IMPACT No Surrender 2021 Results

IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender Results (2/13/2021): Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN.

WELCOME to’s LIVE results coverage for the Saturday, February 13th, 2021 special, IMPACT Wrestling– No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event which airs LIVE from the Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Tonight’s broadcast kicks off at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. Central Time) airing EXCLUSIVELY on IMPACT Plus with the action-packed event that can also be purchased individually through FITE Network.

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As originally advertised and announced for tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event, tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling will feature Tommy Dreamer’s 50th Birthday celebration which includes his title shot as the IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann puts his championship on the line in honor of Dreamer’s “golden birthday”!

Featured below are complete results of the February 13, 2021 special pay-per-view event, IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021! The following report was written by’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 Pay-Per-View Results – (02/13/21)

Show Opening

As we head into the Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, Tennessee to kick off tonight’s Saturday, February 13, 2021 IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event as the clock hits 8:00pm (Eastern Time)! We are immediately sent into a pre-recorded video package highlighting Tommy Dreamer who not only is one half of tonight’s pay-per-view main event, but Dreamer also celebrates his 50th birthday doing what he has always loved, profressional wrestling.

Video Package – Tommy Dreamer

We head into a video package highlighting IMPACT Wrestling superstar, Tommy Dreamer (who also celebrates his 50th BIRTHDAY heading into tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event!) who discusses his road from to wrestling as he reminisces about his first wrestling match back in 1981 at only 10 years old where he saw his first ever professional wrestling match with his dad for his birthday. Dreamer continues on to state his first official match was at 18 years old and from that moment on, he was hooked. For 31 years Dreamer has been wrestling, Dreamer continues on to state he is obsessed and LOVES this business (professional wrestling) for his entire life.

Dreamer continues on to point out that professional wrestling has NOT always loved him back! “Everything I have in my life, is because of professional wrestling. Also everything in my life I have lost, is because of professional wrestling. It’s an amazing relationship, but I wouldn’t change anything about it.” Dreamer continues on to share how his body is not what it used to be. He now has to sleep on one side specifically, how he has to use his arm to assist in kicking himself off the bed, sometimes his elbow locks, sometimes his knee locks, and he is in so. much. pain. Dreamer says he has broken so many bones.

A series of his matches throughout his career flash in a timeline sequence as Dreamer is heard saying, “If someone was to ask me… ‘Was it worth it?'” Dreamer pauses as more of his matches are highlighted including injuries, Dreamer responds, “I would look them in the eyes and I would say, I would do it all over again without a shadow of a doubt. I love what I do and I don’t regret anything.” Dreamer continues on to say he knows this is going to end, and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him when he loses. He wishes it could stay forever, but he knows it can’t.

Dreamer finishes his statement by saying, “This is my last shot. I am definitely not the man that I was, but tonight, I’m going to try my hardest to be that man, that never let the fans down, and I am going to try my hardest for one night to be what you ALL wanted, or remember me by, and that’s TOMMY DREAMER…

The video fades to black as his voice fades away to end the video package.

Announcer’s Table

As the video package comes to an end, we return to the Skyway Studios Arena where we are welcomed by D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker who are happy to be there for tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event which is the 13th installment in the “No Surrender” events. We are then sent to the ring to begin the first official match up of the evening which is the Six-Person Tag-Team Match with XXL, Tenille, as well as Rosemary, Crazzy Steve, and Black Taurus! The camera pans over to the ring!

XXXL & Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb) vs. Decay (Rosemary, Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)

As the referee stands in the center of the ring to signal for the bell, we hear the bell chime and the first match-up of the IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view is officially underway!! To start things off, Acey Romero is in the corner representing XXL and is ready to get things going until he looks across the ring and sees that Rosemary is the first person in for the opposing team. Romero downright refuses to wrestle Rosemary, so at this point, Tenille Dashwood makes the tag and Acey steps out of the ring and onto the apron

As Tenille enters the ring, she immediately ducks under a Clothesline attempt delivered by Rosemary, and then looks for the counter. Rosemary then whips Dashwood across the ring and follows up with a Clothesline attempt that Tenille is able to duck under a second time. Rosemary gets frustrated and switches things up and lands a Pump Kick that sends Dashwood to the canvas. Finally Dashwood has had enough and she gets the tag to Larry D.

As Larry D enters the ring, as does Crazzy Steve as Rosemary tags out as well. Steve and Larry D deliver some similar offense and defense as Clotheslines and Forearms are delivered inside the ring. Larry is taken down with a Forearm Smash delivered by Steve. Steve then looks for the counter as he lands an Uppercut on Larry, then quickly follows up with a Mongolian Chop. Steve back to his feet and begins to throw several Elbows followed by an Irish Whip on Larry.

