IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2020 Results

IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2020 Results From Nashville, TN.

IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2020 is here.

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the 2020 IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary pay-per-view.

Join us here on this page for live results and updates from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, as the annual Slammiversary PPV from IMPACT Wrestling takes place featuring a stacked lineup with championship action scheduled, as well as many surprise returns and debuts teased for tonight by the promotion.

Featured below are complete IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary results from Saturday, July 18, 2020.


The 2020 Slammiversary pay-per-view opens up with a video package followed by Josh Mathews welcoming us to the show on commentary.

The Rascalz vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

From there, we shoot things down to ringside where we open up with our first match of the evening, and it will be the Open Challenge issued by The Rascalz.

Des and Wentz issued an open challenge for any team to face them leading into tonight’s IMPACT PPV and it has been answered by none other than — The Motor City Machine Guns!

The bell sounds and here we go, as Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are back reunited as the Motor City Machine Guns in the IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2020 opening contest.

Shelley and Wentz kick things off for their respective teams, with Shelley jumping off to an early offensive lead. He is focusing his attack in the early goings on the arm of Wentz. Wentz eventually works his way out of an arm-lock that Shelley had him in.

The two exchange punches until Shelley tags in Sabin. Wentz also makes the tag to Dez. The fresh foes lock up and Sabin looks to snatch up Dez’s arm, much the same Shelley did Wentz earlier on. Dez reverses, only to eat a clothesline from Sabin.

Dez hits a nice hurricanrana on Sabin, leading for him to tag Shelley back in. Wentz also tags back in and he is taking it to Sabin now, as The Rascalz are starting to establish their first offensive run in the driver’s seat in this tag-team affair.

Their run is cut short when Shelley and Sabin both enter the ring and hit some double-team offense, including Shelley blasting Wentz with a spine-tingling kick and Sabin dumping him on his dome with a nice brainbuster. They try to end this match on that sequence, however The Rascalz hang in there and avoid being finished off.

Wentz uses the dreaded Ric Flair knife-edge chop to strike his way out of the double-team situation with Shelley and Sabin, which leads to another run of offensive control for The Rascalz when he makes the tag and they hit some double-team moves. Dez hits a nice Swanton after the smoke clears, but Shelley turns the tables with a big suplex.

This leads to the finish, as Shelley tags Sabin in and blasts Dez with a roundhouse kick. The Motor City Machine Guns then blast Dez with a big spot, which brings Wentz in the ring to take the Manhattan Drop. They hit their finisher and pick up the win in a nice opener.

Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns

TNA World Heavyweight Title
Moose (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer

After a quick women’s backstage segment and check-in with Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary, we shoot to a video package for the TNA Heavyweight Title bout pitting current title-holder Moose against Tommy Dreamer.

Once the package wraps up, the announcers mock the credibility and legitimacy of the TNA World Heavyweight Title and then Tommy Dreamer comes out with a “Moose Sucks Eggs” t-shirt and makes his way down to the ring. Afterwards, Moose makes his way to the ring and then the announcers tout “#Slammiversary” trending number one worldwide right now on Twitter.

The ring announcer does the formal pre-match introduction, announcing that this bout will be held under “Old School Rules.” He introduces each competitor, including dubbing Moose “A Wrestling God.” Our second match of the evening at Slammiversary 2020 is now underway as the bell sounds and Moose and Dreamer go nose-to-nose before trading blows.

Early on, Dreamer does a decent job of slugging it out and hanging with the younger, more powerful and more athletic TNA Heavyweight Champion, however it isn’t long before the former football standout is dominating the action and taking it to his much older veteran opponent. Moose lands a picture-perfect drop kick before bringing a trash-can into the ring and putting it over Dreamer’s head before blasting him with another big shot.

