IMPACT Wrestling Results 2/9/21

Impact Wrestling Results (02/09/21): Skyway Studio, Nashville, TN

Welcome to’s LIVE results coverage for the February 9, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling which airs live from the Skyway Studio in Nashville, Tennessee starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. Central Time) on AXS TV! Tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling is the “Go-Home” show before this weekend’s IMPACT Wrestling “No Surrender” pay-per-view event!

Advertised for the February 9, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS tv, just days before Rich Swann defends the IMPACT World Championship against Tommy Dreamer on his 50th birthday, the two IMPACT Wrestling mainstays will sign the contract for their highly-anticipated No Surrender main event. It was last week on IMPACT! when Swann and Dreamer came out on the losing end of a match against Moose and Chris Bey. Will the two friends be able to put that loss behind them and focus on their friendly World Title clash this Saturday at No Surrender?

Featured below are complete results of the February 9, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling! The following report was written by’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Wrestling Results – (02-09-21)

Show Opening

As the February 9th, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling kicks off at the top of the hour, we enter Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, Tennessee as we are welcomed by tonight’s commentary team of D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker. After a quick run down of the matches already advertised for this evening’s IMPACT Wrestling “Go-Home” edition heading into this Saturday’s No Surrender pay-per-view event. We then head to the ring for the first official match-up of the evening as we get the entrances for the participants in the match.

Eight-Man Tag-Team Match
Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel, Suicide & Willie Mack vs. Chris Bey, Blake Christian, Daivari & Ace Austin

We get the entrances of all eight contenders set for tonight’s Eight-Man Tag-Team Match-Up as the referee finally stands in the center of the ring to start the match, he signals for the bell. The bell rings and our first match of the evening is officially underway! To start things off, Blake Christian is in from his team and Josh Alexander is the legal man in for his team. Alexander immediately Body Slams Christian out of the gate! A quick tag is made to Ace.

Ace comes in ready but Alexander gets a quick take-down and applies an Ankle Lock. Ace tries to get loose, Alexander hits a Scoop Slam before tagging in Trey. Alexander pops Trey on top of Ace. Trey Manhattan drops Ace who then has had enough and looks for the tag. Ace successfully makes the tag to Bey. Bey enters the ring with Trey and immediately lands a Big Dropkick, but at this point, Miguel gets blind tag by Suicide. Suicide and Chris Bey run the ropes and Suicide hits a Head Scissors that leads into a Slam, then finishes up with a Basement Dropkick for the cover. Kick out at the two.

Chris Bey is unintentionally taken out with a Suicide Dive by Ace. We then see Willie make his way into the ring, then automatically he gets dragged to the corner. Daivari tags in and heads over to the corner where Willie is and begins to beat Willie down. Daivari then lands a Clothesline that leads into a cover for a two count, Willie kicking out just in time to keep the match alive. Willie struggles to get the tag to his corner, finally getting the tag to Trey who hits a Jumping Stomp following up with a Muta lock. Mack and Daivari knock one another out of the ring.

At this point, it’s Bey and Austin double-teaming Suicide, but Suicide takes them both down. Suicide looks to Whip Christian who is able to side step. Christian then takes it to Trey and Suicide. Christian then lands a Springboard Flatliner for a two count. Then, Christian hangs Trey over the ropes as he goes for a Flipping Senton but Trey rolls through, hitting an Enzuguri, quickly following up with an Hourglass Submission for the win!

Winners: Trey Miguel, Willie Mack, Suicide and Josh Alexander

After the Match

We see Sami Callahan on the big screen where he “congratulates” Trey. He’s curious when Trey will flake out again, stating Trwy might as well save us the embarrassment and just quit now. Trey shouts angrily in response.

Quick Announcement

We are informed that after the break, we will hear from ODB.


ODB is seen getting prepared for her match as we head to the commercial break.


As we return from commercial break, we see a montage of IMPACT wrestlers, new and old, all wishing Tommy Dreamer a Happy 50th Birthday with well wishes before we return to the ring for the second match up of the evening.

One-On-One Women’s Match
Kimber Lee (with Susan and Deonna Purrazzo) vs. ODB

Kimber Lee makes her way to the ring accompanied by both Susan and Deonna Purrazzo as Lee’s entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the Skyway Studios Arena. ODB makes her way out next, entering the ring for tonight’s match-up. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our second match of the evening is officially underway! To start things off, the two female competitors circle one another, then stop to stare each other down. Finally, we see Kimber goes for a powder.

Kimber then makes her way back into the ring where she begins to mimic ODB’s taunts. ODB Chest Bumps Lee once, then again, this time knocking Lee off her feet as she lands on the canvas. ODB is in control until Lee chops her in the corner. ODB immediately fires back with Chops of her own followed by Chest slaps to Lee. Kimber rips ODB off of the top. Kimber then locks in a Body Scissors before taking ODB down and landing her out at ringside where Deonna and Susan begin to Stomp a temporarily defenseless ODB as we go to commercial.

