what’s at stake in this match as both competitors head to the center of the ring. Chris Bey is immediately sent flying towards the corner at the hands of Jake Something. Both Something and Bey make their way back to their feet, though Bey continues as she climbs to the top turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Bey then proceeds to send Jake Something into the opposing corner! Bey follows up and sends Something one more time into the corner, but as Something makes his way back towards Bey, Something ducks under and tosses him back into the corner of the ring for a pop! At this point we notice that Something and Bey have once again found themselves on the apron, on the outside of the ropes. The two have a little banter back and forth but finally Bey gets the upperhand on Something as he is able to trap him in-between the ropes which allows him to quickly climb the turnbuckle, stopping momentarily at the top to look down at a rope-tangled Something struggling to get himself free and out of this immediate danger.

Something is not successful in his efforts to break free as finally Chris Bey leaps off the top turnbuckle to land a MASSIVE elbow drop for the cover! Something realizes his predicament and immediately shifts his weight in order to kick out, and is successful. The match continues on as both men make their way back to the feet inside the ring, but Something watches as Chris Bey makes his way to the ropes and then turns to hit a kick to the spin before heading to the top once again!

This time as Bey makes his way to the top turnbuckle for yet another high flying move. Bey is successful as he lands on Something inside the ring and stays there for the cover as the referee begins the count. Again Something is able to break free to continue the match as both competitors make their way back to their feet. At this point, Something has had ENOUGH of the this one-sided brawl with Bey and proceeds to Shove Bey across the ring. As Bey makes his way back over towards Something, Something again Shoves Bey, sending him to the canvas inside the ring!

To maintain the come up in the match, Something immediately follows up with a Sit-Out Powerbomb that rocks Bey to the core inside the ring! Something quickly follows up with a cover on Bey… Bey quickly kicks out and counters with a School Boy Pin to no avail as Something is able to kick out as well at the two count to continue the match up! Both competitors clearly want that win for the qualifier. We see Bey make his way towards Something as he attempts to hit his Art of Finesse. Something sees Bey’s intentions and as Bey comes flying at Something, we see Something catch Bey mid-air with ease. Finally, Something makes his way towards Bey where he proceeds to hit a Lariat that damn near turns Bey inside out! Something doesn’t slow his momentum as he slings Bey into the ropes.

An aggravated Something then shoves Bey back into the ring as he is clearly ready to finish off the match as Something prepares to jump on Bey and end the match.

Suddenlyfrom ringside we see Rohit Raju reach and grab on to Jake Something’s legs! Bey is watching and happens to note the assist and quickly uses this to his advantage and stacks Something up. inside the ring as he looks to end the match and become the victor over Something. The referee drops and counts the one, two, three for the pin and win victory to win the qualifier!!

Winner: Chris Bey

Backstage – Don Callis

As the first match-up of the evening officially comes to an end, we head backstage where we immediately corner Callis to get some answers as to what’s going on tonight in regards to our current AEW and AAA Champion, who is now our recently crownedUnified Impact World Champion, Kenny Omega (who Callis just so happens to still be on the phone with!).

We then listen in as Callis instructs Omega to “take the private jet”! Callis informs Omega if he does, he will make it to the Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, Tennessee from where he is now, and will be on time as to not be stripped of his IMPACT titles that he just earned at the IMPACT Rebellion 2021 pay-per-view this past weekend.

As Callis hangs up with Omega on the phone, in comes Sami Callihan who walks right on up to Callis as soon as he sees that Callis is no longer talking to Omega on the phone. Sami then informs/warns Callis stating that he is coming for what’s his – the Impact World Championship title! On that note, Callihan takes his exit, leaving Callis to ponder that one!

Elsewhere Backstage – Taylor Wilde

Next we head over to backstage interviewer Gia Miller who happens to find Taylor Wilde on her search backstage for more information on the return of Wilde during tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling – Rebellion 2021 Fall-Out episode! As Wilde shares her excitement regarding her return to the Skyway Studios Arena, on cue, both Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb approach her.

Tenille wastes no time as she begins a discussion with Wilde, where she proceeds to share with Wilde that she is currently searching for a partner to join her in the upcoming tag-team match up. Unfortunately for Tenille, after listening to the entire speech, Wilde politely declines her offer, though Tenille and Kaleb seem to think her “no” is a *wink wink* “yes”. Well ok then.

Announcer’s Table – Quick Announcement

At this point we return to the announcer’s table at ringside inside the Skyway Studios arena where we see the commentary team of D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker sitting side by side at the announcer’s table as they report that two more qualification matches will take place tonight. It’ll be Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona in a Rebellion rematch. And in the main event, Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards will renew their blood feud for a shot at Omega’s Championship!