Moose is in firm control of the offense now and is getting very arrogant and slow. Moose comes flying off the ropes into Dreamer, who catches him coming down with a Cutter that puts Moose smashing through the trash-can that was still laying in the ring. The Innovator of Violence goes out and brnigs a steel chair in the ring, which also features a kendo stick and the smashed up trash can. Moose ends up drop-toe-holding Dreamer into the steel chair after Dreamer unfolded it and sat it up in the center of the ring.

After hitting Dreamer with the drop toe-hold spot, Moose goes out to the floor and grabs four or five more steel chairs and throws them into the ring before re-entering the squared circle himself with apparent evil intentions. Moose hooks Dreamer looking for a piledriver or power bomb, but Dreamer fights his way out of it. Moose ends up rag-dolling Dreamer into the pile of chairs before hitting a standing moonsault and covering him for a close pin fall attempt. Moose goes to the middle rope looking for a moonsault, but Dreamer gets the knees up. He follows up with a DDT and covers him, but Moose kicks out at two.

Dreamer rolls out to the floor now where he grabs a little sack filled with something, likely thumbtacks. And that’s exactly what it was, as Josh Mathews correctly predicts on commentary when Don Callis tried pretending to be unsure what could be in there. Dreamer sprinkles the thumbtacks all over the mat but then eats an elbow to the bread-basket from Dreamer. Now Moose grabs Dreamer by the back of his head / scruff of his neck and tries forcing him face-first into the thumbtacks. When Moose taunts Dreamer he mentions ECW, which leads to Dreamer having momentary super-human strength. It didn’t last long, however, as Moose smashes Dreamer down into the thumbtacks and we immediately see blood. He follows up with the Lights Out spear and covers Dreamer for the 1-2-3 to retain his TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Moose

In The Parking Lot: Johnny Swinger

We go to the parking lot for a hopeful look at the world champion returning tonight at Slammiversary, when Johnny Swinger pulls up in a Jaguar. The IMPACT broadcast member asks how he got a Jaguar and he says because the rental car place had one for Anderson, he didn’t see Ole anywhere around so he took it. He does a light handshake old school style and walks off.

Gauntlet For The Gold (Knockouts Title No. 1 Contender
Tasha Steelz vs. Kylie Rae vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Kimber Lee vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Susie vs. Madison Rayne vs. Havok vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Nevaeh vs. Rosemary

Tasha Steelz makes her way down to the ring after the parking lot segment, as the Gauntlet for the Gold match to determine the next number one contender to the Knockouts Championship is up next here at Slammiversary.

Out next is the other woman who will start off in the first two minute frame of this gauntlet battle, and it’s none other than Kylie Rae. The bell sounds and these two go to work. After wrestling for two minutes we get the entrance of our next participant — Taya Valkyrie.

It’s actually Bravo dressed up like her. He comes to the ring and we hear Josh Mathews inform us that Taya Valkyrie has been eliminated. So it appears we have our first elimination.

Now Kimber Lee makes her way down to the ring. She is the fourth entrant. She establishes an offensive lead in the match, which now also includes Kiera Hogan, as she is the next entrant to make her way down to the ring. Next out joining the match is Susie.

We get Kylie Rae protected by her biggest supporter as a working storyline in the match, along with some twerking demonstrations in stereo. When Madison Rayne comes out, she and Kiera Hogan have a shouting match back-and-forth before things turn physical. Now we see Havok make her way to the ring as she joins the gauntlet.

Havok immediately starts knocking bodies all over the place, slamming down Kiera Hogan, hitting a choke slam on Kylie Rae and putting Madison Rayne in a Boston Crab before finally the numbers game slows down Havok’s momentum. Taya Valkyrie is now making her way out for real, dressed up as Captain Hook, according to Josh Mathews. We’re informed that this is in fact the real Taya and so apparently the elimination was not real earlier on.

