IMPACT Wrestling On AXS TV Results (12/15/2020)

IMPACT Wrestling On AXS TV Results (12/15/2020): Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN.

Welcome to’s LIVE Results for the December 15, 2020 edition of Impact Wrestling (Fallout Episode) following this past Saturday’s IMPACT Final Resolution 2020 pay-per-view event. Tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling airs live from the Skyway Studio in Nashville, Tennessee starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. Central Time) on AXS TV! Impact Wrestling’s Official Website confirmed earlier today that AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis will return to IMPACT! this Tuesday at 8/7c on AXS TV!

Featured below are complete results of the December 15, 2020 edition of IMPACT Wrestling! The following report was written by’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Wrestling Fallout Edition Results (12-15-20)

Show Opening

We are welcomed by Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne to the December 15, 2020 “Final Resolution 2020” Fallout Edition of IMPACT Wrestling airing on AXS TV and Twitch as it hits 8:00 p.m. EST. We head into a video recap of this past Sunday’s IMPACT Final Resolution 2020 as well as Kenny Omega winning the AEW World Championship.

The Knockouts head into the first match up of tonight’s show with a Grudge Match from Final Resolution! The bell rings and we are underway. We see Alisha and Tenille as they trash talk each other back and forth. Tenille then takes down Alisha and lays in a few good shots. We see Alisha struggle but she makes it back to her feet. Alisha then heads to the ropes and off the top lands a take down on Tenille followed by an attempted Flatliner, though Tenille breaks free. Again Alisha hits another take down, and again off the ropes for a Senton that leads into a cover for a two count.

Alisha then locks in the Headscissors on Tenille to try and turn things around in this match up. but Tenille is able to fight back and takes down Alisha for a near-fall. Tenille then gets Alisha through the ropes and pulls her hair, followed by a Double Under-hook Suplex for a cover of her own! A kick-out continues the match as Tenille sets Alisha in the corner where she proceeds to Stomp her repetitively. Tenille continues to build momentum as she hits a Suplex out of the corner! She then gets a Side Headlock on Alisha then the Dashwoggie. Tenille then locks in a submission hold leading to a Sidewalk Slam.

We see Alisha as she struggles and attempts to crawl to a corner, but Tenille comes back and Whips her to the opposite turnbuckle across the ring. Tenille follows her in but Alisha spins to the apron leading to het making a comeback and looks for a Bulldog. Tenille counters as she shoots her off leading to a Kick to the midsection from Alisha. Alisha is then able to hit the Bulldog she tried for before, followed by a cover for the near-fall. Suddenly we see Kaleb pull Tenille out of the ring. Alisha climbs to the top and dives onto Kaleb as Tenille pushed him in the way.

Tenille makes her way back into the ring and catches Alisha coming back in with The Spotlight for yet another pin, this time getting the three count pin and win!

Winner: Tenille

After the Match

Immediately following the match, we see Sami Callihan as she shows up on the ‘tron above the stage and suggests that they finally put all the games to an end. Sami tells Eddie that this might be the last holiday he has with his family.

Backstage Interview – Motor City Machine Guns

We head backstage after the match where we see Gia Miller conducting an interview with the Motor City Machine Guns as they talk about their three step plan and comments ahead of Sabin’s main event match against Karl Anderson.

Parking Lot

Next, we head outside where we see Kenny Omega’s bus parked. Kenny and Don fire up Karl Anderson ahead of his match against Chris Sabin.

Backstage – Karl Anderson

As we return from commercial break, Karl Anderson storms into the building and nearly runs into Rich Swann. Anderson then bows up and demands that the champ go find Motor City. The Guns walk right up and Anderson begs off and say he’ll see them in the ring later tonight.

In-Ring – TNA World Heavyweight Moose

We head back into the arena as the entrance theme for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Moose, sounds over the speakers. Moose makes his way to the ring carrying the TNA World Heavyweight belt. Moose has a microphone in hand as he begins to speak. Moose starts off by stating that the difference between himself and Rich Swann is that Swann stays hurt, while Moose stays hurting people. Moose then tells Swann to call his friend Willie Mack and ask him what pain feels like.

