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Jerry Lawler Explains Why Andy Kaufman Belongs In The WWE Hall Of Fame

During the latest episode of his “Dinner With The King” podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler spoke at length about his legendary feud with late comedian/actor Andy Kaufman.

As Lawler explained, Kaufman is deserving of a spot in the WWE Hall Of Fame, even if the “Taxi” star never worked an actual match for the promotion.

“I think that without a doubt he does,” said Lawler during the show. “Probably the main drawback, or main hold up, or resistance to that is the fact that Andy never had a match in WWE.”

Lawler continued “There’s definitely a place for Andy, at least, in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. That match that Andy and I had, it almost supersedes any organization. It was just about wrestling, in general.”

As Lawler spoke more about the subject, he explained his belief that the match he had with Kaufman was arguably the turning point when pro wrestling evolved into sports entertainment.

“If you look back and really consider all the facts, that match was so important in the way wrestling evolved after,” said Lawler. “That was the beginning of sports entertainment. That was the first time that wrestling and the entertainment world collided head-to-head and wound up working together.”

Check out the complete episode of “Dinner With The King” featuring Jerry Lawler via iTunes.

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