Valkyrie hits a nice kick as soon as she enters the ring and the action is definitely starting to pick up as Alisha Edwards joins the bout as the next official entrant in the gauntlet. Nevaeh is next out and she enters the bout in her IMPACT pay-per-view in a match that includes her tag-team partner Havok. Nevaeh and Havok quickly form a united front and they start dominating the action by double-teaming everyone else that comes in their way.

Now, “coming out of the shadows,” former Knockouts Champion Rosemary makes her way down to the ring. She immediately goes after Susie and blasts her with a big spear. Bravo is back out, this time dressed up as Rosemary. Josh Mathews and Don Callis have to put this over on commentary. Poor bastards. Meanwhile, Bravo, as Rosemary No. 2, eliminates Havok. Madison Rayne is eliminated by Kylie Rae after an argument breaks out over her apologizing too much.

Kimber Lee and Neveah go over the top but remain on the apron. Alisha Edwards and Neveah have been eliminated after colliding on the apron outside the ropes. Kiera Hogan is eliminated.

Taya Valkyrie, Kimber Lee, Rosemary and Kylie Rae are the final four in this one. They close in on each other and start battling. Kimber Lee is the first to be eliminated after being clotheslined over the top-rope. Taya and Rosemary team up to beat up Kylie Rae in the corner of the ring. Rosemary hooks Kylie with her legs for the upside down in the corner. Taya walks over and scoops the legs of Rosemary, eliminating her. The announcers speculate if she did that on purpose or while trying to eliminate Rae.

Rae and Taya square off now and they start going at it. Taya walks into a big super kick from Kylie Rae after a Canadian Destroyer. 1-2-3. Kylie Rae is the new number one contender to the Knockouts Title. She meets the winner of Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo when they meet for the Knockouts Championship later in the evening.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Title No. 1 Contender: Kylie Rae

Heath Slater Makes IMPACT Wrestling Debut

Heath Slater then comes out of nowhere to interrupt Josh Mathews and Don Callis while they were doing an on-camera segment reacting to the Gauntlet match that just wrapped up.

He talks about being a “New Heath” and shows off his “FREE AGENT” t-shirt as he goes on to cut a promo about having nothing to do tonight, and being interested in joining that open spot in the IMPACT World Championship match in tonight’s main event.

Rohit Raju ends up coming out and complaining about never getting a world title shot and saying if anyone is getting one tonight it’s going to be him. Things between he and Slater get physical and Slater ends up taking him out before posing with his “FREE AGENT” shirt one more time to end the segment.

IMPACT X-Division Championship
Willie Mack (c) vs. Chris Bey

After that we see quick backstage shots of the three man confirmed for tonight’s IMPACT World Title main event as the announcers continue to hype who the fourth mystery man will be in the bout.

From there, the video package for our next match of the evening airs, and it will be contested for the IMPACT X-Division Championship as current title-holder Willie Mack defends against Chris Bey.

Once the package wraps up, Chris Bey’s music hits and the challenger makes his way down to the ring. The announcers talk about Johnny Swinger being banned from ringside during tonight’s match. After Bey’s entrance, Willie Mack, the reigning X-Division Champion makes his way down to the ring.

The bell sounds and here we go. Early on we see these two flying all over the place, with neither man establishing a clear advantage over the other. Willie Mack starts to jump off to an early lead, as Bey heads to the outside to regroup. Mack goes out after him. Bey turns the tables on Mack and now he’s in the ring and Mack is on the floor. Mack yanks Bey’s legs out and kicks his head before leaping up for a big leg drop. He landed on his head and the announcers question if he just broke his neck.

The ferocious offense from Mack continues, with Don Callis pointing out that 80-percent of the offense in this match has been controlled by Mack. Big exploder suplex from Mack to Bey, who lands neck-first in the corner. The announcers again question the condition of Bey’s neck.

As the referee is checking Bey’s status, he springs to his feet revealing that he was playing possom and sprints up to drop kick Mack while he was heading up the top rope with his back facing him. Bey blasts Mack with a big Canadian Destroyer for a pin fall attempt that only gets him a count of two.

