Jeff Jarrett On Scott D’Amore’s Departure From TNA Wrestling In 2008

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW Star Jeff Jarrett, who is also their Director of Business Development, took to an episode of his My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast, where he spoke about a number of topics such as the in-ring work of IMPACT Star Frankie Kazarian and how there is probably five to ten guys on the ECW roster and five to ten guys on the WWE roster on the same level as Kazarian.

Jeff Jarrett said:

“You took half of the answer directly out my mouth. Okay. And the first time Conrad I ever heard that was my man talking about Eddie Marlin, his father-in-law’s tag team partner Eddie Gilbert’s dad, Tommy Gilbert, he would say, and I’ve heard him say it to his face, oh damn Tommy, you’re just too damn good. You can be a healer, a baby face. You can work on the main event or the opening match. You’re just too good, damn good in the ring. And when you look at so many talents, Frankie’s not the first, not the last. You just said, Dolph [Ziggler]. There’s, there’s probably five to 10 guys on the ECW roster, five to 10 guys on the WWE roster. It’s the nature of the beast when you look at it. So we knew our top guys. Let’s say [Samoa] Joe, AJ [Styles], and pick your that, whatever. And then our tag team would be America’s Most Wanted, and I’m talking about coming on the up-and-comers, and then you kinda look at heels and baby faces. It’s really; I don’t wanna say it’s a flip of the coin. I’ve fallen into that in and out of my career. It’s when you’re going to have a match, the old proverbial saying with a broomstick, it can be a positive, but it can damn sure be negative. That’s just the reality of our industry.”

Jeff Jarrett also spoke about Scott D’Amore’s departure from TNA Wrestling in 2008 and how the IMPACT Wrestling President had personal things to look after.

Jeff Jarrett said:

“A man that wore many hats, I’ll say from day one, but it went back almost. He’s an ego; he’s certainly an asylum, solemn. And, I gotta think about this timeline, Conrad, so forgive me if I make it. I believe his father’s health took a turn for the worst. He had to go home and take care of personal and professional things. His father’s what was a, you know, multiple businesses in Windsor, which is right across from Detroit in Kansas. And Scott had to go take care of home. So there was no heat, brother? No, there was. Okay. We totally understand. We wish you well and wish you nothing but the best. You’re always welcome; come back. Um, but we understood that he had to go take care of the family business.”

Jeff Jarrett then spoke about IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim being one of the foundations of the company’s Knockouts Division and how Gail, Angelina Love and Awesome Kong are 3 good storytellers and that is why their dynamic worked.

Jeff Jarrett said:

“Does she get her enough flowers? I guess through the years she has, but during this timeframe, it goes without saying she, her, and Kong, but her, Gail being the baby face, it’s the foundation of the division, but the beautiful people, the most heat, of any of the knockouts. So it was just, look, they didn’t, we didn’t need a lot of time. We didn’t give ’em a lot of time, but they’re both; all three ladies are good storytellers. So it worked.”

You can check out Jeff Jarrett’s full comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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