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Impact Wrestling (Sacrifice 2021 Fallout Edition) Results (03/16/21): Nashville, TN

Welcome to’s Impact Wrestling (Sacrifice 2021 Fallout Edition) Results coverage for the Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 edition of IMPACT which aired from the Skyway Studio in Nashville, Tennessee starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. Central Time) available EXCLUSIVELY on Impact PLUS! or AXS TV.

Featured below are complete LIVE results of the Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling (Sacrifice 2021 Fallout Edition). The following report was written by’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Wrestling (Sacrifice 2021 Fallout Edition) – (March 16th, 2021)

Show Opening

We enter the Skyway Studios arena in Nashville, Tennessee for the Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling following this past Saturday’s IMPACT Wrestling – Sacrifice 2021 pay-per-view event that aired on FITE TV and IMPACT Plus exclusively. We start tonight off with a “welcome” from the IMPACT commentary team of D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker as they sit at their front-row seat at the announcer’s table by ringside! We are informed that TONIGHT on IMPACT Wrestling, the NEW IMPACT Tag-Team Champions of FinJuice will go head-to-head with XXXL! Also scheduled for tonight, Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel and Violent By Design’s Rhino vs. Jake Something will take place. All that and more for the Sacrifice 2021 Fallout Edition of IMPACT Wrestling!

FinJuice vs. XXXL

We are sent to the ring as we get set for the first match-up of the evening for tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling – Sacrifice 2021 Fallout Edition! After the ring entrances by FinJuice and XXXL, we see all the competitors for tonight’s first match-up ready to begin, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our first match-up of the evening is officially underway! Larry and Juice kick things off to start the match inside the ring.

Next we see the XXXL members hitting some double team action as they attempt to lift Larry D for a second Flapjack, to no avail as Larry D begins to counter with Elbows to both members of XXL, and then follows up by tagging in Acey. Acey enters the ring and comes in strong for the next part of the match. Acey then manages to take down both Juice and David as he lands a Running Cross Body to continue the match. We see David get the tag and come in hot! A Diving Back Elbow follows leading into a cover, but Acey quickly enters to break the count and continue the match. Next we see a Big Flapjack delivered to D.

At this point we see David as he hits a Running Uppercut. Next we see Acey attempt to counter, but instead he unintentionally hits Larry D with a Senton. FinJuice uses the accident as a come up as they send him through the ropes to the floor at ringside where they proceed to land a FlapJack on Larry D once again! At this point, as the match continues at ringside, we see Juice climb to the top turnbuckle where he proceeds to land a Dive on Acey at ringside. We then see Finlay land an Acid Drop on Larry D for the cover. Larry D is unable to break free and the referee counts the one two three pin for the win!

Winners: FinJuice

After the Match

Immediately following the match, The Good Brothers members Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson make their way out to the stage as their entrance theme sounds in the arena, cutting FinJuice members David Finlay and Juice Robinson’s victory celebration short! The Good Brothers begin by stating how they’ve been hella busy in IMPACT Wrestling lately and also in AEW Dynamite Wrestling as well. Doc states he had a loong flight and tonight he simply wasn’t in the mood for any mess.

Anderson continues on that he has four young children at home that have to use Zoom for their homeschooling during the Covid-19 pandemic. They continue on stating that on top of everything they currently have on their plate, they also want to win their titles back, as they request a title match with FinJuice. FinJuice replies to The Good Brothers, stating they WILL give them a re-match for the title, but they’ll have to wait until April (when they return from their tour in Japan).

At that point, FinJuice and The Good Brothers proceed to begin a four-way brawl.

Commentary Announcement

D-Lo Brown and Matt Striker recap the events that just took place before starting to give a quick announcement regarding tonight’s card. Next we are informed that Trey Miguel vs. Sami Callihan for tonight has been made official, all that and more still to come!

Video Promo

After the announcement is made that Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel is set to take place in the ring tonight during IMPACT Wrestling – Sacrifice 2021 Fallout Edition, we are sent into a video promo highlighting Sami Callihan. Callihan begins by stating that Miguel “lacks the passion” to get the job done, so Callihan plans to make an example of Miguel during their match up, later tonight! On that note, we head to commercial break!

Backstage – The Good Brothers

As we return from commercial break, we head backstage where Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson of The Good Brothers are having a discussion with Scott D’Amore in regards to FinJuice being allowed to take the IMPACT Wrestling Tag-Team title belts along with them during their tour in Japan. D’Amore said that FinJuice will defend their titles against them at Rebellion on April 24. That is what Gallows and Anderson wanted to hear, on that note, they take their exit.

