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Internal WWE Reaction to Tony Khan’s Tweet About Undertaker, John Cena & NXT Ratings

This week’s Tuesday night showdown between WWE and AEW, featuring NXT and Dynamite, drew considerable attention, with Tony Khan closely monitoring the events. Leading up to the broadcasts, Khan was active on Twitter, fervently promoting AEW’s Dynamite. However, his efforts fell short as NXT surpassed Dynamite in overall viewership by a significant margin.

On Thursday, Khan attracted attention once more with a tweet claiming that the NXT show marked the first time in history that a program featuring either the Undertaker or John Cena was watched by fewer than one million viewers. This tweet didn’t go unnoticed within WWE, and according to reports from, it surprised several individuals backstage.

The report also notes that Khan doesn’t seek approval from AEW’s Public Relations team for his tweets. While most people within WWE were taken aback by Khan’s statement, it didn’t raise significant concerns or cause any issues. The prevailing consensus echoed the online reaction, suggesting that Khan should have refrained from making such a tweet. Some believed that he might have been attempting to spin a situation that didn’t favor him, as he promptly followed it up with an announcement about a series of upcoming matches for Dynamite while many were still likely viewing his profile.

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