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Internal Reaction to Bray Wyatt’s Return; WWE Looking to Run Similar Teasers For Other Wrestlers

— Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE has by almost all accounts been a successful one built up over the course of several weeks’ worth of teases. Internally, Wyatt is already listed as Smackdown’s top babyface with Drew McIntyre slotted second on the list. PWInsider.com reports that WWE has also been thrilled with the merchandise Wyatt has been moving as he has been the top seller over the last few weeks, prompting the company to roll out even more Wyatt merchandise, including plush versions of his Firefly Fun House characters.

— The report goes onto state that WWE has been so happy with the way Wyatt’s return played out and the buzz it generated online with the interactive features from the QR codes that they plan to feature similar content in future storylines for other wrestlers if and when the situation calls for it and the storyline fits. In the past, a number of people backstage pushed for this sort of interactivity and content but it was never approved under the old regime, however, all that has obviously changed with Triple H leading creative.

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