Sam Beale vs. W. Morrissey

At this point we head back over to the ring as the next match up of the evening is getting ready to take place. Out first as his entrance theme plays him down the ramp and into the ring is W. Morrissey. Morrissey then awaits his opponent for tonight’s match-up as the entrance theme for Sam Beale sounds in the arena and Beale quickly makes his way down the ramp to enter the ring face to face with Morrisey. Before anything further can take place, Morrisey quickly grabs a microphone to amplify whatever statement he is about to make to the fans and/or fellow IMPACT roster members.

Morrisey holds the microphone closer to his face as he begins by stating that in this business, there are bad guys (well I’m glad we held up the match for that vital unshared piece of news). He then continues on to share that the difference between him and the others is that he’ll tell you to your face that he’s a bad guy. On that note, W. Morrissey grabs his opponent, Sam Beale who is up on the top turnbuckle, and punt kicks him in the gut. W. Morrissey then quickly follows up with a Jackknife Powerbomb that puts Beale hard on the canvas in the center of the ring as Morrissey goes for the cover and gets the three count pin and win!

Winner: W. Morrissy

After the Match

Immediately following the match, the commentary team notes that W. Morrissey keeps his undefeated streak going with tonight’s victory over Beale. On that note, the segment comes to an end as we head backstage inside the Skyway Studios Arena!

Backstage – Kimber Lee

As we head backstage and see Kimber Lee, she wastes no time as she states that she is ready to be the first woman to get her hands on the returning Taylor Wilde. The Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo says she is going to watch Lee’s match from the back. Lee and Susan are cool with it.

Mostly quiet until this point, Gia Miller finally pipes in to asks Deonna Purrazzo if she has some sort of trick up her sleeve to guarantee her win in the match. An offended Purrazzo asks how she would even ask a question like that…. She is corrected and then informed that Purrazzo has corrects her and says she has beaten every Knockout in this division, and she isn’t scared of anyone. Just as she turns around, Havok is standing right in front of her. Both women stare each other down…. yikes.

Backstage- Willie Mack

Next, Gia Miller shares how she noticed at Rebellion that W. Morrissey’s focused on Willie Mack, throughout the match. She asks Mack what he thinks about that. He says he doesn’t get what his problem is. He challenges W. Morrissey to a match at Under Siege to settle their differences. On that note, we head back to the ring for the next match of the evening!

Taylor Wilde vs. Kimber Lee (w/Susan)

We return to the ring for the next match up of the evening where we get the ring entrances for Kimber Lee first who is accompanied by Susan as Lee’s entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the arena. THe two make their way down the ramp to enter the ring and await her opponent for tonight’s match up. Out next, as her entrance theme sounds and she makes her way out for her official return to IMPACT Wrestling, Taylor Wilde makes her way to the stage for a pop!

Wilde then makes her way down the ramp to enter the ring with her opponent, Kimber Lee. The referee moves to the center of the ring and signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match up of is officially underway! To start the action off in this match up, Kimber Lee immediately lands a Dropkick that takes Taylor Wilde off her feet in the first few minutes of the match! As Wilde makes her way back up to her feet to continue the match, once again Lee takes Wilde back down to the canvas, now turning this into a take-down fest!

At one point we see that Taylor Wilde has had enough of being dominated on what was supposed to be an amazing return accompanied by a kickass match she won with ease… which is not exactly ho turns it around with a perfect arm drag from off the rope and a lariat. Cover. Lee kicks out. Wilde reverses out of Lee’s control with a wheelbarrow. Lee throws Wilde off her high just as the show is about to take a commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break, we return to the ring where Wilde is trapped by Lee who refuses to let go of her foot in the corner of the ring as the referee looks to break the two apart. Lee then connects with a Lotus Lock that Wilde is able to force Lee to break afte Lee wrenches Wilde’s neck back while pulling her hair. Wilde tries to take the fight to Lee, but Lee trips her into the rope. Lee distracts the referee while Susan hits Wilde with her shoe.

Later inside the ring, both women exchange Forearm blows back and forth. At this point Wilde lands multiple Clothesline that lead into a Tilt a Whirl Headscissors takedown in the center of Thring. Lee is able to kick out, only to have Lee kicks out. Lee catches Wilde with a jawbreaker. Cover. Wilde kicks out. Lee ascends to the top rope and misses a senton from off the top turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Finally, Wilde is able to catch Lee in a Deathlock to force Lee to submit giving Wilde the victory!

Winner: Taylor Wilde

After the Match

Immediately following the match, Susan makes her way into the ring and begins to land strikes to Wilde as Susan continues to attempt to block until finally suddenly Tenille Dashwood comes running out to the aid of Wilde!

Quick Announcement

Up next, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s the six-way X-Division match from Rebellion 2019.

Also, Josh Alexander will put his X-Division title on the line against the former champion, Ace Austin!

Backstage Interview

As we head backstage, Gia Miller finds D’Amore and proceeds to asks if there are any new updates in regards to the whereabouts of Omega. D’Amore checks and then responds that nothing ihe hasn’t heard anything yet.