Larry struggles for a moment then reverses the control as he takes Larry down to the canvas and follows up by driving a Hard Knee Drop into Larry’s shoulder. Larry has had enough as he cradles his injured shoulder and makes his way to the corner where he makes the tag, Steve follows suit. At this point, both Romero and Taurus are tagged in. Taurus lands a hard blow to Romero which causes Romero to roll out of the ring momentarily to regain his composure. At this point, Decay looks as though they are about to dive out of the ring, but XXXL and Dashwood sense the impending blow and quickly move out of the way.

Taurus then tags Steve back into the match. Steve heads back into the ring and before he’s able to attempt any type of offense, Romero heads at Steve full force with a Clothesline, Steve drops under Romero’s arm just in time. Romero frustrated with missing the Clothesline immediately attempts to follow up with a Body-slam only to watch Steve land on his feet to continue on! Having had enough with the skillful maneuvers, from the outside Konley is able to trip Steve which throws off his balance. Romero quickly follows up with a Body Avalanche before Steve can regain his equilibrium.

On that note, Larry reaches in for the tag, and Romero obliges. Larry enters the ring and starts off by Kicking Steve in the face! Larry follows up with an Irish Whip and ends the successful combo with a Running Hip Attack before dragging a worn out Steve to the corner of the ring and leaning him against the bottom turnbuckle. At this point, Dashwood seems to have a plan of her own as she quickly tags herself into the ring! Dashwood heads over to Steve and then proceeds to Stomp the midsection of Steve’s weakened body over and over and over again!

Having had her fun, Dashwood then heads to her corner to tag in Romero once again. A lot of back and forth action between Steve and Romero, no one really getting the control or lead in the match, until finally the referee calls for a clean break. Steve and Romero seem to give up as they head to their respective corners to tag in both Larry and Taurus who quickly enter the ring, both coming in hot! Taurus and Larry counter one another and follow up with one better as the match continues on.

Larry ends up on the apron after Taurus had exited the ring to chase Konley and Larry landed a Suicide Dive off the top onto Taurus. Larry then proceeds to roll Taurus back into the ring. Before Larry can re-enter the ring, Taurus quickly sends Larry falling to ringside off the apron then Taurus follows up with a move through the middle ropes onto Larry! At this point, Steve interjects to block at ringside and Rosemary interjects to stop Romero where he stood.

Out of nowhere Dashwood nails a Sliding Dropkick. Romero grabs Dashwood before she could escape and then proceeds to PowerBomb Dashwood out of the ring! Taurus is rolled back into the ring where Larry is waiting for him and looks for a Heavy Forearm. Taurus ducks the move and lands a Step Up Enzuguri on Larry. Suddenly Romero is blinded as Rosemary gets him with the “green mist”.

Taurus takes advantage of the inference and distraction as he lands Larry on the canvas followed by the Fisherman’s Powerslam for the cover. The referee quickly drops down and counts the one, two, three pin for the win to end the first match of the evening!

Winner: The Decay

After the Match

The Decay celebrate their victory immediately following the bell. Commentary discusses the match as we head into highlights and quick replays before being sent into a video package setting up the second match-up of the evening!

Video Package – Edwards & Cardona and Myers & Hernandez’s Rivalry Highlighted

Before heading into the second match up of the evening, we are sent into a video package highlighting the feud and the back and forth action between Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona along with their rivals, Brian Myers & Hernandez as we are reminded of what led to the resulting next match-up for tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view!

Brian Myers & Hernandez vs. Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona

As the video package ends after reminding the IMPACT Wrestling fans of the on-goings between both tag-teams that led us to tonight’s second match-up of the evening, we get ring entrances for the first team to head down to the ring. “From Long Island, NY, Matt Cardona…” Cardona makes his way to the stage as he is officially announced and his entrance theme sounds in the Nashville, TN arena! Cardona makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where he strikes a pose on the middle turnbuckle before removing his long vest and awaiting his tag-team partner.

Out next is Cordona’s tag-team partner, Eddie Edwards. Edwards entrance music sounds over the speakers as Edwards quickly makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with Cardona as they await their opponents for the evening. Brian Myers and Hernandez are announced respectively and they eventually join Edwards and Cardona inside the ring after their entrances as well. The referee stands in the center of the ring as he prepares to start the next match up. The referee signals for the bell, the bell chimes and our next match is officially underway!

To start things off, Eddie Edwards is in for his team as well as Brian Myers who is in for his team as well. Myers heads in at Edwards and locks up as he attempts to take Edwards down to the canvas, to no avail. Finally Myers successfully hits a Hammerlock Exchange. Edwards with a speedy transition as he counters with a side headlock to take control of the match! Myers struggles to break free but Edwards has a tight lock on him. Struggling some more, Myers finally relaxes momentarily and turns slightly as he’s able to get the Headscissors Escape which frustrates Edwards who gets back to his feet.

Edwards then immediately lands yet another counter as he gets a Deep Arm Drag on Myers, followed by locking in an Arm Bar, seeming as though Edwards is looking for a tap-out submission tonight. Edwards seems unable to continue to hold the Arm Bar as Myers continues to wriggle and move, so Edwards then slides his hand down some and gets a dang Side Wrist Lock!