Stunner from Mack out of nowhere. He goes up for the Six-Star follow up, but rolls through when he sees Bey move. Bey ends up catching Mack and nailing him with a crucifix style move. He then springboards off the ropes with the Art of Finessee for the pin fall victory. We have a NEW X-Division Champion.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Chris Bey

Heath Slater & Rhino Reunite, Scott D’Amore Kicks Slater Out

Backstage we see Heath Slater excited as he stumbles into Rhino. They talk and laugh as Scott D’Amore walks up.

D’Amore talks about Slater’s shirt being right in that he is a free agent and with their being a global pandemic going on, he can’t be here. He tells him he has to leave.

Rhino tells him he’ll figure things out and to just come to the building for IMPACT On AXS TV on Tuesday. Slater, upset he won’t be able to compete in tonight’s main event for the World Title, storms off.

IMPACT Tag-Team Titles
The North (c) vs. Ken Shamrock & Sami Callihan

The video package for our next match, which will feature the IMPACT Wrestling World Tag-Team Championship titles on-the-line, airs.

Afterwards, Josh Mathews puts over the record title reign of The North — Ethan Page and Josh Alexander — before kicking things over to the ring announcer who introduces Sami Callihan, who makes his way to the ring. Out next is Callihan’s partner, UFC Hall Of Famer “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock.

Once Callihan and Shamrock settle in the ring, we are witness to the ring walks of Page and Alexander — The North. The IMPACT World Tag-Team Champions make their way down to the ring while Callihan and Shamrock argue and point their fingers in each others faces. The ring announcer finishes his official pre-match introductions and now this one is about to get underway.

The bell sounds and our next title bout here at Slammiversary is in progress. Shamrock gets in some good shots in the early goings before tagging Callihan into the match. Once Callihan comes in, after landing a few shots, the offensive momentum turns to the favor of The North, where it remains for the next several minutes as Page and Alexander take turns staying on Callihan and keeping him isolated on their side of the ring.

“The World’s Most Dangerous Man” tags in. He takes the hot tag and dominates the action, blasting Page and Alexander with big shots but then quickly tagging Callihan back in, which Mathews and Callis strongly question. Callihan is fed right into a string of high spots from Page and Alexander and then a couple of double-team spots.

Things build to a spot where Page and Callihan are locked in dueling ankle locks by Shamrock and Alexander, respectively. Finally they break free. Shamrock is blaming Callihan for a miscommunication issue, however they get back on track and hit a double team spot with Callihan hitting the Go 2 Sleep for a close near fall. Shamrock looks confused. Callihan goes after Page on the floor.

Shamrock accidentally blasts Callihan with a head kick when The North moved off the ring apron. Shamrock goes up to the top rope and hits a crazy super belly-to-belley suplex on Alexander. He goes to follow up with a dive to the floor, but no one was there and “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” hits a hard crash landing on the floor. The North rolls Shamrock back in and hit a double pile-driver for the pin and the win.

Winners and STILL IMPACT Tag-Team Champions: The North

The North vs. Motor City Machine Guns Set Up For IMPACT On AXS TV

After the match, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander get on the mic and cut a post-match promo about their record reign as IMPACT World Tag-Team Champions.

They gloat for a while and close by saying they are the greatest tag-team in IMPACT history. As soon as they say that, the Motor City Machine Guns — Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin — make their way out to the top of the stage.

Shelley and Sabin take exception to The North calling themselves the greatest. They say when they are the greatest for real, they won’t have to say it, others will say it for them.

They just found out that this Tuesday on AXS TV, it will be the Motor City Machine Guns vs. The North for the IMPACT Tag-Team Championships. They say they’ll find out on Tuesday who the true best team in IMPACT history is.