Moose Interrupts

Moose interrupts and tells D’Amore he’s the guy to yank the title off of Omega. Moose grabs D’Amore’s collar and reminds him just because they’re on the same side now it does not mean he has any beef with D’Amore still. James Storm sees Moose grabbing D’Amore and says he better watch his step. Next week, Moose and James Storm will compete in this Six-Way Qualification event.

X-Division Championship Match
Josh Alexander (c) vs. Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton)

As we return to the ring for the next match-up of the evening, both Ace and Alexander make their way to the ring as their entrance themes play them down the ramp and into the ring one by one respectively. With both opponents in the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match is officially underway. To start the action, Ace and Alexander both attempt to take control until finally Alexander is able to flop Austin the tha canvas for the first take-down of the match!

In response, Ace finds a way to roll free, though Alexander doesn’t give up his handle on the arm of Ace. Josh maintains an arm wrench. Alexander hits a Northern Lights suplex. He collides with Ace in the corner and hits a backbreaker for two. Ace kicks Alexander several times in the back and tries for his own pin attempt. He stomps away at Josh in the corner. The two trade chops. Jackknife pin attempt by Ace but there’s a kickout. Ace feeds Alexander elbows on the canvas.

As both competitors make their way back to a standing position, the match continues. Both men make their way to the corner of the ring as they make their way to the top turnbuckle struggling to establish control in the match-up as Ace successfully knocks Alexander down to the rings canvas for a hurricanrana. He flings Josh down, but Josh Germans Ace hard. Ace kicks away at Alexander but Josh flings him in a major airplane slam. Two count. Alexander goes for a double underhook but Ace fights back only to get caught in an ankle lock. Ace kicks away at Josh yet again and gets another very near fall.

This leads to Ace stomping over and over on Alexander in the corner of the ring. Alexander eventually makes his way back to his feet. The two men duke it out on the apron and it’s Josh who gives him a World’s Strongest Slam on the apron. Back in the ring, Ace fights with his knees and hits a spinning kick from the turnbuckle. He vaults himself off the top and gets a very near fall on the champ. FINALLY, Austin leaps off top only to be caught by Alexander in a jarring powerbomb and turns it in the ankle lock. Austin taps.

WINNER and STILL X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

After the Match

Immediately following the match, we head into replays that highlight the main points of the match up.

Backstage – Callis

As we again head backstage, we see that Callis is still on the line with his airline guy. In comes Johnny Swinger admitting he owes Callis $20K. Instead of paying that, Callis needs Swinger to get someone to pick Omega up from the airport.

Backstage Interview – Knockout Tag Champions Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. Jordynne says Rachael was the missing piece. Ellering credits Jazz and as she talks the team’s chemistry, in comes Fire & Flava. They want their rematch at Under Siege.

Under Siege Qualifier Match
Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona

As we head back to the ring for the next match up of the evening, we get the ring entrances for both Myers and Cardona respectively before the referee moves to the center of the ring to signal for the bell. The bell rings and this match up is officially underway! To start the action in the match up, Cardona immediately goes on the attack and sweeps Myers into the guardrail. Myers still wants to fight, the bell rings and he kicks Cardona in his bad knee.

Myers continues to maintain the offense after that and focuses on his knee. Cardona hits his basement dropkick but obviously favors his knee. Myers utilizes the steel stairs to drop Matt on his knee and we go to commercial break.

We return from the commercial break and Myers is in control. He leg locks the bad knee and continues to attack that. Myers wraps Matt’s knee around the ring post several times. Later on, Matt fires off a dropkick from up top, but not long Myers hits an Edge DDT for a two count. Matt catches Myers for a major sky high slam for a two count. He soon hits a flatliner before sizing him up for the Roster Cut. Matt catches him with his Radio Silence. 1-2-3. He qualifies.

Winner: Matt Cardona


VBD cites disappoint as the key word for his promo. Disappoint can be futile. He talks up Rhino to carry the mantle of the faction in the Under Siege qualifier.

Quick Announcement

Big news as NJPW’s El Phantasmo will debut in IMPACT next week.

Under Siege Qualifier Match
Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

After the final commercial break we head to the ring for the main event match up which is another Under Siege qualifier match with Callihan and Edwards. Sami gets control by brutalizing Eddie in the corner. Sami has Eddie in a tight sleeper and back elbows Eddie down. He then turns that into a side headlock. Eddie finds a window by tossing Sami off the top turnbuckle. Hard chops and strikes are traded. Eddie hits a blue thunder bomb for a near fall.

Eddie aims for the Boston Knee Party but Sami pops him up for a powerbomb. Kenny Omega comes running out with the Good Brothers as they take out both competitors. They hold Sami up for a V-Trigger, but Fin Juice comes out to save him. The bad guys gain control and Callis gets on the mic to say “what a great way to celebrate.”

Winner: No Contest

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