As we return from the commercial break, ODB has returned to the ring and is now in control as she continuously drops Kimber before hitting a Bronco Buster in the corner. ODB follows up with a pin attempt, Lee is able to kick out at the two. At this point, Susan and Deonna are able to distract ODB until Jazz and Jordynne Grace come to the rescue. The four women proceed to brawl at ringside. Susan throws both her shoes at the women as ODB dives on top of them.

As ODB slides back into the ring, she doesn’t get a chance to do anything before getting rolled up by Kimber who took advantage of the distraction and pins ODB for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Kimber Lee

Swinger’s Casino

We go to Swinger’s Casino just in time to see a penny-less Fallah Bahh being kicked out of Johnny Swinger’s poker table as we go to commercial break.

In-Ring – Cousin Jake

As we return from the commercial break, Cousin Jake makes his way out to the ring where he discusses the betrayal by his own family, and talks about how Cody sided with Violent By Design.

At this point, Violent By Design’s music sounds as they make their way out to the stage, then head down to the ring where they join Cousin Jake. EY demands an answer from Jake, telling Jake to join them. Jake turns them down and is immediately attacked in the ring. EY then states that Jake and Deaner will end everything at No Surrender this weekend.


As we head backstage, a visibly angry Susan states she is not happy with how things went down with Jazz and Jordynne Grace down at the ring. Deonna Purrazzo chimes in stating that this is the Age of Virtuosa, and she’ll make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.

Susan still isn’t satisfied, so she states she plans to talk to their manager, Scott D’Amore, and demand a Knockouts tag team match at No Surrender.

Backstage – Rohit Raju

As we head backstage we head to where Raju states he’s turning to his monster, Shera, the same way TJP is turning towards his monster, Manik. Raju is excited to have Shera in his corner for his X-Division Championship against TJP for this Saturday’s No Surrender match up.

“Paid Advertisement” – Tony Khan & Tony Schiavone

Not too shockingly, we once again head into a paid advertisement with Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone who are at TIAA Field in Jacksonville, FL. They bring up KENTA’s invasion. The two-Tony’s go on to state that this week they are here to talk about the “forbidden door” that seems to be in the dirt sheets lately. Khan says all along, he’s been the forbidden door in pro wrestling.

After that, they run-down what is to be expected on tomorrow’s AEW Dynamite which includes a TNT Championship defense, the Women’s Tournament Eliminator, and a Falls Count Anywhere match with KENTA & Kenny Omega taking on Jon Moxley & Lance Archer. Khan finishes his statement by saying that he’ll be back in Nashville sooner… rather than later.

Backstage – The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers realize that James Storm and Chris Sabin are good, but one thing that they aren’t are the tag champs, nor the Good Brothers. They’re gonna do what they do best: beat up Storm and Sabin! They’re gonna get a 1-2-3 and a just “too sweet.”

Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) vs. Nevaeh (with Havok)

We go back to the ring for more Knockouts action as we get entrances for both competitors and their tag along’s. Inside the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and Kiera begins talking trash to Nevaeh. Nevaeh having heard enough heads in towards Kira and then both women immediately begin to trade shots. Neveah with a Snapmare followed by a Low Level Clothesline for the cover. Kiera is able to kick out at one.

This is immediately followed up with a Backslide for the cover once again, this time getting a two count. A Big Clothesline by Nevaeh gets yet another two count. Back to their feet and at this point, Neveah gets tripped over the second ropes and then gets choked, allowing Kiera to get the cover. Nevaeh kicks out at two. Back to her feet, Nevaeh lands a Hard Knife Edge Chop on Kiera who attempts to counter as she goes for a Roundhouse, to no avail as she misses.

Nevaeh then hits Kiera with a Running Knee Strike followed by multiple Forearms. Nevaeh then knocks Kiera back then winds up slamming her to the canvas for the cover which Kiera is able to kick out at the two count. Nevaeh goes for a Suplex but Kiera holds onto the ropes. Kiera then walks into the STO. The referee catches Steelz planting Nevaeh with a Codebreaker and calls for this match to be in Nevaeh’s favor via DQ.

Winner: Nevaeh

Video Clip

We head into more Happy Birthday wishes for Tommy Dreamer, this time from MJF, Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Eddie Kingston, Taz, The Young Bucks and Santana & Ortiz who all wish Tommy Dreamer a happy 50th. MJF then adds that he just doesn’t see Dreamer winning the World Championship this Saturday.

