Jacob Fatu

Jacob Fatu’s Past Criminal Record May Have Been Reason For Delayed WWE Debut

— After several months of a wait-and-see approach, former MLW wrestler Jacob Fatu finally made his debut for WWE this week on Smackdown as a member of the Bloodline. Fightfulselect.com reports that Fatu has actually been signed by WWE for months and was backstage at WrestleMania and the shows before and after and the lack of debut plans for him may actually have a reason behind it.

— According to their report, Fatu has never wrestled outside of the United States and MLW sources indicated that it was because of his criminal record from when he was younger “in a life he left far behind.” However, this legal issue still prevented him from taking bookings outside of the US and it’s unclear if that will still be the case in the future with WWE. It is believed that with WWE emphasizing international premium live events for the first half of 2024 as well as live events, it likely posed a hurdle for Fatu to debut.

— The report added that in the past, Fatu’s criminal history is one of the main reasons he was not hired by WWE, however, the company’s new regime has long been interested in him and were obviously willing to look past that. In the weeks that Fatu has been with WWE, he has reportedly made an immediate good impression within the company and was said to be very respectful backstage to everyone he interacted with.

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