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IMPACT Wrestling Results (04/22/21): Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN

Welcome to’s Impact Wrestling Results coverage for the Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 edition of IMPACT which aired from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. Central Time) available EXCLUSIVELY on AXS TV.

Featured below are complete LIVE results of the Thursday, April 22, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling. The following report was written by’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Wrestling – (April 22, 2021)

Show Opening

We enter the Skyway Studios arena in Nashville, Tennessee for the Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling that continues to bring the action! We start tonight off with an official “welcome” from the IMPACT commentary team of D-Lo Brown and Matt Striker as they sit at the announcer’s table!

Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs. Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus (w/ Rosemary)

We head to the ring inside the Skyway Studios arena in Nashville, TN as we kick off the first match of the evening for Thursday, April 22, 2021! We get entrances for The Good Brothers members Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows as well as Decay members Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus w/ Rosemary. With both teams at ringside the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our first match up of the evening is officially underway!

To kick off the action inside the ring, Crazzy Steve of Decay and Karl Anderson of The Good Brothers are in the ring first. Crazzy Steve sends Anderson towards the corner of the ring after messing with him early on. In response, Anderson throws Steve back into the same corner. Next Anderson charges towards Steve and lands a massive Uppercut. Crazzy Steve makes his way over to his team’s corner in order to tag in Black Taurus.

Black Taurus immediately heads into the ring to do some work on Karl Anderson’s arm. Anderson struggles to make his way over to his corner, finally making the tag to Doc Gallows. Gallows comes in hot and quickly takes the action to Black Taurus as he slams Taurus’s face into the top turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Gallows quickly follows up with multiple Forearm shots to Taurus before once again making the tag to Anderson! As Anderson returns to the ring, he goes at Taurus and immediately is put into the arms of Taurus who locks in a Side Headlock. Anderson struggles and fights to break free, but Taurus instead sends Anderson across the ring, thrown over towards his corner. Once again, Gallows makes a tag in. Gallows re-enters the ring and goes back and forth with Taurus. Taurus launches himself into Gallows with a Corkscrew.

Crazzy Steve ducks out of the corner with a rollup at this point. Anderson pops out a two. Steve continues the onslaught with a perfect flatliner. Black Taurus comes in to keep Gallows out of the ring to no avail. Finally, we see Crazzy Steve get caught by Doc Gallows. The Good Brothers then send Steve packing with their Magic Killer finisher for the three count pin and win!

Winners: The Good Brothers

After The Match

Immediately following the match, The Good Brothers take a moment to thank NJPW’s FinJuice for bringing this fire out of them. They look forward to reclaiming their titles on Sunday in their Impact World Tag Team match!

Announcer’s Table

We return to the announcer’s table at ringside, D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker give fans a quick run down for what fans can expect tonight, as well as for the rest of this week, as Impact Wrestling takes over AXS TV until this Sunday.

Impact Talent Predictions

As we take a look at the historic main event that is set to take place in just three days, we get the opinions of Impact talent Matt Cardona, Trey Miguel, Shera, Gia Miller and James Storm think Rich Swann will bring home the AEW World Championship, as well as retain the Impact World Championship.

Violent By Design

Violent By Design is gearing up for their eight-man match at Rebellion. Eric Young reiterates that the world does not belong to guys like James Storm. It belongs to VBD. Tonight, Young will see himself in action against Eddie Edwards, who will also be part of this eight-man collision on Sunday.

Susan (w/Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb)

Susan is not happy to see Kaleb taking pictures at ringside. It starts to distract her. The bell rings. Both women go for a knuckle lockup. Susan plants a toehold which turns into a cover. Tenille kicks out. Tenille traps Susan into a pin. Susan kicks out. Tenille nudges Susan with a Dashwoogie. Deonna Purrazzo distracts Tenille, causing a blindside for her, but an advantage for Susan as we get a Sunset Flip just before the commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break, Susan is in control of Tenille inside the ring. As the action continues on, Tenille comes back with a Clothesline that is quickly followed up with a Suplex into the corner of the ring. Next Tenille crosses over into a Sliding Cross Body for the cover! Susan is able to kick out at the two to continue the match up. Up next, Tenille locks in a Tarantula that is followed up with her landing a Neckbreaker off the ropes. Finally, she hits the Spotlight Kick for the three count pin and the win.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

After the Match

Following the victory, Tenille and Deonna exchange words before Tenille challenges Deonna to a title match at Rebellion this weekend, Deonna accepts.

Backstage – Brian Myers

Brian Myers takes his blindfold off and says he can see right through his former friend, Matt Cardona. He is ready to conclude their decade-long rivalry.

Jake Something vs Shera (w/ Rohit Raju)

We return to the ring for the next match up of the evening as Jake Something makes his way to the ring. Out next is Shera who is accompanied by Rohit Raju. With both competitors inside the ring, the referee moves to the center of the ring and signals for the bell. The bell rings and our next match up of the evening is officially underway. Early on in the match, we see Jake take control. Some back and forth action until Rohit gets up on the apron and distracts Jake before Shera capitalizes with a sit-out powerbomb that leads into a cover for the three count pin and the victory!

