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Janel Grant’s Lawsuit Against WWE & Vince McMahon Officially Put On Hold For Six Months

— Yesterday, a judge officially put Janel Grant’s lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis and WWE on hold after gaining agreement from both sides for the pause. The hold comes after the Department of Justice continues a federal investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing by McMahon. The civil suit filed by Grant is on hold for the next six months, meaning the earliest it can be resumed is December 11.

“ORDER OF STAY AND DENIAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE OF PENDING MOTIONS. On the basis of the Court’s understanding that the parties mutually consent to a stay of these proceedings for a period of approximately six months, the Court STAYS this action to December 11, 2024.

In light of the stay of this action and the possibility of any change of circumstances during the pendency of the stay, the Court DENIES the defendants’ pending motions to compel arbitration (Docs. # 30 , # 35 , and # 61 ) without prejudice to renewal within two weeks of any future order of the Court lifting the stay.

The Court likewise DENIES as moot plaintiff’s motion to strike (Doc. # 31 ) with respect to allegations in a memorandum of law concerning a motion that has now been denied. It is so ordered.. Signed by Judge Jeffrey A. Meyer on 6/11/2024.”

— Vince McMahon’s legal team released the following statement to Wrestlenomics:

“Mr. McMahon is eager to prove Ms. Grant’s claims are false and expose her lies, but did not object to the government’s request to pause the matter in connection with the investigation regarding disclosures at WWE. Following the six-month stay, when his legal team is able to get discovery and depose Ms. Grant and others, the evidence will show the relationship was consensual and Ms. Grant’s allegations are malicious fabrications of a jilted lover.”

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