Backstage: Rich Swann Has His Eye On Tonight’s Main Event

Backstage we see Rich Swann on crutches. The announcer asks what he’s doing here. He says he’s here to lend support to his friend in the X-Division Championship match earlier in the evening, and also to keep his eye on the IMPACT World Championship main event later in the evening.

IMPACT Knockouts Title
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

After the Rich Swann backstage interview, the video package rolls for our next match at Slammiversary — which will see Jordynne Grace put her Knockouts Championship on-the-line against Deonna Purrazzo.

With that said, the challenger, Purrazzo, makes her way down to the ring. Out next is Jordynne Grace, whom Mathews informs us won the title over five months ago from Taya Valkyrie.

Remember, the winner of this match leaves as the IMPACT Knockouts Champion and will be obligated to defend the title against Kylie Rae after Rae won the Gauntlet No. 1 Contender match earlier in the show.

The bell sounds and here we go. Grace comes at Purrazzo strong early on, leading to Purrazzo to take a moment to regroup herself out on the floor. The announcers bring up the Busted Open Radio interview showdown these two had and then start putting over the Fujiwara Armbar skills of Purrazzo.

Once again, Purrazzo rolls out to the floor to regain her composure as Grace continues to try and get things off to a fast start. Grace blasts Purrazzo with a dive when she tries slowing things down by rolling out to the floor for a third time. The intensity in this one is picking up now as the action returns inside the squared circle with Grace taking it to Purrazzo.

Now Purrazzo is taking things over, punishing Grace with kicks and stomping away putting the boots to her once she gets her grounded. Now Purrazzo has the Fujiwara Armbar locked in for the first time in the match and the announcers sell it like the finish, however Grace blasts Purrazzo with a kick that allows her to escape. Purrazzo continues searching for the submission.

Grace makes it to the ropes and is now back on her feet. Now Grace begins a prolonged run of offense before slapping a rear naked choke on the armbar specialist, looking for a submission win of her own. Purrazzo eventually escapes. Purrazzo is starting to focus her attack on the arm of Grace again, looking to soften it up for the Fujiwara Armbar later on whenever she can get a shot in on the left arm of the champ.

Out of nowhere, Purrazzo snatches Grace’s arm with an armbar off her back in the triangle choke position. Grace escapes and Donkey Kong’s Purrazzo back down to the mat with authority. The two are back on their feet now exchanging strikes. Grace is trying to shake her arm loose. She hits a trifecta of slams. Purrazzo slows her momentum down with a pump kick and another that she focuses on the arm of Grace. Purrazzo with a Penjulum suplex for a near fall.

Grace goes for the JackKnife and afterwards she looks for another big slam, however Purrazzo locks up the arm of Grace. She switches it to a double arm-bar. As Purrazzo wrenches the arms of Grace behind her back we hear her yell that she quits. We have a new Knockouts Champion.

Winner and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

* Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Trey vs. Rich Swann vs. Eric Young

The video package for tonight’s IMPACT World Championship Fatal-4-Way bout with the mystery fourth participant airs, as the Slammiversary 2020 main event is up — NEXT!

The ring announcer begins the formal pre-match introductions for this elimination bout for the vacant IMPACT World Championship. First out, accompanied by Madman Fulton is the first of four competitors in this match — Ace Austin.

As the two settle into the ring, our second competitor in the bout makes his way down to the squared circle as “the ultimate underdog” Trey comes out. Next out is Eddie Edwards, leaving only the mystery man to come out last.

The ring announcer does the big build-up and then Rich Swann’s music hits and he comes out to the top of the stage on crutches. The announcers bring this fact up, and then we watch as he tosses the crutches down the ramp and begins making his way to the ring. The announcer officially introduces him as the fourth entrant in the match.

Don Callis keeps putting this over as a great surprise. The referee holds up the vacant IMPACT World Championship. As the ref gets the four men ready to start things off, before the bell sounds, the lights go down and more music plays.

