Ivory Appears On The Steve Austin Show

Ivory On Almost Being One Of Godfather’s “Ho’s,” Who Was Stiff In The Ring

Soon-to-be WWE Hall Of Famer Ivory (Lisa Moretti) recently appeared as a guest on WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast, The Steve Austin Show, for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how she got her job with WWE: “Jimmy Cornette called me and he was working for [WWE] and he had gotten my [telephone] number from Howard Brody, who worked with all ladies’ shows like AWA or something. And he was good friends with Luna [Vachon] and we go way back, so Howard gave him my number and he said, ‘we’re looking for a girl who could look good in a dress and take a bump.’ And they needed her to show up in Phoenix [Arizona] for one of the [WWE] shows, so I said, ‘sure, I can do that date. I said, ‘as long as I can bring my Revlon s–t, I can do the show for you. I’ll get on a plane that night because I’ve got to teach the next morning in San Francisco [California].’ ‘Sure.'”

On thinking she was bring brought in to be one of The Godfather’s “Ho’s”: “I learned early on, in the car ride over to the arena, that I was going to be posing as one of The Godfather’s hoes of the ho train. I was like, ‘sure, I can do that part. That ought to be great.’ So when I came to the locker room, the girls informed Steve Lombardi that, ‘the hoes go dress in the bathroom – they don’t come in our locker room.’ And he stood up for me. Actually, Luna stood up for me and said, ‘she’s a worker! She’s not a ho!'”

On Jacqueline Moore being stiff with her in the ring: “I was kind of her punching bag for about nine months. I started to feel like, ‘man, I don’t even like this anymore. It hurts too much!’ And people started nudging me and the guys would say, ‘you’ve got to put your foot down!’ And I put my foot down by saying, ‘that’s not what wrestling is.’ Nobody wants to pay to see a real chick fight because it’s ugly and it doesn’t sell.”

Check out the complete Ivory interview from the Steve Austin Show podcast at PodcastOne.com.

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