Jerry Lawler Tells Behind-The-Scenes Story From Final RAW Of 2019

Jerry Lawler Explains At Length Why Vince McMahon Didn’t Show Up Until Right Before Final RAW Of 2019 Went Live

The reason why Vince McMahon was absent from the final episode of WWE RAW of 2019 until right before the show started has finally been explained at length by a trusted source — WWE Hall Of Famer and RAW announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler.

On his latest podcast, Lawler spoke about last week’s Monday Night Raw and specifically the Lana/Bobby Lashley wedding as well as Vince McMahon’s absence in the afternoon and subsequent return shortly before Raw went on the air.

“Here’s something that a lot of people don’t realize too,” Lawler started. “I’ll give this little bit of backstage info about this. This thing was so good, it was gonna be so highly anticipated by everybody backstage especially. Vince had some really important meetings; he doesn’t do this often, but lately I think with the upcoming XFL about to start and all that sort of stuff, Vince has been torn in so many different directions and he’s missed several Raws and he’s missed several SmackDowns, in the past few weeks.”

He continued, “And he actually left Hartford, CT at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and everybody thought he was gone. Vince has his own office there and he told everybody he had to leave at 2 o’clock. He left – the limousines took him out.”

“The King” also explained why the WWE Chairman returned right before the show went live on the air.

“We even went from the Talent Relations – I dress in the Talent Relations office with Mark Carrano and these guys,” said Lawler. “And so we moved the Talent Relations office into Vince’s office. So we moved all our stuff over into his bigger, nicer office where we had more room and we’re all sitting back there.”

He added, “And about – I don’t know – about 5:30 – no, yes, about 5:30 or so, somebody comes in and says, ‘Hey, Vince is on his way back, he doesn’t want to miss the wedding!’ So, he came all the…and all of a sudden we’re in the back. We’re grabbing up all of our stuff. We had to put his office back together so he wouldn’t know that we’d stolen his office from him. And so, but yeah, Vince came back just to make sure he was there for the wedding. So, it was great.”

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