Eric Young makes his way out and the former SAniTY member “The World Class Maniac” is back. Josh Mathews runs down Eric Young’s title history and accomplishments as he makes his way to the ring as he too will apparently be involved in this match.

Young gets on the mic and announces that this is a five-way match. He says he won his past world title at Slammiversary and he’s going to do the same tonight. On that note, the bell sounds and our main event officially gets underway.

Action is taking place all over the ring, with bodies flying everywhere in the early goings. Eventually things settle down to a formula where there are generally a pair of wrestlers working each other while other bodies sell big spots. We watch now as the referee forces Madman Fulton to head to the back after getting involved. He does.

A blue thunder bomb from Edwards sets up a nice series of high spots. Eric Young is cut now and is bleeding over his left eye. We get an Ace Austin – Trey punchfest in the middle of the ring while Young is on the ramp dealing with his hardway cut and the others are still down selling on opposite sides of the ring. Trey is sent flying out of the ring where he slides and lands by executing a Canadian Destroyer on Swann on the floor.

We see replays of that spot as Young is shown bleeding like a stuck pig in the ring while the action continues. Edwards hits a powerbomb again for a near fall and moments later Eric Young eliminates Trey. We see replays of that sequence.

Young stomps on the throat of Ace Austin now and is now yelling at Swann and others to stay down. He shouts out that this is his ring while the camera shoots a close-up of his face, which is slowly turning into a crimson mask as the blood continues to pour out.

Austin and Edwards both head up to the top-rope on the same corner of the ring. After exchanging some shots, the two end up taking a bad spill backwards out to the floor, where they land hard and crash through a table.

Back in the ring, Young is still yelling out in his very noticable voice as he continues dominating the action. The blood has slowed down with the cut over his eye. Out of nowhere, Swann hits a crazy counter and rolls through to pin and eliminate Eric Young.

Young snaps after this, taking out the bad leg of Swann from behind. He goes out to the floor and grabs a steel chair. He puts Swann’s leg inside the chair and stomps on it over and over again. Now he grabs Swann’s leg and heads out to the floor. He wraps the leg around the ring post and bashes it with a steel chair. Now we see Austin capitalize and eliminate Swann.

We’re down to Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards as the last two men remaining in this match. One of these two will leave as the new IMPACT World Champion. The announcers talk about their storied history and the table spot they each just endured as they begin chopping and striking away at each other.

Edwards gets the better of it. Now he uses the momentum of a charging Austin and sends him flying with a belly-to-belly suplex. Edwards blasts Austin with the Boston Knee Party and quickly covers him. Austin somehow kicks out at two. Austin blasts Edwards with his finisher out of nowhere and covers him. Edwards somehow finds a way to kick out now.

Ace heads to the top rope but he is caught by Edwards. Edwards hits him with a Boston Knee Party and a Die-Hard Flowsion for the pin and the win to become the new IMPACT Wrestling World Champion.

Winner and NEW IMPACT Wrestling World Champion: Eddie Edwards

After The Match: Madman Fulton Attacks, The Good Brothers Save

As Edwards is celebrating his big win and reign as the IMPACT World Champion, Madman Fulton hits the ring and attacks Edwards from behind. He continues to beat down the new IMPACT World Champion until some music hits.

It’s The Good Brothers — as Gallows and Anderson head down to the ring looking like they mean business. Fulton and Austin stand tall as Gallows and Anderson enter the ring. All four men stare each other down while Edwards recovers in the corner.

It looks like Gallows and Anderson are going to hug and make friends with Austin and Fulton, however they instead hit the Magic Killer double-team finisher as Edwards recovers and they hand him his newly won IMPACT World Championship.

EC3 Is Back On The Scene

The three pose to end the IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2020 pay-per-view, but not before one quick vignette airs without any words or commentary. It simply shows EC3 standing with his back to the camera with his logo on a wall. He turns and intensely stares at the camera and THAT is how Slammiversary 2020 wraps up.

Thanks for joining us.

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