At this point, Cardona tags in and immediately heads towards Myers as he shouts to Myers, “Bring it!” Myers does the complete opposite and immediately tags in his partner, Hernandez. Cardona heads towards Hernandez and starts off with him by connecting a Dropkick. Hernandez ends up on the canvas after a couple more quick blows, Edwards tags back in as Cardona looks to Edwards who has his hand outstretched as he wants to tag back in. Cardona complies and makes the tag.

Before exiting to the apron, Cardona assists Edwards as they look to Double Team Hernandez. Hernandez sees it coming and is able to counter with a Double Clothesline that takes down both Edwards and Cardona! At this point, Myers re-enters the ring and Edwards immediately takes him down. The match spills out to ringside where Hernandez gains control as he takes Edwards down and continues to Strike until the referee gets closer to the count of ten. Hernandez quickly rolls Edwards back into the ring before rolling back in himself.

Edwards struggles to make the tag to Cardona as Hernandez continues to block and then he clutches Edwards in a Waist Lock which then makes it impossible for Edwards to make the tag. Edwards ends up in the corner of the ring where Hernandez makes the tag to Myers. Myers comes in and immediately looks for a take down and a pin attempt to no avail as Edwards kicks out at the two. Myers then looks for a submission finish as he gets Edwards positioned for a Chin Lock and then tightens his grip. Edwards struggles as he plants several blows to the chest of Myers.

Edwards looks spent on the canvas as Hernandez is tagged back in. We watch as he removes the protector on the top turnbuckle. Hernandez then makes another quick tag to Myers. Myers looks to further injure Edwards with the exposed turnbuckle. Edwards is able to evade and turn the attention towards his competitor as Edwards tries to gain momentum. More back and forth action in the center of the ring until finally.

The match continued on and on as the teams took turns tagging in and out like a revolving door until finally towards the end of the match, Hernandez once again catches Edwards off guard as Edwards was flying and Hernandez caught Edwards with a Strike that dropped Edwards to the mat. We then head to the ring where Cardona hits a Hurricanrana and Myers ends up on the canvas. Cardona goes for the cover, but he only gets a two count as Myers successfully gets his shoulder up! Myers then looks to regain control as he shoves Cardona towards the turnbuckle that had been exposed earlier in the match. Myers then lands the Roster Cut finisher followed by the cover for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Brian Myers & Hernandez

After the Match:

Immediately following the match, Matt Hardy appears. “Tonight is the night!” Matt Hardy states as he asks Isaiah Kassidy and Marq Quen if they are ready to fulfill their destiny. Hardy notes that the deck has been stacked against them, but tonight Private Party WILL in fact win the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles… and then they will never return to IMPACT again!

Video Package – Deaner vs. Jake Something Feud Highlights

Next we are sent into a video package/promo that details the ongoing feud between Cody Deaner (with Violent By Design on his side) and Jake Something to remind fans of the events leading up to tonight’s match-up here at IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event.

Cody Deaner w/Violent By Design vs. Jake Something

As the video package comes to a close, we return to the inside of the arena as we hear the entrance theme for Violent by Design over the speakers in the Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, Tennessee to kick off the next match up of the evening! Eric Young, Joe Doering and Deaner make their way to the stage as the music continues. They then make their way down the ramp and into the ring, finishing up their entrance as the music ends and they look up the ramp and Deaner awaits his opponent for this match-up.

Out next is Jake Something as his entrance music sounds over the speakers in the arena and Jake makes his entrance out to the stage, stopping momentarily at the top of the ramp (as this is his first entrance since standing for SOMETHING) before making his way down to the ring and entering to stand across from tonight’s opponent, Deaner. The referee stands between the two men as he raises his hand and signals for the bell. The bell rings and the next match up is officially underway!

Slow starting as the match gets underway, as both Deaner and Something just stand across from one another staring at each other. Finally Something heads in and connects on Deaner who doesn’t put up much of a defense and no offense as Something basically manhandles Deaner to start. At this point, Eric Young has to pull Deaner aside to remind him that Jake is no longer his friend, (ouch!). That simple reminder changes Deaner’s entire demeanor as the look on his face goes from innocent to intense in a matter of seconds. Deaner’s feelings don’t get him far as Something throws Deaner back to ringside with Deaner landing hard on the floor.

Deaner returns to the inside of the ring as Something heads in on Deaner, though Deaner counters as he bulldozes Something into the corner of the ring. Something looks for a way out of the corner as he attempts to get Deaner to back up, Something lands several Hard Strikes followed by a Thez Press which allows Something some breathing room as Deaner exits the ring for a moment to once again talk to Young at ringside. Deaner apparently heard what he needed to once again as he returns to the ring and throws Heavy Strikes at Something. Something reverses control and lands a Clothesline, taking Deaner straight to the canvas.

