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Jeff Jarrett Talks About Potential Working Relationship Between TNA & GFW

As noted, TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett has returned as the lead management figure for the promotion following the sale of the company to Anthem Sports.

Jarrett spoke with the UK’s Huffington Post this week to promote TNA. During the discussion, Jarrett spoke about the potential working relationship between TNA and his other upstart, Global Force Wrestling (GFW) in 2017.

“The relationship with GFW and Impact is going to be something that I’m obviously personally very excited for. We are coming up on the 15th year of Impact and started Global Force a couple of years ago, seeing them come together on some level will be great. The situation that happened a year and a half ago was great for all parties involved and obviously gave GFW quite a lot of exposure. As we roll into the second quarter of this year, the GFW-Impact relationship is just going to get better.”



Jarrett also spoke about whether or not TNA’s X-Division will be a bigger focal point of the promotion going forward now that he is back.






“Well in GFW we have a division called NEX*GEN and that’s about the next generation of wrestlers much like the X-Division was in 2002. I’ve always been a massive fan of – and here in the UK you have – I call them kids, that was 10-12 years ago but are now in their late 20s or early 30s are incredible athletes and really know what they’re doing. It’s that next generation style of wrestling that will definitely be front and centrer.”

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