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Jay Lethal Reveals He Will Be With AEW Until The Company Closes Or They Fire Him

Top AEW Star Jay Lethal appeared on The Kurt Angle Show podcast to discuss a number of topics such as how he would still be a part of IMPACT Wrestling if he didn’t get fired and he would still be working for Ring Of Honor if the company didn’t close down as he believes in loyalty and a person’s word more than working for the highest bidder and the amount of money he is making.

Jay Lethal said:

“If I didn’t get fired, part of me believes I’d still be [at IMPACT Wrestling] because my dad and I have always talked about being loyal and wrestling and not just going to the highest bidder. If a company is taking good care of you and you like them, and you guys respect each other, and there are no real issues, you can chat about the money later. Your loyalty and your word have got to mean something. I would have been in IMPACT Wrestling, I believe, to this day if they didn’t let me go. Ring of Honor, if they didn’t close down, I would still be wrestling for them to this day.”

Jay Lethal also discussed how he will be with AEW until the company closes or they fire him and if he has a bond with a certain company or promotion, he will try his hardest to not ever break that bond.

Jay Lethal said:

“Things happen for a reason. Now, I am in AEW, which is amazing. It’s a godsend. Then, they bought Ring of Honor, but I’ll be at AEW until the company closes, they let me go, or they fire me, because, to me, in wrestling, if I’m going to put my body, my life, and my career on the line for you, I’ve got to appreciate and love you. There is some bond between us and I’m going to try my hardest to not ever break that bond. So, if you don’t break it, I’m not going to break it, and we’ll bond forever.”

You can check out Jay Lethal’s full comments in the video below. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.

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