IMPACT Wrestling Throwback Throwdown III Results (12/02): Winston-Salem, North Carolina

IMPACT Wrestling recently held their IPWF Throwback Throwdown III Event, which took place from inside the Don Kolov Arena in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The show featured Team IPWF facing Team GLUW in an 8-Man Rival Survival Match for control of the IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation.

Below are the results from the show:

Countdown T IPWF Throwback Throwdown III:

– “Cowboy” Colt McCoy def. Gama Singh in a Blindfold Match.

– Frank The Butcher def. Rip Rayzor in a Singles Match.

– “The Mysterious” Mr. E def. Lazer in a Singles Match.

IPWF Throwback Throwdown III:

– Rapid Delivery Pete def. Monty Moonlight in a Singles Match.

– Bill Ding def. Jack Hammer in a Clock Out Match.

– Georgia Cobb def. Wanda The Werewoman in a Singles Match.

– STOMP In Paradise (“The Dynamic Dude” Shane Douglas and Brian “Bone” Crunchin) def. The Sunday Morning Express (Paper Boy and Editor In Chief) in a Tag Team Match.

– Monsieur Baguette def. “Ornery” Otis Oates in a Singles Match.

– Tommy Dreamer def. Pelvis Wesley in a Singles Match (If Tommy Dreamer Wins, He Gets To Face Colonel Corn For Five Minutes).

– Colonel Corn def. Tommy Dreamer in a Singles Match.

– The Auto-Bodies (Rusty Transmission and Smoky Muffler) def. Volcanic Activity (Lucy Luau and Tina Tiki) in a Tag Team Match.

– Johnny Swinger def. “Bully” Biff Knuckles and “Fleet Feet” Keaton Fox in a Triangle Match to become the Exciting Division Champion.

– Tori Nailbiter def. Rusty Iron in a Singles Match.

– DJ 2Large def. “The Nature Boy” Buck Humphrey in a Singles Match.

– Team IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation (Frank the Butcher, Tim Burr, Cowboy Colt McCoy and Giuseppe Scovelli Jr.) def. Team Great Lakes Unionized Wrestling (Neptune, Devon Damon, Lord Humongous and Manfred The Mad Mammal) in a Rival Survival Match to take control of the IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation.

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