Vince McMahon - Janel Grant

Janel Grant Agrees To Pause Vince McMahon Lawsuit At The Request of Federal Investigators

— Earlier today, a story broke revealing that Janel Grant has agreed to pause her lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis and WWE citing a non-private investigation by the United States Attorney. The stay is expected to last around six months and it is believed that the US government is not only continuing their investigation on McMahon that they started in early 2023, but they are likely proceeding from a criminal perspective, determining whether any criminal charges should be levied against him apart from the civil suit by Grant. To date, Vince has not actually been charged with anything.

— reports that there were four sealed documents submitted to the court today on behalf of the United States of America and that the government getting even more involved, it has major ramifications on the lawsuit and any potential charges, none of which look good for any of the defendants.

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