Chris Jericho/WWE Update

Jericho’s WWE Status, Sasha Banks Update, HBK’s Latest In-Ring Plans

In a follow-up to a previous news item regarding Shawn Michaels wrestling more matches, according to a source in WWE, Michaels’ return is being tentatively planned for at least three matches – the tag team match at Crown Jewel, a singles match against the Undertaker at a future “major PPV” and if all goes as planned, a “dream match” against AJ Styles for next year’s WrestleMania 35.

It doesn’t appear as if Chris Jericho is expected back in WWE anytime soon. While Jericho appears open to working with any promotion as long as the role is meaningful and not for nostalgic purposes only, WWE is also willing to bring him back when the time is right. However, as per a WWE source, the relationship between the two parties is “not as rosy” as it was just six months ago but “Vince will work with anyone at anytime if it’s good for WWE business.”

As noted yesterday, Sasha Banks has been dealing with a back injury which is reportedly what has kept her out of action for the last few weeks. However, it was hinted to us that her absence may not have been strictly related to any medical issues but rather she stepped away for a bit to “recharge and refresh” as she has been “disengaged” backstage. The rumor goes that Banks may be generally unhappy at her position within the women’s division as she has gone from being a central figure to completely out of the main event picture with Alexa Bliss and now Ronda Rousey dominating the scene on Raw. For what it’s worth, WWE expects Banks back in action by next week.

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