Willie Mack Returns!

Presumably wanting to answer the question directly, Willie’s entrance theme music hits… and the big man is in the building! We immediately see the IMPACT Security Team attempt to hold Willie back from getting in the ring. Willie claims he’s not mad about losing to Moose or even getting put on the shelf for a few weeks. He continues on to state what he IS mad at, is that it was a referee who made the decision for him that he was done, and couldn’t keep going.

“No referee is gonna tell me when I’m done!” Willie Mack states before challenging Moose to an “I Quit” match at Genesis on Saturday, January 9! At this point, Willie rushes the ring and security has to get in between them once again. Moose ends up accidentally attacking and injuring one of the guards before making his exit.

Backstage – Moose

We head backstage where Moose is still hyped up as he announces that he’s sick of independent wrestlers coming into IMPACT Wrestling.

Elsewhere Backstage – Rohit Raju

In another part of the backstage area, we see Chris Bey as he finds Rohit Raju and checks in on him after his unsuccessful victory to retain his X-Division Championship on Saturday. Bey then states he has an idea for Raju. He thinks he should unmask the new champion Manik to reveal that it’s TJP who’s underneath the mask. He informs Raju that he has a match against the new X-Division champion tonight and would like to have Raju be in his corner. Raju accepts his request.


Eric Young introduces us to the newly transformed Cody Deaner, who betrayed his tag partner Cousin Jake this past Saturday. Young says he is going to baptize Cody towards a new sense of change.

Paid Advertisement

During the break, we head into yet another paid ad with none other than AEW President/CEO Tony Khan and Head Commentator Tony Schiavone. Khan says something about teaching Don Callis a lesson about the wrestling business to which Schiavone, completely straight faced says, “Lesson one is gonna be how to find AXS TV because I don’t even know how to watch the show.” (Rush Note: SAME HERE!!) Later on Tony just casually asked, “Hey remember when TNA had fans?” They show a preview for what’s to come on AEW Dynamite tomorrow night.

Manik (TJP) vs. Chris Bey (w/ Rohit Raju)

As we return to the ring, it’s time for some X-Division action. We watch as both Manik, accompanied by TJP and Chris Bey (w/ Rohit Raju) make their ring entrances as their entrance themes sound in the arena. Finally in the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match up is officially underway! To start things off, Chris Bey shoves the new X-Division Champion Manik towards the corner. He follos up with a flurry of stomps.

At ringside, we see Rohit Raju is applauding Bey as he encourages him and continues on the outside. Manik puts Bey in a Tilt-a-Whirl turned Torture Rack Position. Manik flies out of the ring just before the show takes a commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break, we see Bey come off the second rope with a Flying Neck-breaker leading into a cover for a two-count. Manik back to his feet, as is Bey. We are informed by commentary that a lot of the action took place during the commercial break. In the ring, Bey is now in control with several Knees to the chest and neck of the champion. Both men start trading heavy strikes and kicks. Bey attempts to hit the Art of Finesse as he comes off the ropes… but lands on his feet and has to settle for a good ole’ Dropkick.

Manik is sent to ringside where he quickly crawls under the ring, and Rohit Raju comes out and goes after him. Manik shows up on the other side of the ring and heads up to the top where he then connects with a Missile Dropkick off the top for two. Rohit runs into the ring but Bey gets in his face and tells him to get lost. Rohit ends up attacking Bey out of frustration and the referee calls for the DQ.

Winner: Chris Bey (By Disqualification)

After the Match

We get an official announcement that the match ended with Manik’s Disqualification.

Backstage – Ethan Page & Josh Alexander

We head backstage after that strange match ending. We then see that Ethan Page and Josh Alexander are having a heated discussion as Page pleads with Alexander to trust him.

