Jeff Hardy Appears On Chasing Glory Podcast

Jeff Hardy Reveals Moment He Started To Finally Feel His Age

During a recent appearance on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Jeff Hardy spoke about the moment he started to feel his age, as well as his recent surgery and rehab process. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the moment he noticed he started feeling his age (41 years old): “I did that a few months ago. I was eating breakfast and was sitting on a hard stool in the airport; we had a group flight or something. I was just sitting there for a while and I got up and my back started bothering me, and when I got into the flight my back really started hurting me. I was on my tip-toes trying to walk getting off of the flight. We had a show that night, so I went to a local chiropractor somewhere in Texas and he did what he could do, but my back bugged me for about four weeks. I was freaking out there for a while because the pain came out of nowhere. I didn’t do an exact thing for the pain to come, but it is just one of those things as you get older stuff like that happens.”

On the physical limitations of surgery being awful and what he couldn’t do while rehabbing: “When I had my rotator cuff surgery, I am so active, so I couldn’t cut my own grass or anything like that. Luckily it was winter so I asked myself ‘what I can do to stay productive and creative?’ So, I began painting with my left hand because I couldn’t use my right hand, so I thought let’s see how this goes.

“I did about four complete paintings and they came out really well. I came up with a name for them as I always do, so, is where some of them are still available, original artwork, and I slowly began using my right hand again. But that is one of the things I will never forget after rotator cuff surgery, which is painting with my left hand. Writing is just terrible, it’s like a kindergartner. But that was one of the things that I did to get myself to go through the healing process a lot better.”

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