Jamie Noble

Jamie Noble Stabbed By Angry Motorists, Current Condition Unknown

Former WWE Superstar Jamie Noble (James Gibson) known best to newer fans as one-half of J&J Security, was stabbed on Wednesday morning outside of his house, according to recent reports.

Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet.com first reported the news that Noble had just returned home from a loop with WWE, where he works as a producer, and when coming home from a quick trip to get a snack he was approached by a motorist who claimed that he had cut him off. Noble then reportedly tried to apologize, however the motorist reportedly continued to argue with him until things got physical and Noble took him down.

It was at that point, according to Satin’s report, that two additional passangers who were the unknown motorist exited the vehicle and attacked Noble from behind, with at least one of them stabbing him in the back.

Noble was eventually taken to a local emergency room for treatment, however his current condition is unknown. WWE has been made aware of the situation.

Stay tuned for continued updates on the condition of James Gibson.

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