Page continues on to state that he has a plan for The North to get their IMPACT World Tag Team Championships back. Alexander seems to be done but Ethan says “we have your back” and he’s left standing there wondering who “we” is. Brian Myers then walks up and tells Alexander to move on and team with him because he’s a “tag team specialist”.

Kenny Omega’s Tour Bus

We once again return to the parking lot where Kenny Omega’s tour bus is parked. As we enter the tour bus, we see Omega is mocking Rich Swann as “Rich the B–ch.” At this point we see Karl Anderson take his leave as he has to go get ready for his match

Still in the tour bus, we see that Omega is miffed by how Swann was acting towards Anderson and says that he’s sorry for what he’s about to do.

Back in the ring, we’ll see which Knockouts Tag Team will advance towards the finals in the first semi-final match of the tournament!

Knockouts Tag Team Semi-Final Match
Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

As we return to the ring, it’s time to see which Knockouts Tag Teams will advance towards the finals in the first semi final match of the tournament. We get entrance theme music and a strut down the ramp and into the ring one by one. Finally all the Knockouts Tag Teams are inside the ring. The referee signals for the bell and this semi-final match is officially underway!

To start things off Tasha Steelz rushes at Taya Valkyrie to which Taya ducks out of the way, sending Tasha towards the ropes. To keep momentum up, Taya then follows through and slams Tasha on her back with a Spine-buster which she immediately follows up with an early pin attempt. Taya gets a near-fall count. Backing towards her corner, Taya tags in Rosemary. Ready to get in on the action, Rosemary comes in with a powerful throw. Taya looks like she’s had enough as she begins to crawl over to tag in Kiera Hogan. She makes the tag successfully.

Rosemary head in at Kiera and lands multiple Strikes once she’s in the ring. Tasha on the outside decides to get involved with Rosemary on the apron. Kiera uses the distraction to her advantage as she looks at this as her chance to go for a pin. Rosemary is able to kick out before the count of three. Tasha comes in briefly to lay a few shots before tagging Kiera back in. Tasha holds on to Rosemary, while Kiera slaps her around. Kiera crashes into the “Demon Assassin” with a Low Basement Dropkick that leads to another pin attempt.
Having had enough, Rosemary looks to finish this herself as she locks in her signature Upside Down maneuver. Kiera knocks Taya off the apron to keep her and Tasha ahead in the match.

Tasha heads up top but unfortunately has to roll through. Rosemary and Tasha tag in their partners at the same time. Taya comes in hot with a flurry of punches and a powerful spear in the center of the ring. Taya slams Kiera on to the canvas. The Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee run down and attack Rosemary. Purrazzo sends Rosemary crashing on the ramp with a flatliner. Taya gets knocked out by Kiera. Kiera Hogan looks for a final pin and gets the three count pin and win!

Winners: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

After the Match

It is announced that Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz will advance towards the finals of the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament.

Baptism Of Cody Deaner

Following the match, we once again go to the back where we see Eric Young continuing his baptism on Cody Deaner.

Backstage – Kiera and Tasha

As we head backstage, we get to see Kiera and Tasha as they celebrate their victory and hype up the final round. Hogan wants to know what happened to the giant wad of cash that conveniently disappeared from Tasha’s purse at Final Resolution.

With a look of confusion, Tasha claims she has no idea because it was stolen. Johnny Swinger shows up and hits on them (yes in their dressing room) so they leave. Swinger picks up the purse and takes the wad of cash out of a “kayfabe compartment”.

Brian Myers vs. Josh Alexander

The two lock up and Myers actually gets the better of the exchange, taking Alexander down to the mat. He gets arm-dragged to the apron and decides to take a breather, until Ethan Page runs down the ramp and gets in his face. Myers drops Ethan with a right hook and heads back to the ring to continue beating down Alexander, who was distracted trying to find out what happened to his partner.

Myers stays on the offense with a knee drop to the back of the neck. He drives his knee into the back repeatedly, before slapping on a headlock. Alexander powers him up into a back suplex and explodes out of the corner with a pump kick to the side of the head. Myers wobbles, but surprises Alexander with a big Saito suplex! Hold on… Ethan Page is back dressed up as Karate Man. He attacks Myers, causing the DQ.