As The Good Brothers leave, Tommy Dreamer comes walking up to D’Amore. Dreamer begins to talk to D’Amore about the current card for IMPACT Plus’s Final Juice event coming up. He says they (IMPACT) got themselves into a predicament. He then continues on as he states that IMPACT had to bridge the gap between a promotion that hated them. At this point, D’Amore gets angry and informs Dreamer that if he thinks he can handle the IMPACT booking any better, then why doesn’t he try his hand as commissioner of Hardcore Justice, the next IMPACT Plus special. Apparently, that’s just what Dreamer was hoping D’Amore would say, as he then hands over a fully stacked card to an impressed D’Amore.

In-Ring – Violent By Design

We return to the ring as Violent By Design’s entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, Tennessee as tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling – Sacrifice 2021 Fallout Edition continues on! Violent By Design’s most recently added member, Rhino, makes his way to the ring to prepare for the next match-up of the evening which will take place against Jake Something.

Jake Something (w/ James Storm & Chris Sabin) vs Rhino (w/ Violent By Design)

Following the entrance by Rhino, representing Violent By Design, we see Rhino standing inside the ring as he awaits his opponent for the upcoming second match of the evening. Out next comes Jake Something as his entrance theme sounds in the Skyway Studios arena. Something makes his way to the stage accompanied by James Storm and Chris Sabin. The three make their way down the ramp and Something enters the ring as he is set to begin his match-up against Rhino. With both men inside the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our second match-up of the evening is officially underway!

To start things off in the second match of the evening, we see both Something and Rhino head into the center of the ring as the match gets going. Jake attempts to take down Rhino, but Rhino is able to reverse and drop Jake to the canvas where Rhino proceeds to attack Something with Clubbing Blows! Something makes his way back to his feet at this point where he counters with several Right Hands of his own. Deaner grabs Something’s attention at this point, but we then see Chris Sabin attack Deaner at ringside as the match between Something and Rhino continues inside the ring!

Next we see James Storm being choked against the steel steps leading up to the ring, by Joe of Violent By Design. Rhino quickly finishes the match as he lands a Spear on Something for the cover. Something is unable to make his way out of the cover and the referee counts one, two, three for the pin and win in tonight’s second match-up!

Winner: Rhino (of Violent By Design)

After the Match

Immediately following the match, we see Violent By Design members coming up and attacking Jake Something, James Storm and Chris Sabin leading up to our next commercial break!

Backstage – KnockOuts Drama

We return from the commercial break as we head backstage once again, where we see the Knockouts team arguing with one another about how they plan to attack in the twelve woman tag-team match that has been set for them. Tenille Dashwood wanted to get her team for tonight to be called ‘Tenille and her followers”. Purrazzo then pipes in with some guidance for her teammates when suddenly Hogan and Steelz walk in and interrupt, stating they are “tag-team specialists” and maybe everyone would want to heed their advice. At this point, Purrazzo states everyone is the best at what they do, and that’s all that is needed to win, and they will win, like they always do! That seems to satisfy everyone, for now anyway.

Rohit Raju vs Shera

As we return to the ring for the next match-up of the evening, we first get the ring entrance for Rohit Raju, followed by the entrance for Shera. With both competitors inside the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our match up is officially underway! To start the match, Rohit attempts to use his quickness to his advantage to keep Shera on his toes, to no avail as Shera immediately hits a One Arm Powerbomb on Rohit for the cover.

Rohit is able to power out of the pin-fall attempt at the two and the match continues on. Shera then lands several Clotheslines to attempt to keep Rohit down on the canvas. At this point Rohit makes his way back to his feet as he follows up with a High Knee followed by a Kick and ending with a Jumping Knee on Shera. Shera leans against the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring at this point. Rohit follows up by running across the ring and landing a Cannonball to Shera in the corner before hitting a Choke-breaker on Shera for the cover. Shera kicks out and the match continues on!

Next we see Shera retaliating as he looks to gain control in the match-up. Shera lands a few good Strikes before Rohit leaps off the top to attempt a counter, but Shera catches Rohit and proceeds to Chokeslam Rohit, followed by a Neck-breaker for the cover. Rohit successfully kicks out at the two, and the match continues on. Next we see Shera go for a Spine-buster, but instead, Rohit jabs his finger into Shera’s eye to break free. Rohit then powers Shera into the corner then quickly follows up by rolling Shera for a quick pin-fall attempt.

