Jeremy Borash

Jeremy Borash Says New Impact Wrestling Owners Have A “Unique Vision”

Former WCW announcer and Impact Wrestling producer/announcer Jeremy Borash was recently interviewed by the folks at Hannibal TV.

During the interview, Borash spoke about the new owners of Impact Wrestling.

“It’s great man,” said Borash. “The company is kind of a different structure now. We’re expanding in ways I didn’t know was possible. I’ve been in Mexico, I’ve been in Mexico for triple A, The Crash, just went over to England for The World of Sport announcement, we’re working with a lot of different promotions. It’s a different philosophy, and the more I find out about the big picture of everything the more I’m excited about it.”

Borash continued, “It’s a unique vision Anthem has for this company and I think it’s going to be very successful.”

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