Jessie Godderz Talks About His Career, More

OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jessie Godderz recently sat down for an interview with SKWrestling, where he spoke about a number of topics.

Godderz, who is the inaugural National Champion, discussed his time in OVW, his current reign as the inaugural National Champion, and his success as a television star. Check out the highlights below!

Says he always wanted to be a pro wrestler:

“I always enjoyed watching pro wrestling on TV ever since I was a kid,” Godderz said. “I loved WWE and WCW and looked up to top stars like Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and the Ultimate Warrior. It was my dream to someday become a pro wrestler like them but I never really thought that would happen. I was just a kid growing up in Rudd, Iowa so I really thought that was just a pipedream. Instead, I took up amateur wrestling in high school andactually became quite good at it. In time, I even became captain of my team.”

Discovering his passion for body building:

“In the meantime, while in high school, I also pursued another sport that I also had a tremendous amount of interest in, bodybuilding, and was fortunate enough to experience a great deal of success,” Godderz added. “I began working out – and showed so much progress so quickly – that I started entering local bodybuilding competitions and ultimately became The Youngest Natural Professional Bodybuilder in the USA through the NANBF and WNBF. I was only 19 years old at the time.”

How he came up with his current moniker:

“I came up with it a long time ago when I was thinking about the best way to describe my physique,” Godderz said. “I liked the word “spectacular” so I thought…what if I just dropped the ‘S’? That would make it PEC-Tacular!! And it worked perfectly! Then I tried the name out on the Season 11 Live Feeds of Big Brother and the Houseguests loved it too…so that was when I knew it was a home run. I then announced to the world on Big Brother that I was Mr. PEC-Tacular!! From that point forward, I would forever be known as ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend…Mr. PEC-Tacular’.”

On becoming the first ever OVW National Champion:

“The best highlight I’ve experienced in my life so far is becoming The OVW National Heavyweight Champion. It is a tremendous honor and privilege to represent the most prestigious wrestling promotion in the World today, OVW Wrestling, as the face of the promotion. I am truly blessed to hold the most respected and coveted title in the world today… The OVW National Heavyweight Championship. And now being paired up with two-time OVW World Heavyweight Radio Champion Shannon The Dude as my amazing, incomparable manager, I think we make the best team Ever!”

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)

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