Something ends up at ringside where Young takes advantage of the Something’s momentary disadvantage, and Young lands a Neckbreaker on Something at ringside before quickly shoving Something back into the ring. Deaner keeps Something down as he is thrown back into the ring, and Deaner lands a Knee Strike on Something, connecting with his back. As Something looks to counter and throws Forearms at Deaner, Deaner pulls a preschool move, and bites Something! Something is caught off guard by this and stumbles into the corner where Deaner hits multiple Stomps to Something, keeping him in the corner.

Deaner looks for a way to keep Something in the corner once again, as he begins to throw Wild Punches at Something. Something somehow reverses, successfully throwing Deaner into the corner at this point. Deaner looks for a come-up as he gets to the middle rope and hits a Flying Uppercut to Something, allowing Deaner to once again take control. Deaner takes Something by the neck, only for Something to power out of the hold. Something is then thrown to ringside once again where Young temporarily distracts Something, allowing Deaner to attack!

Deaner applies a Front Face Lock, Something struggles for a moment, but ultimately powers out of the hold. Dean follows up with a Dropkick from the corner as he shouts, “This is your fault!!” and then proceeds to grind his forearm and elbow into the face of Something. Deaner finishes with a Headbutt, but an enraged Something counters with a Back Body Drop! Both men are laid out inside the ring, physically worn out. Something back to his feet first, gains momentum from out of nowhere and lands a Clothesline on Deaner followed by a Sit-Out Slam. Deaner again exits the ring, but before he can head to Young, Something hits a Spear in the corner!

Something looks for the Blackhole Slam but Deaner already expected as much and counters with a Neck Breaker, sending Something to the canvas. Deaner looks to finish this match as he heads up top. Something immediately gets back to his feet and meets Deaner at the top where he lands a Hard Right to Deaner, Something then looks for a Superplex, but Deaner successfully powers out of Something’s failed attempt! Deaner then lands a Knee to the body of Something followed by a Power Bomb for the cover.

Once again, Something is able to kick out. Something realizes how close he just came to almost losing the match, and immediately goes in for the Blackhole Slam, this time connecting on Deaner for the cover, the referee counts one, two, three for the pin and win!

Winner: Jake Something

After the Match

Immediately following the match, Something has no time to celebrate his victory inside the ring before Eric Young heads in and attacks Something in Deaner’s defense.

Young then exits the ring to grab a table, pushing it under the bottom ropes and rolls back in to quickly set it up in the center of the ring. Violent by Design then proceeds to head to the top turnbuckle where they then fly towards Jake Something, landing a Power Bomb through Something AND the table.

Backstage – Tommy Dreamer

Once again we head backstage where Alisha Edwards and Eddie Edwards walk up to Tommy Dreamer as they exclaim, “Happy Birthday!” as they present Dreamer with a gift. They both then offer words of wisdom and good luck ahead of Dreamer’s main event match-up which is set to take place later tonight, right here!

Triple Threat Revolver Match:
Daivari vs. Suicide vs. Willie Mack vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Josh Alexander vs. Trey Miguel vs. Blake Christian

As we return to the ring for the next match-up of the evening, commentary notes that we are preparing for the X-Division Triple Threat Revolver Match where the winner will go on as the Number One Contender to the X-Division Title! We then get a quick run down of the rules, stating three men will start the match and one-by-one competitors will continue to come in after each pin-fall or submission until there are only two people left standing, to which the first to pin or submit the other will be announced as the #1 Contender to the X-Division Title!! With that out of the way, the first contender is announced over the speakers in the arena as the music entrance sounds and Trey Miguel makes his entrance to the stage.

Out next as his entrance theme sounds is Blake Christian who makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with Miguel as they await the third member of the match. Finally, Suicide’s name is announced and makes his way to the ring where all three of the first members stand in the center of the ring as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings andf this Triple Threat Match-Up is officially underway!! The match starts and Suicide is immediately taken down as Christian and Miguel land a Double Dropkick, sending Suicide to the canvas. Miguel and Christian try to double team Suicide to no avail as Suicide powered over both competitors. Christian then hit a Hurricanrana followed by Head Scissors to take down Suicide.

Miguel however turned his attention to Christian for a moment as she landed a Cutter on Christian followed by a Spin Kick that connected to Suicide taking him down once again. Back to his feet, Suicide heads in on Miguel and hits a Lionsault of his own. As Suicide turned to Christian, Christian is already waiting as he lands an Enzuguri followed by a Dive to the outside onto an already injured Miguel. A Suicide Dive by Suicide to the outside, landing on Christian. Suicide then assists Christian back to his feet and throws him back into the ring where Christian immediately gets back to his feet and quickly looks for a Superplex on Suicide. Suicide catches Christian and counters with a take-down followed by a Swanton. Suicide heads in for the cover on Christian only to be stopped short by Miguel who immediately applies a Heel-hook on Suicide who is forced to tap!

Suicide eliminated.