Shera is able to get his feet up on the ropes, which would normally break the count, however the referee doesn’t notice and counts the one… two… three.. and Rohit gets the three count pin and win for the victory in this match-up!

Winner: Rohit Raju

Backstage – Unified IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann

As we head backstage, we see Rich Swann, who recently won in his unified titles match-up against Moose at the IMPACT Sacrifice 2021 pay-per-view event this past weekend, is admiring his newly unified titles. As Swann continues to look on in awe, suddenly Willie Mack makes his way into the frame as he starts by congratulating Swann on his recent victory, adding that the two of them will have to celebrate later for Swann’s win. Swann states he’s totally down, but first, he has some business to attend to.

As Swann walks off towards the ring area entrance backstage, Mack walks off in another direction.

In-Ring – Unified IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann

As we head back into the ring inside the Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, we get the ring entrance music for the Unified IMPACT World Champion, Rich Swann. Swann makes his way to the stage for the first time on IMPACT Wrestling as the new unified champion following this past weekend’s IMPACT Wrestling – Sacrifice 2021 pay-per-view main event that saw Rich Swann vs. Moose in a title vs. title match that Swann walked away from as the victor. Next we watch as Swann makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where he is given a microphone to deliver a statement that he apparently needed to get off his chest. Swann starts off by stating, that though he may not particularly LIKE Moose… he definitely respected that at the Sacrifice 2021 pay-per-view, both he and Moose gave it their all and showed the world just what IMPACT Wrestling is all about!

Swann continues on to state that he is not the “double champion” as he retained his title as well as earning Moose’s title to become the Unified IMPACT World Champion. At this point, Swann looks towards the camera as he addresses AEW Champion, Kenny Omega. Swann continues that he had been dragging a pin loss to Omega since January, and now he had his chance to get it back. Swann states that at Rebellion 2021 when he and AEW Champion Kenny Omega go head-to-head in a title match, Swann would then show just who the REAL “best wrestler in the world” is, and Omega will be forced to admit it to himself and the world.

Don Callis Joins Rich Swann In-Ring

At this point, Don Callis makes his way out to the stage as he begins by congratulating Rich Swann on his victory and earning the dual-championship titles. As Callis enters the ring to join Swann, he proceeds to give Swann a hug as he again states just how “proud” of Swann he truly is. Callis continues on to state that he was a huge fan of Swann’s and that Callis was the one that fought to get Swann signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Callis then continues on to state that HE was the one that made sure that Swann’s checks continues to roll in when he got injured AND he was the one that checked up on Swann weekly!

Callis continues on to brag about all the things he’s done for Swann’s career including that he was the one that got Swann entered into the main event at Bound For Glory 2020. Swann just listens on, not interjecting or correcting anything that Callis has stated thus far.

Callis then turns his tone slightly as he states while Swann was his “shiny toy”… Kenny Omega is his NEW… SHINIER toy. Callis continues on to asks Swann if he’s been “haunted” by being pinned with the One Winged Angel at Hard to Kill pay-per-view. Callis then very coldly states that Rich Swann is a “superstar”… but Kenny Omega is “a GOD of Wrestling”. Callis states he’s always been there for Omega, when everyone doubted him, and Rich made history at Sacrifice and will make history again at Rebellion.

Paid Advertisement – Two Tony’s

At this point we head into our weekly “paid advertisement” with AEW’s Tony Khan and IMPACT’s Tony Schiavone. We get a quick run down of the St. Patrick’s Day Slam card for AEW Dynamite set to air tomorrow, Wednesday, March 17, 2021! Tony Schiavone states that he will be interviewing STING following his victory at the most recent pay-per-view event with Darby Allin where they defeated Brian Cage and Ricky Starks!

Backstage – Eddie Edwards

Next we head backstage where we come upon Eddie Edwards as he is thanking Matt Cardona for being the one to have his back over the last month when he needed it. As he is thanking Cardona, we see Myers walk up and begin to speak to Cardona, stating that he needs to stop antagonizing him and Edwards. Myers told him that he didn’t want Cardona on Impact because this was his promotion and wanted to do it by himself.

