JD Drake Discusses How His AEW Faction Began

Earlier this week, All Elite Wrestling star JD Drake stopped by The Spanish Announce Table podcast, where he discussed his initial thoughts on each of his fellow stablemates. JD also spoke about the way The Wingmen faction came together, as well as much more. Check out a couple of the highlights.

On how The Wingmen became a group:

“It’s completely random and makes 100% complete sense. Life is weird. You come across friends sometimes that don’t necessarily look the same as you or have the same culture.”

On meeting each member of the faction:

“I met Cezar back in February 2020 when I went to the Performance Center and wrestled on NXT’s house show loop.” I think is, ‘this guy is a goof. Ryan Nemeth is an absolute goof.’ I had yet to meet Peter. I’m at my third trip to AEW and Tony [Khan] comes up to me and says, ‘Hey, you ever met Ryan Nemeth?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘What do you think about him?’ ‘I like him.’ ‘Cool, get to know him a little more.’ It just happened organically I hung out with him, Cezar, and then Peter came in and it all started to click. It wasn’t anything out of left field or crazy. We hung out in the back, had a good time, and started talking shit to each other. It translated well on camera”

(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)

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