As Suicide exits the match, the next entrant to join the match’s entrance theme sounds as Chris Bey makes his way out. Bey then heads down the ramp and enters the ring where Miguel is already awaiting his next opponent apparently as Miguel immediately looks for a submission to take out Bey like he just did Suicide. Bey looks to have other plans today (as it’s Bey’s birthday as well today, Dreamer isn’t the only one celebrating another year on Earth by taking part in a match!) as he begins to fight out of the attempt, followed by several Big Elbows in the corner of the ring. Bey then connects with more Elbows to Miguel. At this point, Christian looks to take out both of his competitors as he hits a Double Hurricanrana.

Bey then throws Miguel out to ringside to which Christian quickly dives outside to get him to no avail. Christian quickly follows up as he lands a Standing C-4 onto Miguel as they are both still at ringside, and Christian follows up with a Springboard 450 attempt as he heads towards Bey who quickly gets his knees up, just in time for the block. Bey immediately follows up with a Back Breaker to eliminate Christian.

Blake Christian eliminated.

As Christian makes his way out of the ring, the entrance theme for the next contestant in line sounds as Ariya Daivari makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, where Bey and Miguel await their next competitor. As Daivari enters the ring, he comes in hot with a fast-paced attack as he focused his attention on Chris Bey. Clotheslines to the corner by Daivari, big back body drop by Daivari for a two count. Daivari then lands a Belly-to-Belly Suplex to send Bey out to ringside.

Showboating, Daivari begins to do push-ups in the ring for no apparent reason. Suddenly out of nowhere, Trey flies in and lands a Meteora to Daivari followed by the cover. The referee makes the count, 1-2-3 and Daivari is out just as quickly as he came in!

Daivari eliminated.

The next contestant is announced as he makes his way to the stage, we see Josh Alexander, who quickly makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Bey immediately attacks Alexander before Alexander could even attempt some offense. Miguel then follows suit and locks in a Sleeper on Alexander. Alexander begins to fight out but Alexander impressively and successfully Suplexes both Miguel AND Bey while in the sleeper. Chops in the corner. Alexander is dominating. Beys hits a Jumping Enzuguri on Alexander. Bey then goes for another Verti-breaker, but Alexander is having none of that, and quickly powers out.

Alexander then catches Bey off a Springboard attempt and then Alexander counters as he hits a Torture Rack immediately followed by a Powerbomb. To finish Bey off, Alexander applies an Ankle lock and as he tightens his lock, Bey is forced to tap out.

Chris Bey eliminated.

Willie Mack is the next entrant as he quickly makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where he runs wild to start and then lands a Samoan Drop on both Miguel and Alexander. Mack immediately follows up with a Double Standing Moonsault in the center of the ring, only getting a two count.

Mack gets Double-Teamed as Miguel drops an Elbow to Mack followed by multiple Strikes, and then Alexander takes Mack down with an Uppercut. Alexander then proceeds to take Miguel down with an Uppercut as well! Mack lands a Powerbomb on Alexander followed by a DDT. Miguel focuses his attention on Mack, landing a Meteora on Willie Mack for the cover and the three count pin for the elimination!

Willie Mack eliminated.

Ace Austin is the last entrant to be announced as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. On that note, it all officially comes down to three contestants inside the ring: Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel and Ace Austin.

Early on Trey almost takes Alexander out of the match with a Hurricanrana followed by a Cutter off the ropes, but Trey was unsuccessful and the three carried on. Austin and Trey both focus on each other as they exchange Heavy Forearms until finally Austin gains control. Trey and Austin throw themselves out of the ring with two massive flips onto Alexander. After that, Trey looks to keep Alexander down and quickly runs across the other side to keep Alexander down.

Not long after that, Alexander takes control of the ring as he hoists both Trey and Austin up and onto his shoulders before throwing them both with ease! Alexander then lands a Death Valley Piledriver onto Austin! sends Austin crashing into the mat with a devastating death valley piledriver. Miguel and Austin go back and forth punches, Austin gets the upper hand and Miguel dives to the floor to hit Alexander.

Finally, Miguel goes to the top as Alexander picks up Austin and Miguel at the same time and hits a Samoan drop to both. Big Boot to Miguel and a ankle lock but Austin fights out. Alexander hits a powerbomb to the knee on Austin. Double under hook and alexander takes the win! Josh Alexander is now the new No. 1 Contender of the X-Division Championship!

Winner: Josh Alexander

Video Package – Knockout Tag Titles

Before heading back to the ring for the Impact Knockouts Tag-Team Championship Match-Up set for tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021, we first get a video package highlights Havok and Nevaeh as well as Fire N Flava including the events that led up to tonight’s match-up. It is reminded that tonight’s match will be a “Texas Tornado” No Disqualification Match before the video package comes to an end and we head back into the arena.