Tenille Dashwood, Fire N Flava, Deonna Purrazzo, Susan & Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace, Jazz, Havok, Nevaeh, Alisha Edwards & ODB

We get many many ring entrances as this is basically every woman in the IMPACT Wrestling Women’s Division inside the ring all at once! Finally with all the competitors at the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match up is officially underway! To start things off, Tenille and Alisha are the two legal women in as Tenille lands the first move with a Lou Thesz Press on Alisha! Alisha then counters with a Splash to Tenille in the corner of the ring, then tags in ODB. ODB hits a Bronco Buster on Dashwood who then tags in Susan to continue the match-up.

Susan then attempts to work the offense inside the ring as she goes back and forth with ODB. Susan then gets worked by ODB and is forced to make the tag to Kimber Lee, then ODB makes the tag to Nevaeh. Havok comes in and assists Nevaeh in delivering a Double Team Back Breaker Lariat to take Kimber Lee down to the canvas as Nevaeh makes the cover! Kimber Lee is able to successfully kick out of the pin-fall attempt to continue the match up! At this point we see Kiera Hogan make the tag to continue the match with Nevaeh.

Nevaeh gains control at first but Hogan gets the come up as she tosses Nevaeh around the ring for a minute. Nevaeh looks for the tag, and Jazz tags in. This causes Hogan to quickly make her way over to her corner to make the tag to Deonna Purrazzo. This starts a back and forth striking match between the two until Jazz lands a Haymaker to take down Purrazzo. Soon everybody is inside the ring with several moves landed until a Stereo Dive takes everyone out as we head to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break, we see that the referee had regained control and the match is back on schedule as we see Grace and Kimber Lee inside the ring. At one point the match again turns into a brawl and we see a Sidewalk Slam from Kimber Lee followed by Deonna Purrazzo setting up to attack Alish who then takes Purrazzo out before adding a Stunner for good measure. Then an X-Factor by Jazz almost wins it, but the match continues. Ring clears as Jazz and Lee trade shots. Jazz goes for a Bossman Slam, but Kimber avoids it. She doesn’t avoid the STF and taps out.

Backstage Interview – X-Division Champion Ace Austin

We head backstage where we meet up with IMPACT Wrestling interviewer, Gia Miller. Miller is currently backstage with Ace Austin who is the NEW X-Division Champion. Austin states that things are finally back to normal now that he has once again gained the X-Division Championship title after defeating TJP. Austin adds that his victory was inevitable with all things considered. Chris Bey and Josh Alexander interrupted Austin as both of them had beaten Austin. Then TJP cam up and was informed that he was to go to the end of the line… but TJP stated that he was getting his rematch next week! TJP adding that he wasn’t like the rest and didn’t need to wait in line.

Quick Announcement

At this point we return to the announcer’s table where D-Lo Brown and Matt Striker give us a quick run down of next week’s IMPACT Wrestling card which is set to include a re-match of TJP vs. Ace Austin, as well as a non-title match with Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jazz, and finally (as of now) The Good Brothers member Karl Anderson vs. Eddie Edwards.

Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel

The commentary team turns us back over to the ring as we are set for the next match-up of the evening. Out first is Trey Miguel as his entrance theme sounds in the arena. Miguel makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where he awaits his opponent for the evening. Out next is Sami Callihan as his entrance theme sounds in the arena. Callihan makes his way down the ramp, and enters the ring where he joins his opponent for the evening, Trey Miguel. With both men inside the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our next match-up is officially underway! To start things off, we see Miguel taking control of the match early on as he runs offense on Callihan.

The match spills over to ringside as Miguel continues to maintain control. Callihan continues to attempt to counter and reverse to no avail as Miguel clearly brought his A-game for tonight’s match-up. Next we see Miguel look for the 619 reversal to no avail as finally Callihan catches a break (and Miguel) to turn the match around! Callihan works offense as he focuses on the injured ankle of Miguel. Callihan then throws Miguel into the corner of the ring, then to another corner, then another. Finally Callihan looks for an Ankle Lock but as he is talking trash to Miguel, suddenly Miguel turns the match around once again, regaining control with an Enzuguri to counter Callihan!

Miguel runs offense once again, but still softly steps on his injured ankle to continue the match. Miguel lands a Sharpshooter, which is countered with a Powerbomb that leads into the STF for a cover. We see a kick out and the match continues again. Callihan hits a Pile Driver on Miguel for the counter to Miguel’s Meteora and Callihan gets the three count pin and win for tonight’s victory!

Winner: Sami Callihan

**Be sure to REFRESH (F5) sporadically throughout the Tuesday, March 16, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling airing on AXS TV LIVE from Amway Studios in Nashville, TN!**

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