Jericho Says He Wasn’t Knocked Out In Sin Cara Fight: “Uninformed Journalism From Stupid Idiots”

As previously noted, Chris Jericho and Sin Cara reportedly got into a fight backstage at WWE’s live event in England on Sunday. Jericho commented on the story on Monday morning, denying @MLW’s tweet about Jericho being knocked out in the fight.

The MLW Radio Twitter account is believed to be run by former WWE writer Court Bauer, and was one of the first sources to report on the incident between Jericho and Sin Cara. The MLW account wrote that Cara is the “backstage brawl for all champ,” and indicated that he knocked out Jericho during the backstage incident.

Jericho fired back, calling the @MLW account “stupid idiots” and accusing them of “shoddy, uninformed journalism.” Jericho claimed that he “hasn’t been knocked out since 1994.”

There’s no word on what caused the fight of if either performers will be disciplined by WWE management.

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