Impact Wrestling Spoilers From 7/20 Taping At St. Clair College

Impact Wrestling Taping Results (7/20): Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Spoilers)

As noted, Impact Wrestling held two-consecutive nights of television tapings at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on Friday and Saturday evening.

Featured below is a complete, detailed recap of the Impact Wrestling TV tapings.


1. Moose beat Stone Rockwell. It was announced that Impact will retuning to Windsor on Oct. 25-26. Moose wasn’t even wearing ring gear (just a red shirt and casual beige pants). Moose won easily with a spear. After the match, he told Don Callis and Impact management that he’s Mr. Impact and deserved to be the world champion. He kicked Rockwell and said this what Impact management get. Fallah Bahh appeared onstage. Moose asked if and can finally see his crotch because he lost 100 pounds. Moose challenged Bahh to a match and Bahh accepted.

2. Fallah Bahh beat Moose. Moose attacked before the bell, but Bahh turned it around won quickly with The Bahh (Banzai) Drop. The match lasted less than three minutes.

3. Ace Austin beat Eddie Edwards by DQ. There was a brief power outage before the next match due to a thunderstorm passing through. Austin was in the ring when it happened, and did some cheesy magic tricks with his wand before he headed to the back. Once the power returned, Ace had a rest hold and while the ref was distracted, Ace took out a card and scraped Eddie’s hand. Ace yelled something about she wants to be with me! I’m assuming he was referring to Alisha Edwards. Eddie hit a Boston Knee Party but didn’t go for the cover, instead he mounted Ace and kept punching him. The referee tried to pull him off, but Eddie shoved him leading to a disqualification. Alisha came down to stop Eddie, who asked, “Do you like him?” Eddie left with Alisha and Ace in the ring, but she didn’t check on him.

3. Taya Valkyrie (w/John E Bravo) fought Jessicka Havok to an apparent no-contest to retain the Knockouts Title. Havok was about to go for a cover after a big choke slam, but Su Yung’s music played and The Undead Bridesmaids appeared on the ramp. One of the bridesmaids threw rose petals in the middle and Su Yung appeared and walked between them to ringside. She attacked Jessicka and applied the Mandible Claw (Taya and Bravo left while this’ was going on, so the match was thrown out). Havok managed to fight out of the Claw and retreated to the back.

4. Nick Madison beat Stone Rockwell by DQ. Stone got a mic before and admitted things haven’t being his way lately, but he had a good feeling about tonight. Rhino came into the ring for some reason and Gored Nick leading to a disqualification. Rockwell offered Rhino some chips, but he got Gored too. Rhino got a mic and said if Michael Elgin thinks he’s a coward then to come down now. Elgin arrived and says he doesn’t understand why Rhino picked a fight with him. Everyone that’s went up against Big Mike has ended up in a hospital. Rhino said if Elgin won’t come to him, he’ll get Mike. They fought outside before referees and other officials pulled them apart.

5. Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan beat Jordynne Grace and “Bubble Gum Princess” Alexia Nicole. The heels dominated by keeping Alexia in the match for a long time. Grace was dominant once she tagged in and hit a belly to belly on Hogan, then tagged in Alexia, who hit a nice crossbody and went for the cover, but Madison was the legal woman at the time. Madison hit a Cross-Rayne on Alexia to win. Madison and Kiera double teamed Jordynne, and the lights went out again. This time though Rosemary was in the ring and she and Grace took out the heels.

7. Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Rob Van Dam beat “The Rascalz” Wentz, Dez, Trey. The Rascalz were over dramatically shocked to see RVD and looked stunned to be in a match with him. There were loud RVD chants at the beginning and he started the match to crowd’s delight. RVD, who wasn’t the legal man hit a Five Star Frog Splash, and Swann followed up with a second rope Phoenix Splash on Wentz for the win. All kinds of wild aerial action in and out of the ring by everyone. Great match.

8. Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake beat “The Desi Hit Squad” Rohit Raju and Raj Singh (w/Gamma Singh). Gamma was very active in the.match, tripping up Cody and punched him once while the ref was distracted. The Deaners won when Cody pinned Rohit with a double team Helllevator. A bit sloppy and it went too long. The ring announcer announced that after their loss, DHS must now work at the Deaners’ farm.

9. Moose defeated Fallah Bahh. Moose wore a unique, beautiful pink robe with leopard lining. Moose eye raked and bit early, but as they were outside Bahh performed a big backdrop onto the ramp. Moose got a huge superplex to Bahh that literally shook the ring. Bahh tried for the Banzai drop but Moose got up as Falla was climbing the ropes. Moose kicked the turnbuckle causing Bahh to fall off and then hit a spear for the win.

Xplosion Match: Rhino beat Joe Singh. Joe, the newest member of Desi Hit Squad, put up a decent effort, but Rhino ended it with a Gore.

10. “The North” Ethan Page and Josh Alexander defeated Daga and Ortiz (w/Konnan) to retain the Impact Tag Titles. Daga took a lot of punishment early on. Daga and Ortiz went for the Street Sweeper, but were stopped. The North won with a torture rack by Josh, who threw Ortiz into a big spinebuster by Page. LAX saluted the crowd after the match with Ortiz pointing to Daga as the crowd was chanting LAX.

11. Jake Crist defeated Aiden Prince to retain the X Division Championship. Prince got a very close near fall with a 450. Prince e went up top to try another, but he was caught with a big cutter that led to Crist retaining.

12. Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer beat Sami Callihan and Dave Crist. The first ref got knocked out Tessa and Tommy hit double DDTs. Another ref finally arrived. OVE brought in a kendo stick, but Tessa took it away and hit Magnum with the kendo stick on Dave to get the pin.

Impact Wrestling airs on Friday nights on the Pursuit Channel. The show also streams live on the official Impact Wrestling Twitch channel.

(H/T to Mr. Eddy G. and for the above report.)

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