Backstage – Scott D’Amore

We head backstage where Fire ‘N Flava demand Scott D’Amore do something about it after they lose their match. They blame referee Brandon Tolle for his “bad calls”. D’Amore says he will definitely ban Tolle from refereeing their match on Saturday, but they will have to defend their Knockouts Tag Team Championship against Havok and Nevaeh at No Surrender.


We return to the ring where we see Tenille Dashwood, who will be helping XXXL with their ongoing feud with Decay. Tonight, Kaleb (with a “K”) issues a challenge to either member of Decay. Rosemary states they have an animal who is hungry and ready to feed. It’s AAA’s Black Taurus! Kaleb and Black Taurus will be in action next! With that, we head to commercial break.

Kaleb vs. Black Taurus

Black Taurus comes in hot with a big Samoan Drop on Kaleb. He sends him away with another big slam for the short pinfall victory!

Winner: Black Taurus

After the Match

We once again head to commercial break.


Hernandez gets his money from Brian Myers, but he wants all of it now. Myers states that he’ll only give it to Hernandez if they win their tag match against Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona. Fallah Bahh sees Myers with the stash of cash and looks confused.

Impact World Tag Team Championship
The Good Brothers (c) vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin

We head back to the ring for the main event of the evening. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match is officially underway. To start things off, we have Chris Sabin and Karl Anderson in for their teams. Coincidentally, we see both men go straight for a Collar-Neck Lockup. Sabin is able to get his arm locked in. Anderson breaks it with a Drop Down as we head to commercial break.

As we return from the final commercial break, we see both Storm and Sabin double teaming Anderson and getting a take down for the cover. Anderson kicks out at the two. At this point, Storm takes Anderson down to the canvas with a Side Headlock. Anderson is then backed into the corner before TGB come back and Doc hits a series of Elbow Drops for the cover. Anderson again kicks out at the two. We then see TGB take control of the match.

Anderson lands a Hard Right on Storm from the apron. TGB then cuts the ring in half and isolate Sabin as Matt Hardy and Private Party come out onto the stage at the top of the ramp. Storm then come in and Sabin lands an Enzuguri to Karl. Storm then hits a Back Stabber just as Private Party interfere by attacking Storm and Sabin for the DQ.

Winner: James Storm and Chris Sabin

After the Match

Commentary notes that Storm and Sabin defeated The Good Brothers via disqualification, but The Good Brothers retain their titles due to champions advantage.


After the match, we head backstage where Matt Hardy states that Private Party “eliminated” Sabin and Cowboy, just as D’Amore comes in. He suggests his boys kind of crossed the line here with that interference. He’s got a problem because they spoiled the party for Sabin and Storm. He then reveals that it’s a three way match at this weekend’s No Surrender pay-per-view event! We head back to the ring for the contract signing!

Tommy Dreamer & Rich Swann Contract Signing

As we return to the ring, it is time for the contract signing with Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer! D’Amore, Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer are all in the ring as they get this signing underway. Scott once again reminds us that this Saturday is not just the No Surrender pay-per-view event, but it’s also Tommy Dreamer’s 50th birthday. On that note, Swann grabs the pen and Swann signs the contract first, with a smile on his face.

At this point, Dreamer grabs the mic. Dreamer begins by thanking both Swann and Scott for the opportunity and notes that there are so many men and women in the back that deserve this more than him. Tommy continues on as he reminds Swann and everyone listening that he first defeated Taz for his first World Title. Dreamer then adds that for his second title, he defeated another friend, Christian. Dreamer then tells Swann there is no holes in his offense, but there are some holes in his defense. He then points out Swann’s bad leg adding that he will come for it.

Moose Interrupts

At this point we hear the entrance theme for Moose hit the speakers inside the arena as Moose makes his way to the stage. Moose starts off by stating that Rich is supposed to be a fighting champion, but to Moose it looks like he’s taking the night off because he’s fighting a 50-year-old man. D’Amore warns him about potentially being suspended. Moose continues on stating that he has no reason to interfere because he knows he can beat both of them. He says he’s the real world champion.

Swann begins arguing with him until Tommy chimes in loudly and tells them both to “shut the hell up”. Dreamer states that he doesn’t wrestle for money anymore, he wrestles for people and the dreamers in the back. He’ll keep on fighting. 50 years ago he knows that a Dreamer was born and there’s dreamers backstage. He’ll keep fighting for good. He wants to spread good throughout this world. For three hours, he wants people to forget about the problems in this world.

On that note, Dreamer officially accepts the match and he signs the contract. The show ends with Dreamer shaking Swann’s hand.

**That’s the show! Be sure to return this Saturday for IMPACT Wrestling’s “No Surrender” pay-per-view event results right here at! As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome! RUSH OUT!!

IMPACT Wrestling Results (February 9, 2021)

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