Winner: Shera

At The Gym

Next we head over to the gym where Trey Miguel talks to his former teacher about the situation with Sami Callihan. Miguel’s teacher tells him to show Sami what he’s made of at Rebellion. We then get a “training montage” highlighting Trey Miguel.

In-Ring – IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann

We return to the ring inside the Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, TN as the IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann makes his way to the stage as his entrance theme sounds over the speakers. Swann then heads down the ramp and in to the ring.

Don Callis and Kenny Omega Interrupt

Before Swann can get things hyped up, suddenly Don Callis and AEW World champion Kenny Omega show up on the big screen. Omega and Callis proceed to cut a promo ahead of their “Title versus Title Match” set to take place at Rebellion this coming Sunday night. As Rich once again attempts to speak, he is again interrupted.

Moose Joins Rich Swann In-Ring

This time, by Moose who comes out to the ring and congratulates Rich on his victory and wishes him luck in his title match against Kenny Omega while giving him advice. He continues on to state that if Swann could go through him as he did at Sacrifice, there is nothing that’s going to stop him from dethroning Omega. Moose wishes Swann luck and advises him not to lose his titles. If he does, there will be ultimate consequences. Swann promises he’ll retain and bring him the AEW World Championship home. But what he looks forward to the most is pinning Moose again.

Deonna Purrazzo, Josh Alexander and Willie Mack are rooting for Rich Swann to bring home all the gold on Sunday.

Video Hype Package – Taylor Wilde

At this point, we head into a video hype package that highlights the return of Taylor Wilde.

Kiera Hogan (w/Tasha Steelz) vs. Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace darts out and hoists Kiera Hogan up. The powerhouse throws the Knockouts Tag Champ towards the corner before hitting a big spinebuster in the center of the ring. Jordynne looks for a cover. Hogan kicks out. Jordynne hoists Kiera up in the torture rack position. Kiera breaks free. Kiera sends Jordynne into the corner and lands several side attacks. Tasha Steelz comes in and breaks up the pin after Jordynne sends Kiera crashing to the mat with a beautiful muscle buster.

Winner By DQ: Jordynne Grace

After the Match

Fire ‘N Flava continue the ambush on Jordynne Grace. All of a sudden…

Rachael Ellering Joins

The music hits for Rachael Ellering! Ellering charges down to the ring and quickly evens the odds for Jordynne. At this point, Jordynne announces that Rachael is her partner for their Knockouts Tag Team title match on Sunday. Fire ‘N Flava do not seem pleased with the announcement!

“Impact Plus Moment of the Week” – Last Year’s #1 Contender Match At Rebellion

Next we head into a video that takes a look back at the X-Division No. 1 Contender’s match from Rebellion last year as part of the Impact Plus Moment of the Week.

Video Clip – FinJuice

In Japan, the Impact World Tag Team Champions, FinJuice, are sick and tired of hearing The Good Brother’s excuses. They find it comical that the former champions believe they’ll reclaim their titles on Sunday. FinJuice tells them to keep on dreaming because they are ready to shut them up and retain their hard-earned titles.

Video Package – Rich Swann vs. Kenny Omega Recap

Just three days away from their once-in-a-lifetime match, we take a look back at how this all began. A recap airs showing the highs both Rich Swann and Kenny Omega have had before coming into this match. Former Impact World Champions Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan refuse to let Omega succeed over Swann.

Announcer’s Table

As we get close to the main event match, at the announcer’s table both D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker run through Rebellion’s card one more time. The full list is available here.

>b>Eric Young (w/Violent By Design) vs. Eddie Edwards (w/James Storm, Chris Sabin & Willie Mack)

We head to the ring for the main event match up of the Thursday, April 22, 2021 edition of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV! We go to the ring entrances with Eric Young making his way to the ring with Violent By Design. Out next is Eddie Edwards who makes his way out accompanied by James Storm, Chris Sabin, and Willie Mack. With both competitors inside the ring, the referee moves to the center of the ring and signals for the bell. The bell rings and the main event is officially underway! To start off the action, Edwards immediately takes control of the match. Edwards lands a belly-to-belly suplex that leads into another side headlock. With that, we head into the final commercial break.

As we return from the final commercial break of the evening, we head back to the ring where Young has control as he slows Eddie on the top turnbuckle. Young quickly ties him up in the ropes after. up in the ropes before Eddie falls down onto the floor and Young drives him into the apron. The match makes it’s way back into the ring. As the match continues, Eddie lands multiple strikes to Young, following up with a clothesline. Young slows Eddie with a Back Elbow for the cover. Eddie kicks out at the two to continue the match.

Both men make their way back to their feet as Young makes his way up to the top turnbuckle. Eddie crotches Young to slow the action drastically. He follows up with a Superplex and finishes with an Enzuguri to Young. Young then retaliates with a Backpack Stunner which caues Eddie to counter with a blue thunderbomb for another near fall. The two go back and forth until finally Young hits a DVD for the cover. Eddie then hits a Tiger Driver for a near fall of his own. The six men at ringside then brawl before Joe distracts Eddie and EY wins off of an inside cradle once Eddie gets back inside for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Eric Young defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall.

After the Match

An all out brawl ensues following the bell… continuing as the show goes off the air for the end of Impact Wrestling on April 22, 2021!

Be sure to return this Sunday for Impact Rebellion 2021 Results here at!

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