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships:
Texas Tornado No Disqualification Match
Fire N Flava (c) vs. Havok and Nevaeh

As the video package ends, we return to the ring as it is time for the Impact Knockouts Tag-Team Championship Match! Out first for the match-up are the team of Havok and Nevaeh as their entrance theme sounds in the arena and the two make their entrance down the ramp and into the ring where they await their opponents for the evening. Out next with some flare are the tag-team of Fire N Flava as they make their way down the ramp and enter the ring with Havok and Nevaeh! The referee signals for the bell to officially start the match.

The bell rings and immediately all four women head in at one another to fight at the same time to start the match off. Havok takes control of Hogan early on in the match as they fight back and forth inside the ring. Hogan continues to get dominated. Havoc goes for a Samoan drop to no avail, so Havok chose to land a Hip Attack in the corner instead. We then get a camera shot focusing on Nevaeh and Steelz. Nevaeh gets Double Teamed by Fire and Flava until Havok is able to take them both down to save Nevaeh.

Havok gets a chair and sets it up in the corner and then proceeds to throw Hogan into the corner… but she misses the chair. Havok and Nevaeh then go on the offense as they power and and get the Double Team action on Steelz for the cover. Steelz kicks out at the two which causes Hogan to go and get a kendo stick to which she then starts swinging wildly on Havok! Hogan continues to attack Havok with multiple blows from the kendo stick until she finally goes for the cover. Havok gets the shoulder up at the two!

At this point, Neveah handles business on her own against both of Fire and Flava. Every pin attempt has Nevaeh kicking out at the two until finally Havok interjects and pulls them both off of Neveah and proceeds to take control of the ring! At one point, Steelz hit a Codebreaker on Nevaeh, but Havok quickly got the upper hand and took it to Steelz in Nevaeh’s defense. Finally, Fire and Flava look for a Double Suplex but Havok quickly reverses and drops both women with a Suplex at the same time!

Havok continues to dominate both of her opponents as she lands them both in the corner of the ring and looks for a Big Splash, unfortunately Havok lands directly into the chair that had been placed in the corner earlier in the match! At this point, this allows Steelz to follow up with a Cutter on Neveah for the cover and the three count.

Winners: Fire & Flava

After the Match

Havok and Neveah look frustrated in the middle of the ring. They leave separately.

Backstage Interview – Rich Swann

Following the awkward aftermath of the previous match, we head backstage where Rich Swann is being interviewed. Swann states that tonight’s match is a big one. He continues on to state that Impact will suspend Moose if he gets involved tonight during the match. Swann then finishes by stating, “Make no mistake about it, Dreamer is in the fight of his life tonight.” With that, Swann walks off.

Video Package – X Division TItle

Before the next match up for the IMPACT X-Division Championship title, we first head into a video package highlighting the events leading up to tonight’s match up!

Impact X Division Championship:
TJP (c) vs. Rohit Raju

As we return to the inside of the arena, the IMPACT X-Division Championship Match up is officially announced as the next match-up set to take place inside the Skyway Studios Arena ring. As his entrance theme sounds, out first is Rohit Raju who is accompanied by Shera. Rohit makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where he awaits his opponent for the evening. Not a long wait at all as out next comes TJP. TJP heads down the ramp and towards the ring when suddenly Raju Dives on TJP before the bell followed by a Body Slam on the apron!

Raju drags TJP back inside the ropes and looks for the pin in the center of the ring, but the bell has yet to be rang and the match hasn’t even started yet. Raju doesn’t stop there, so he then continues the attack TJP at ringside, finally TJP gets up and gets some defense going as he lands a Dropkicks to Raju who lands directly into Shera. To follow up, TJP immediately Dives onto both men. To add insult to injury after his attack on TJP, we watch as TJP throws Raju over the barricade then follows up with a Flip Dives onto Raju. TJP then gets thrown into the barricade.

Finally, the contestants make their way BACK to the ring once again to allow the referee to officially call for the match to begin. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and NOW the match is officially underway! To start off the official action, TJP lands multiple punches in the corner on Raju. Raju counters as he hits a Northern Lights Suplex for the cover. TJP is able to kick out at the two count. From ringside, we see Shera land a cheap shot on TJP when the referees back is turned. Raju shouts into the camera and kicks TJP.

At this point, TJP tries to gain control in this match-up by hitting the Three Amigos on Raju. Raju quickly counters with a Chin-lock submission attempt of his own, though TJ fights and struggles to break free, hitting Raju in the mid-section for the release. TJP gets thrown to the ringside where Shera takes advantage of the moment and proceeds to choke TJP! TJP returns to the ring and locks in a Boston crab on the top rope, but is forced to break at 5. TJP then gets on the top turnbuckle looking to fly, though unfortunately misses a Frog-splash attempt. Raju then hits a Spinning Forearm.

