Indie Star Hints That He Is No Longer Working For AEW

Independent star Suge D, better known as Pineapple Pete, issued a short statement on Twitter hinting that his time in AEW has come to an end. The 35-year old veteran writes, “6 months longer than anyone, even myself, predicted. A worthwhile journey for every single second. But as the song goes: Multiple musical notes. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…Multiple musical notes. Think I’ll go find it. My phone is on, just not planning to wait by it.”

When a fan speculated that something happened between Suge and AEW, he replied, “Nah. I was used in an extraordinary situation. Situation changed. Nothing promised. There had to come a time. We’ve reached that time. Now we tell some new stories. No saying we can’t open this one back up, just not right now.”

See the exchange below.

Besides appearing on multiple episodes of AEW Dark, Suge D had a several week feud with former world champion Chris Jericho that culminated in a mathcup on Dynamite. Best of luck to Suge on all his future endeavors.

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