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Impact Wrestling Seeking Other TV Partners, WWE Stock Drops Big Time, RAW Update

Mike Johnson of pwinsider reports that Impact Wrestling has been looking for a potential new TV partner, likely due to Pop TV moving their flagship show to a 10 PM ET start time, which has reduced viewership even more despite the company pushing a more edgier product. Impact’s contract with Pop reportedly expires at the end of 2018.

WWE sources have confirmed that starting this Monday, Raw will indeed no longer have any overrun. In the past, the overrun lasted anywhere from 4 minutes up to 15 minutes, as a carry over from the Raw vs. Nitro days. The impacts of this will be fairly minimal apart from having a minor effect on ratings and forcing WWE to begin their main angle each Monday a few minutes earlier than normal and finishing on the dot at 11 PM ET.

Despite the markets mainly finishing up, WWE’s stock tumbled over $5 today, finishing the day at $70.07.

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