Raju goes to the top but TJP catches Raju before he can hit a high flying move. TJP then proceeds Superplex Raju followed by a As I Lay Me Down to Sleep for the cover and a two count. Clearly not ready to give up on finishing this match, TJP immediately heads up to the top and once again looks for a Frog-splash but again misses! TJP then gets caught in a triangle momentarily but quickly counters into a Kneebar! Raju then looks for the counter himself as he looks to lock in a Cross-face.

TJP struggles inch by inch across the ring, but finally gets to the ropes only to have Raju quickly roll them both back to the middle. Raju then hits a double stomp and gets a two count. Raju then looks to finish the match but mistakenly knees Shera. TJP takes advantage of Raju’s error and TJP quickly hits a Flying DDT and then led into a successful Frogsplash for the three count pin and win!!

Winner: TJP

After the Match

TJP celebrates in the ring while Raju is frustrated on the outside with Shera.

Backstage Interview – Tommy Dreamer (a.k.a. The Birthday Boy!)

Next, we head backstage to talk directly to the birthday boy himself, Tommy Dreamer who says he is flooded with emotion. Dreamer then says his dad took him to his first match when he was 10 years old. Dreamers says he wants people to see a great moment. Says he still wants to do so much and wants to give the fans one last Tommy Dreamer moment.

Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan vs. Jordynne Grace, Jazz, and ODB

As we return to the ring for the next match of the evening, we hear the entrance theme begin for the first contender out for tonight’s next match up. We see Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan make their way to the stage as they make their entrance down the ramp and into the ring, together. Jordynne Grace comes out next. Jazz comes out wearing a mask. Last but certainly not least is ODB, as she joins her teammates on the ramp. They then proceed down the ramp and into the ring.

The referee stands in the center of the ring and officially calls for the bell to start this next match up. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and this IMPACT Wrestling women’s match-up is officially underway! To start things off, we see ODB and Lee both inside the ring for their respective teams to start the match. The first real action comes from Lee, who hits a Jawbreaker on ODB. ODB counters and quickly hits a Shoulder Block before then making the tag to Grace. At the same time, Susan tags in for the opposing team.

Graces grabs a wristlock. Susan goes for a headlock but Grace throws her to the corner. Suplex from Grace for a two count. Susan tags in Purrazzo, Jazz tags in. Jazz hits some punches on Purrazzo. Jazz tags in Grace who hits a suicide dive on the other team. ODB also hits a dive and Jazz dives from the top rope on all the opponents. Grace gets a two count of Purrazzo. Purrazzo goes for the armbar but grace fights out.

ODB rips the sleeves off of Susan’s shirt. ODB smashes Susan over and over with her Dirty Dozen. A brawl breaks out. Grace sends Susan out with a spinebuster. Jazz caps Susan with a series of left-hand strikes. Jazz accidentally misfires with a thumb to the eye on Grace. Kimber Lee jumps off the top with a beautiful senton on the outside. Jazz has Susan in the STF. Susan taps repeatedly onto the canvas. Jazz wins the match for her team!

Winners: Jordynne Grace, Jazz, & ODB

Video Package – IMPACT Tag Titles

Video package for the Impact tag titles. James Storm enters first. Chris Sabin joins his partner in the ring. Matt Hardy comes out next joined by Private Party. Good Brothers music plays to bring them out.

Impact World Tag Team Championships:
The Good Brothers (c) vs. Private Party vs. Chris Sabin and James Storm

James Storm and Marc Quen start. Locks up in the corner, Strom shouts in Quen’s face. Quen goes for a headlock but gets thrown to the ropes, shoulder block and hip toss from Storm. Storm throws Quen over towards his corner. Isiah Kassidy makes a blind tag in. Matt Hardy pulls Private Party aside to talk strategy. Chris Sabin is tagged in by Storm. Both Sabin and Kassidy go back and forth with sunset flip rollups. Kassidy puts a tight sidelock on Sabin. Quen tags himself in. Private Party shows off some high-flying offense before Quen takes over.

Huge kick from Gallows. Gallows stands on Quen and throws up the too sweet. Anderson. Anderson works the arms of Quen, shots to the gut to fight out to no avail. Gallows tags in and dominates Quen. Snap suplex and leg drop from Gallows, nearfall gets broken up by Cassidy. Headbutt from Gallows. Quick tags from the Good Brother, big elbow from Gallows for a two count.

Anderson works the arm of Quen as he reaches for a tag. Anderson knocks Cassidy off the apron preventing the tag. Strom tags in and runs wild of the Good Brothers. Sabin tags in and hit double team moves on Anderson and Gallows. Matt Hardy barks orders to Private Party. Cassidy and Quen goes for a double clothesline but Sabin fights out. Standing Moonsault on knees from Private Party. Flurry of double team moves from Private Party for a near fall. James Storm is in the Private Party corner but Anderson and Gallows breaks it up buy attacking Private Party. Big DDT on Gallows. Huge Spine-buster on Sabin by Anderson.

Storm hits a eye of the storm on Quen, two count. Gallows gets a chair. Referee is distracted and Hardy hits a Twist of fate on Storm. Quen hits a shooting star press on Storm, Anderson throws out Quen and steals the pin.