Winner: Brian Myers (via DQ)

After the Match

Immediately following the match we see Karate Man strike a pose as he stares off into space. A semi-confused Alexander just stares at him momentarily before screaming and walking off alone. Meanwhile, Ethan Page has officially lost his mind.

Vignette – Cody Deaner and Eric Young

We head into a vignette that shows Cody Deaner completely chained to a table inside of Eric Young’s creepy dungeon/prison place. It is quite clear that Eric has brainwashed Cody. Eric tells Cody he’s been “baptised” of his sins in the “holy water of change”, pouring water over his head. Cody looks completely possessed at this point.

“You are free.”

Backstage – Cousin Jake

We once again head backstage where we stumble upon Cousin Jake and Rhino. The two are talking about how Eric Young has obviously corrupted Cody Deaner. On cue, we see Tommy Dreamer walk up and tells both Cousin Jake and Rhino that they need to actually DO something about it instead of letting it get any worse. Well put.

Karl Anderson vs. Chris Sabin

We get entrances for both Karl Anderson and Chris Sabin as their entrance themes sound over the speakers in the arena. With both men inside the ring the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and out next match up is officially underway!! To start things off in this match up, Anderson immediately rushes Sabin and lights him up with wild rights and lefts in the corner.

Once he actually gets into a rhythm, he adds some nice Forearm Shots. Anderson hits a Big Whip into the corner which gives him enough time to head over to the ropes and take a second to mock Alex Shelley at ringside. Once he gets bored with that, he then focuses on going back to work with Forearms and Heavy Stomps in the corner of the ring. We head to commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break and get back to the action, we see Anderson as he drills his thumbs into Sabin’s eyes to stomp him from gathering momentum. Sabin tries for a Dive to the outside, but Anderson caught him on the apron and drilled him into the edge of the ring. Anderson is still just beating the heck out of Sabin, choking him with his boot while using the ropes for leverage. The ref tells him to watch it, but he doesn’t care at all and just goes right back to stomping on him.

Anderson then locks on a side headlock, when out of nowhere, Sabin comes to life in Anderson’s grips as Sabin begins to rally. Unable to hold him while he continued to flail around to break free, Anderson just drops him backwards on his head and follows up with a pin fall attempt. Sabin kicked out at the count of two.

Sabin back to his feet begins to get hyped up as he is finally able to get something going with kicks to the body and legs. He hits a tornado DDT and comes off the top rope with a big diving crossbody. He throws Anderson into the corner and hits a running boot, followed by another Tornado DDT using the turnbuckles. Very close two-count as Anderson kicks out and looks around realizing what almost just happened. Anderson gets back to his feet and starts teeing off with Sabin, trading heavy shots back and forth.

Sabin hits a dropkick, but Anderson thunders right back and hits him with a lariat. They continue to trade shots until colliding in the center. Elbows. Forearms. Sabin hits a jump kick to give himself some space and hits the ropes, but runs into a Huge Spinebuster! 1… 2… no! Sabin tries for a surprise backslide, but only gets two. Anderson then turns it around on him and gets a handful of tights! 1… 2…3!

Winner: Karl Anderson


After the match, we head backstage where Rich Swann confronts Karl Anderson and the two end up trading blows right then and there.


Doc Gallows makes his return, and Motor City makes the save to set up a huge brawl. Swann ends up standing tall after dropping Gallows with a superkick, but he’s attacked out of nowhere by none other than… KENNY OMEGA?!

Omega reunites with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows as they stand above the fallen IMPACT World Champion. Omega reminds us that when you’re with the Cleaner, it’s for… for… for life! Anderson adds a “too sweet” and the group celebrates together. Bigtime Bullet Club energy from this segment. Came off like a huge moment for IMPACT television.

Don Callis ended the show with the announcement that Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers will face Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns at IMPACT Hard To Kill in 2021.


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