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Jeff Jarrett Looks Back On His Time In The Four Horsemen, Talks nWo/WCW

Jeff Jarrett recently reflected on some top factions during the latest edition of his official podcast, “My World with Jeff Jarrett.”

During the episode, the WWE and IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame legend spoke about his time in the Four Horsemen in WCW, as well as why he wasn’t put in the New World Order (nWo) group when he first arrived to WCW from the WWE, the same way so many other stars who jumped-ship during the Monday Night Wars were brought in.

Featured below is an excerpt from the episode of Double J’s podcast where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

“There wasn’t with me and I was glad. Living through this, obviously I did, but the whole context of Hall, Nash, Hogan, Syxx, DiBiase and I think Virgil, the time frame of the WWF guys because that Attitude Era and the North vs South, USA Network vs TBS/TNT, all of that was real tangible storylines. Hulk was a WWF product. Diesel, well I don’t have to go through it. It was all WWF products. Me coming in the door, I knew, ok, we’ll tease it, but I didn’t think it was going to be beneficial and immediately lost in the shuffle because nobody is going to dominate over Hogan, and in a lot of ways, Hall and Nash. Hulk is the biggest box office attraction this industry has ever created. The territory guys weren’t national stars, but everybody knew Hulkamania at the same time and was selling tickets, PPVs, and all that kind of stuff. The NWO was dominant.

“On the flip side of that was essentially a staple of WCW, The Four Horsemen. I didn’t exactly know the landscape coming in, but the Horsemen had issues in their health. There was no discussion with me whether they put Jeff in or out of NWO, but I was not really enamored. I can remember, ‘What do you want me to wear tonight?’ They said, ‘it’s sort of a tease, but we’re going to get right into it later.’ Ok, a tease for NWO, so I wore black and white that night.”

Check out the complete episode of the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast at H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.


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