Winners: Good Brothers

]After the Match

Immediately following the match, we see Matt Hardy talking to the members of Private Party and asking how could they let him down?! He is furious!

IMPACT World Championship
Rich Swann (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Finally… it is time for the main event of tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event! With the IMPACT World Championship Title on the line in tonight’s match up, we return to the ring as the two contenders for the next match stand backstage in anticipation awaiting to hear their entrance theme sound over the speakers in the arena. Out first, celebrating his 50th Birthday by entering the ring with the current IMPACT World Champ, is TOMMY DREAMER as he makes his way to the stage and his entrance theme continues to play!!

Dreamer makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where he awaits his opponent for tonight’s main event title match up! Out next as his entrance theme sounded in the arena as well, is IMPACT World Champion, Rich Swann as he makes his way to the stage first. Swann then makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with his opponent for the evening, Dreamer. With both men inside the ring, the referee stands in the center of the ring and signals for the bell. The bell rings and the final match-up for tonight’s pay-per-view event is officially underway!!

Both men step in to one another and both reach in for a good sportsman-like handshake to start the match. Both men begin to size one another up and finally, the two lock up and Swann goes to the top. They circle the ring and Rich takes the waist. Dream gets Swann to the mat and they go back and forth. Test of strength with a Knuckle-lock, Dreamer gets a Leg Scissor and misses an Enziguri. Swann goes for a kick and misses. Both men evenly matched.. Dreamer with a Waist Lock takedown. Chain grappling exchange. Dreamer grabs the bottom rope which forces the break.

As Dreamer side steps Swann, we see Swann finally get his grasp on Dreamer and immediately applies a side headlock. Swann with a side headlock takeover. Dreamer answers with the Head-scissors Neck Lock. Dreamer sweeps out the legs of Swann. Misfired Elbow Drops. Swann blocks a boot from Dreamer. Swann dodges the enzuigiri. Swann goes for a Standing Moon-Sault, but Dreamer ducks out of the way. Dreamer avoids The Windmill Kick. That leads us to a quick standoff in the center of the ring. Strong lockup. Dreamer applies a side headlock. Swann whips Dreamer across the ring. Dreamer drops Swann with a shoulder tackle. Swann ducks a clothesline from Dreamer. Swann goes for a Running Crossbody Block, but Dreamer counters with a Fall-away Slam. Dreamer with a Baseball Slide Dropkick.

Dreamer dives off the apron. Swann with a Somer-Sault Senton off the apron. Dreamer blocks a boot from Swann. Dreamer hits The Death Valley Driver on the floor. Dreamer dislocated one of his fingers. Dreamer is receiving medical attention. Dreamer pops his finger back in place. Swann with a shoulder block. Dreamer drives his knee into Swann’s chest. Dreamer with a Draping Neck-Breaker. Swann goes after the injured left hand of Dreamer. Swann works on his joint manipulation game. Swann with running elbow smashes. Dreamer answers with a knee crusher. Dreamer dropkicks the left knee of Swann. Dreamer drops Swann with The Reverse DDT. Dreamer applies The Texas Cloverleaf. Forearm Exchange.

Dreamer tackles Swann out of the ring. Swann denies The Pile-Driver. Swann hits The Hand-Spring Cutter on the floor. Dreamer rocks Swann with a forearm smash. Dreamer delivers The Super-Plex. Swann with an inside cradle for a two count. Dreamer with a double leg takedown. Dreamer catapults Swann to the middle turnbuckle. Dreamer connects with The Cutter in mid-air for a two count.

Towards the end of the match, Dreamer hits The Spicolli Driver for a two count. Swann negates The DDT. Swann thrust kicks the midsection of Dreamer. Swann with a Step Up Hook Kick. Swann plants Dreamer with The Phoenix Splash to pickup the victory. After the match, Moose viciously attacks Dreamer and Swann. Moose Spears Dreamer. Moose repeatedly drives a chair into the left knee of Swann. Moose slams the left knee of Swann on the chair. Moose poses with the IMPACT Title to close the show.

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Rich Swann

After the Match

Immediately following the match, Swann is standing tall inside the ring when Dreamer picks up the belt and hands it to Swann with yet another handshake. It seems the pay-per-view is gonna end on a high note when suddenly…

Moose attacks Swann and Dreamer from behind. Moose attacks Swann’s knee. Moose stomps on Dreamer and then follows us as he hits a Spear. Moose gets a chair and continues to attack Swann’s knee.

The IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event ends as Moose holds up the Impact World Championship… and that’s the show!

**Be sure to be here Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 as IMPACT Wrestling returns on AXS TV and we will be covering the show with LIVE results coverage for the IMPACT Wrestling – No Surrender 2021 Fall-Out Edition where we will pick up the pieces left behind during tonight’s pay-per-view event! As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome! RUSH OUT!**


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