James Ellsworth Speaks On His WWE Contract Status & Interactions With Vince McMahon

James Ellsworth was recently interviewed for the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast and he shed some light on his future with WWE. When asked if WWE will be offering him a full-time contract, Ellsworth said he’s been hearing whispers about it but isn’t “counting his chickens before they hatch.”

“I don’t know what the future holds, I hope it’s bright,” Ellsworth said. “I’m having the time of my life and am thankful for every opportunity that [WWE] gives me. I am learning so much just being there and it has been such a blast, and everything has been going so well that I hope to be there in the WWE as James Ellsworth until I’m about 75 years old.”

Ellsworth has had limited access to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, but when he does cross paths with Vince he makes sure to ask for feedback. Ellsworth explains that every week after SmackDown ends, he approaches Vince to ask “hey, sir, how did I do?” Ellsworth says Vince has given him “nothing but great feedback” thus far.

“I don’t get to speak to him for an extended amount of time. It’s literally I walk up to him and ask if I do okay and is everything was good?” Ellsworth explained. E”very week he’s said ‘good job kid’ and ‘see you next week.’ That’s what it’s been every week and coming from him it means the world because he is the man. He is the main guy in this profession. He’s the top guy that nobody is over, and I have so much respect for him and what he has done with Sports Entertainment. It is just cool to get that little conversation with him every week but I always make sure to go to him and I always will no matter what.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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