Jack Swagger Talks To Flo Sports

Jack Swagger Talks About Potential MMA Fight, Life After WWE & More

Former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger recently spoke with the folks from Flo Slam for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On working the independent scene after requesting his WWE release earlier this year: “I mean, in essence it’s almost like starting all over again. To get back your momentum, you have to reach all fans bases and it really did feel like starting again from scratch. But as of now, everything has been exactly what I had expected. A majority of the fans are glad to see me and I have been getting good receptions which I am happy with and it hasn’t deflated my ego. The hospitality I have received from every single roster I have been a part of has been amazing. This is a brand new side of things that I am learning and I am having to learn on my feet and it’s awesome. So many of the guys and girls have been so helpful at letting me pick their brains and every show has been so different.”

On advice to talent thinking about parting ways with WWE: “You just have to remember that when you are with the WWE, it is a corporate job so you have certain benefits you need to get in line before you lose them. It’s real important to get stuff like your mortgage and insurance in check before you decide to leave. Stuff like that becomes very difficult when you become an independent star.”

On training in mixed-martial-arts for a potential fight: “I mean if you look at my background and how popular combat sports are now, then it is one hell of an opportunity but also one hell of a risk which could be an even greater reward. I have been training for months now getting into shape but it’s been ten years since I competed at amateur wrestling levels. There are a lot of things to consider. I like what Bellator are doing right now and the roster is filling up and its not just top heavy, the guys in the middle of the rankings are very competitive and dangerous. My good friend Josh Rafferty has done MMA and pro-wrestling so we are always talking about it.”

On a new clothing line business he is working on with his wife: “For my wife and I it was almost like a silver lining. We had an idea for starting a clothing line years and years ago, but we just never had the time to actually start our own business until now. We have a new website that is about to launch soon and I am very excited about it. We’re hoping to get it built up to a level where it won’t just be for me but for other wrestlers and hopefully we can branch off into a women’s apparel line and some other stuff. The whole LFR thing came about when we first got together. My wife is tougher than me and I think she knew that when we first started dating. She wanted to test me a bit and she dared me to get a tattoo and I don’t think she thought I would go through with it. But we got matching LFR tattoos within a week of knowing each other. LFR (Let’s Fucking Rage) is from a movie called Grandma’s Boy. Although when anyone asks what the tattoo means I tell them it’s my boyfriend Leon Robinson’s initials.”

Check out the complete Jack Swagger interview at FloSports.tv.

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