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Jeff Hardy Claims He Is Planning To Do Something “Memorable” At WWE Hell In A Cell

Ahead of his Hell in a Cell match against Randy Orton tonight, Jeff Hardy spoke with TalkSport about his match, his longevity and what he hopes to accomplish in the future. Here are the highlights:

On wrestling Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell match: “I’ve talked about it a lot because the one thing I’ve never done in WWE is a Hell in a Cell match and now here we are. I’m in a Hell in a Cell with Randy Orton and I can’t wait to see what I can do inside that cage. It’s going to be very memorable and I’ll do something that people won’t forget. I think my thoughts are too big for my size sometimes, but I’ve got a lot of good ideas of what I can do inside that structure and this Sunday is when we find what will happen. It will be a very memorable Jeff Hardy match. Expect the unexpected!”

On whether he lobbied WWE officials for this match: “I never asked for it and I actually thought it was one of those things that would never happen. But when I found out I got really excited about it, like a youthful spark from a Jeff Hardy in his twenties. I never asked, but they sure are giving it to me, so we’ll see what happens.”

On what’s next for him in WWE: “I would like to win the World Title once again, that’s for sure. After my brother and I returned at WrestleMania 33, we won the Tag Team Championships again, but now we’re doing our thing in singles competition it be good to be world champion once again.”

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