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Jay White Promises Big 2021 For The Bullet Club, Comments On 2020 Match Of The Year

Jay White recently spoke with NJPW Press for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, the leader of The Bullet Club promised a big year coming up in 2021 for the popular wrestling faction, commented on the 2020 Match of the Year winner and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights of the new interview.

On how he feels about being in the WrestleKingdom 15 main event: “It doesn’t matter. I’ve said this before, just because it’s Wrestle Kingdom, it doesn’t make a difference to me. I’ll be facing either Ibushi or Naito, two guys I’ve beaten multiple times. The event, the venue doesn’t matter. It might trick some guys and put them under pressure, but no, it’s just another match.”

On having realistic expectations of the size of the crowd due to the pandemic: “Even being the star that I am, I know when expectations are realistic. Not even Switchblade Jay White can overpower a global pandemic. But everyone who does buy a ticket will be buying that ticket to see me, and the same goes for everyone watching on NJPW World.”

On his relationship with EVIL: “Right now, where does EVIL fit in? Short answer? Nowhere. There’s three of us in this picture and he isn’t one of them. Now in Osaka, did I want him to win? Or did I want to fight him in the Tokyo Dome? Did I do what I did to help him, or help myself? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Me and EVIL teamed in Korakuen, so maybe you can glean something from that match.”

On Okada/Naito winning Match of the Year: “I despise that award. I hate that term. It’s disgusting how many supposed wrestlers want to get that title, as if it matters. They could lose every match and it wouldn’t matter to them as long as they get match of the year? For any competitor to think that way is a disgrace.”

On not caring to put on a competitive matchup: “No. Not really. Look, this is a high pressure situation, so competitive bouts arise from that. But would it matter to me if I can come out with a win inside two minutes? No! It would matter to me in a good way, it’d be something to be proud of! I wouldn’t worry about it not being a ‘competitive match’ for the people. You look at a ticket for the matches. Does it come with a statement that the wrestlers will promise to fight for 30-40 minutes at a time? No! The match could end in one minute. That’s what sports are like, that’s how things go. I don’t have any responsibility to put on a competitive match, no.”

On promising a big 2021 for Bullet Club: “There’s a lot of big ifs next year. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the world. People say that this year was a nightmare year; for some people, their nightmare year begins when I win both belts, heheh. It’s all out of our control, just like Wrestle kingdom is out of your control. I will win on January 5, and then moving on from that? I’ve been in Japan too long. I need a break. So I’m taking my titles, and I’m going home. Whatever anyone might say, screw them. I’m taking those belts and going home.”

Check out the complete Jay White interview at NJPW1972.com.

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